The Atlanta Housewives May Be Holding A Standoff To Help Porsha Keep Her Peach

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I was on vacation when all hell broke loose at the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion taping. By now, I’m sure every one knows that Porsha knocked the sh!t out of Kenya. Quiet as its kept, Phaedra’s a$$ should have jumped up off the couch and hit the b!sh too, but that another story. Anyway, what some of you may not know is that Porsha was immediately asked to leave the premises. Porsha hit Kenya within the first hour of taping. That being said, don’t expect to see much of Porsha on the reunion show.

Fast forward to today, after the dust has settle, those close to the situation are saying Porsha may have f&cked herself. BRAVO does not play that. The contracts for each of the housewives is written pretty tightly and spells out to the letter what they can and cannot do. BRAVO has had no hesitation in the past on acting on breaches of contract. Remember Adrienne Maloof from Beverly Hills? Well her contract stated she had to do the reunion show. Mama chose not to show up, and they fired her a$$. With that, the housewives contracts stipulate in some fashion that they are not to get violent with one another, not allowed to take out restraining orders against one another or bring forth any other legal action that will hinder production, etc. I’m sure we can all agree that diving on a b!tch constitutes getting violent.

Porsha’s job is in jeopardy, however many people close to the situation feel like her actions were very much justified. Kenya has been antagonizing this woman for the last two years and taking unwarranted jabs at her whenever she got the opportunity. To top things off, Kenya brought a wack a$$ crown and staff (bedazzled stick) to the taping of the reunion and was waving it around in Porsha’s face. I would have beat that b!tches ass too.

The entire cast is really feeling for Porsha right now and not featuring Kenya at all. So much so, that they are wiling to work as a collective to try and protect Porsha’s peach and get rid of Kenya’s a$$. Catch these T’s


There is no way around it, Porsha hit the Kenya and the contracts say you can’t do that, point blank period. Her actions based on what she signed call for termination. The only true lifeline that Porsha has left is if the entire cast bands together and holds out on signing their new contracts unless Porsha gets one. This would be such a noble act, however, we all know a b!tch is not going to put their neck on the line to the extent in which it places their job in jeopardy. #SelfPreservation. We all know a few of the heffas need that check!

If a standoff did ensue, the current housewives run the risk of Bravo saying “take a hike and we’ll just hire some new ladies for far cheaper.”However, the current housewives have one major piece of leverage, THE RATINGS. Bravo can’t afford to take the risk of changing the formula (replacing housewives) and expecting to do the same numbers. We all know BRAVO purposely places new shows or struggling shows on tv right behind the Atlanta Housewives to get some of the spillover ratings. With the show being the anchor for ratings on Sunday nights, quite a bit of leverage lies in the hands of the cast. We all remember the perfect outcome the cast of Friends got when they all held out as a collective. Each and every one of them walked a way with 1 million per episode. Porsha’s peach can be saved, but will the ladies stand firm enough?

tumblr_n3dszlzSwb1ql5yr7o1_250As far as Kenya goes, I don’t even have to hip y’all to some of my private conversations for you to be able to deduce that no one on the cast is featuring her. However, don’t expect her to be going anywhere. Like it or not,  people can draw the direct correlation between how successful these last two seasons of Atlanta Housewives has been and Kenya More. I personally don’t think their is a direct correlation between Kenya and the ratings. I truly feel it is mere coincidence. I feel the show would have done the numbers with or with her. LOL – I JUST DON’T SEE IT FOR KENYA MOORE AT ALL.

Anyway, this is getting long. hopefully the ladies do what the have to do to help their girl. For some divine reason, my spirit tells me we’ll see Porsha next year. Hell, at best this punch to the face has created a deeper tension that we can see play out on tv next season. Hell, quiet as its kept, it gives them BOTH a story line. And yes that is SHADE!



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246 thoughts on “The Atlanta Housewives May Be Holding A Standoff To Help Porsha Keep Her Peach

  1. Kenya IS the reason the ratings went up, like it or not. She is over the top, but she knows how to get the other womens blood boiling, and that’s exactly what make for the cat fighting drama we love on reality TV…Nene was a complete bore without her fights with Kim and Sherea..Phaedra spent all of her interviewing time, taking jabs at Kenya..Kandi and her mother/Todd drama was the best story line this season..I think the ratings shot up after the fight with the men…which Kenya/Nene instigated. I was actually bored with the Porsha/Kordell shut..but did enjoy seeing how stupid she is..thinking an underground railroad, was an actual railroad..LMAOOO..must keep her, just because she is a black blonde…If she does leave, please replace her with one ever read Nene the way Marlo did this season, I watched that episode (featuring the doll ;) ) many times…Donald Trump wig..I was done!!

    • Dear Funky sit down a skip the tea and get a cup of Henny dawg dawg….. Bisssssh you know you aint right!!!!
      Why would you NOT mention how Porsha fell out screaming HOOTIN AND HOLLARIN like she was the one who was attacked!!! WTF *SIDE EYE* Its more then clear that you are NOT featuring KENYA MOORE and is #TeamAIRHEAD AKA Porsha *snaps fingers* Now gurrrrl the next time you chose to blog on the RHOA spill all the dazammme Tea please and thanks #CatchAFire GURRL BYE

      • That’s because he didn’t have no real reliable source. He just reported off of the same bogus story that was orignally reported by everyone. Where was the sex toys? Where was Porsha beating Kenya as she was dragging her across the floor? Because what I seen was just a hair pull, that caused BOTH ladies to fall. And once Kenya hit the floor, her dress caused her to slide, she wasn’t dragged or beat down. She immediately hopped up unfazed while Porsha laid there having a temper tatrum.

    • Yaaaaaaaas Hunty YoU are late this chere is Ole nasty news LOL
      Anyhoo it nothing on God green earth that would make me breach a contract and mess up my COINS. If PORSHA did this to promote a CD well kudos . Gurlfriend can see but sound as slow as she acts. Ha!!

  2. You all bringing up the men, is like expecting some random to get fired for cussing out your boss. They don’t work there. They don’t pay them. They can’t fire them. The most they can do is ban them, but why? They’re acting an ass on tv for FREE and Bravo is getting those ratings off their dumb asses.

    I do believe Peter is trying to get a show for the men. I don’t care enough to watch those cornballs and Greg.(I don’t see Todd doing the show.)

    • Who in the world is bored enough to watch Uncle Ben, Sticky Fingers Nida, and Grampa Greg? LOL. That show won’t make it past the pilot.

  3. I did get hooked on the show when Kenya and Walter, Porsha and Kordell came on the show. I´m all good with drama and tea and shade, but… Kenya has become so devious and mean-spirited that I hate to see, hear or look at her… unless she´s getting her a** beat (can´t wait to see what little they´re going to show of that..heehee). I hope they don´t renew her contract, she is just too evil to win. She is LifeTime-Movie-Crazy-White-Woman evil.

  4. I think these women are smart enough to know that they all are expendable. None of them has delivered anything to this show that a ton of other women in this city can’t bring. If its about celebrity, then keep in mind that Atlanta has real stars including many accomplished actresses, singers, dancers, and media personalities. If its about accomplishments, then think of the many brilliant lawyers, doctors, judges and PHD’s that live in the confines of the ATL. Everybody has a story. Some more interesting than others. Truth be told, RHOA is winning in the ratings because of attrition; we watch because there’s nothing else like it on the air.

    Everyone involved from the cast to the producers know where the bread gets buttered. There will be no standoff. Both Kenya and Porscha are liable to be back. But this show is really starting to lose creativity. I give it another 2-3 years and it will be canceled. Unlike soap operas, reality shows don’t generally get to go on indefinitely while producers desperately try to keep the cast going.

    They just move on to the next best thing.

    • IKR Kenya MOore is EVERYTHING. She did spice things up and no one wants to give her credit. Welp hunties Imma give MS. Twirl credit because it is due. #SheDidThat

  5. “Standoff” REALLY. Do they not realize that this show could be gone tomorrow. Has this Fame real gone to their heads? Yes its a popular show but so are the rest. ATL Housewives wasn’t the first and it wont be the last. Charlotte has a lot of southern bells, Philly would be interesting, and so would Motown home Detroit…. Thats how producers think. The difference between ATL Housewives and the show “Friends” is “Friends” was the Brand. ATL Housewives is not the Brand. Also look at the cast, its only one original members and that speaks for itself. Girls don’t blow your 15 mins of fame. This opportunity only come once in a lifetime.

  6. I think they should both go. And then there is Nene and her sheer arrogance. She doesn´t realize that in Hollywood you can become a has been in an LA minute and that Dancing With The Not So Much Stars show is about as helpful to her perceived career as a Tyler Perry movie. I like Kandi a whole lot. She works hard, is drama free and has enough liquidity to by all the rest of them a couple times over! The bafoonary of these black women behaving badly show, has really gotten old.

    • To me, Kandi is responsibel for a lot of the bafoonery. Yes, she’s likable. Yes she has money, but she’s the main one that can’t discuss differences without popping off. Unless you’re Mama Joyce or a boyfriend, she will act up quick, fast, and in a hurry.

    • Sofia Vergara has been in several Tyler Perry movies…we can’t really say it doesn’t do much for one’s career. Ijs.

  7. You know what, all bullshit aside and I know I’ll probably get flayed for this but they all look really nice for their age in this pic. when compared to some of these Caucasian HW’s. Now I understand why my grandmother always said “Black don’t crack” !!!!!

  8. I wish they just take this damn stupid as show off, who give a flying pig fuck about any of them damn housewives. As far the hoarse teeth, I am right bitch NeNe Leaks… I really want someone to kick her ass and beat that bitch down to the ground. I am so sick of that bitch that has went from a someone good living all the way back to Georgia as a house peach. now the bitch has to find her way on Dancing wit the stars to just keep her name in the stop life.

    I am sick of that damn Kandi, late as crying. Cynthia not standing up for her man and always being two faced, a week as woman. I say Kenya shut the whole damn show down….. I hope the check fraud family go to jail and for a very long time.

  9. Please. Ain’t nan one of them thinking about Porsha’s ass. They’ll use her to get rid of Kenya if they can but they don’t care anything about Porsha and not one of them is going to buck heads with Bravo over cutting Porsha loose. These women have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and honestly I do not blame them. Porsha is straight short bus crew. She should be kicked off the show for being so damned dumb. Why put your job (and possibly freedom) in jeopardy over some bish talking shit to you? And if you going to beat an ass why do that on camera? Who does that? But I’ve read she was drunk. So the two or three brain cells she has were soaked in the grape juice and bish was operating on “E” in the cerebral zone. Dumb ass. And as far as the “contracts” that prohibits the housewives from pressing charges on each other or getting a restraining order, that is not a legally binding contract. You cannot enforce any contract that violates the law or interferes with anyone’s civil rights. Assault and battery is illegal and Kenya has every right to press charges without any retaliation from Bravo for doing so. It’s amazing that people see what they want to see but Porsha is not innocent in her beef with Kenya. Porsha is constantly taking shots at Kenya. She can dish it but she can’t take it. I also disagree that Kenya does not have anything to do with the ratings. That show was starting to lose in the ratings before Kenya came on there and I feel confident saying that because all the ladies I know felt the same way I did: this show is boring as hell. We were sick of Kim, Sheree was boring (except for ‘Who Gone Check Me Boo’), and the show was just going nowhere. Love her or hate her but Kenya breathed new life into that show. It will be interesting to see what happens for next season but I sure hope I don’t see Porsha back.

    • LOL “But I’ve read she was drunk. So the two or three brain cells she has were soaked in the grape juice and bish was operating on “E” in the cerebral zone. Dumb ass.”

    • I agree with everything you posted. I didn’t care for Kenya last season, but this season she has made me a fan. The other girls might want to fall in line, as pretty soon Kenya is going to be the girl to tape with. If she tightens that relationship with Marlo and they replace Porsha with Marlo(and they really could for all I care) It’s a MF wrap. Kenya is very cunning and is appealing to the right crowd ( the kids love her). Back to my imaginary popcorn…….

  10. I don’t believe any of this. I can’t see any of them jeopardizing their paychecks for Porsha’s dumb ass. She needs to go ASAP. I’m tired of watching her making an ass of herself. She needs to grow-up and get an education because she’s not ready for this crew.

  11. I may be in the minority here,, but it sounds to me as though Porsha may have already known her time was up and this was a last “hoorah”… Or maybe a way to keep her on the show that backfired horrendously. Kenya been coming at u for 2seasons and NOW u snap?

    • Hello Porsches got her prince and decided to get fired rather than breach contract! If she didn’t…I would say I was under duress from the finalization of my divorce and I am seeking the help of a life coach!” Hello…Iyanla…this Porsha

  12. I don’t think any of them should jeopardize their jobs for her. So what she antagonized her for two years. Kenya pretty much did the same to Phaedra (took every chance she could to verbally insult her). Phaedra either comes back with something slick or is her usual passive self, ignores her like she’s not there or as if what she is saying is irrelevant. I.e. I’m focused on pumping this breast milk scene.

    Kenya wasn’t the only one talking about Porsha. She just did it to her face. NeNe and Peter got on her on too. Didn’t NeNe make her cry saying she was a bad friend at Cynthia’s event? Why does she take it personal when Kenya does it?
    Porsha needs to think before she speaks. When she says crazy things she leaves herself open to that type of criticism. What I don’t understand is why she ever entertained Kenya knowing she didn’t like her. It’s like Porsha goes out of her way to explain herself instead of just shutting up because at times her mouth is 60 seconds faster than her brain. Because Kenya goes out of her way to belittle her, why not just ignore her. I mean you taping with her by being in the same room, so there you did your job. She should have shown better restraint. I bet if she had ignored her that would have burned Kenya up because her plan to get to Porsha is not working. That way her job would not be in jeopardy, when Kenya makes comments about her, I would just be random in a good way and say so Kandi, NeNe, Cynthia, Phaedra, how was your day or whatever not even acknowledging her presence.

    If she does get to stay, she will probably come back on probation, one more time and you are out. Kenya will definitely not like that and up her shade throwing. Kill her with silence. Also, make sure there is an anti-bullying clause in the contracts. See how she likes that.

    • Oh now you know the kenya stans r gonna try n murk me but I am rollingggggggg. Dead. Girl bye.

      She is just not right. She is clearly the one needing to close her legs to married men this season but I digress.

      • OMG nessa girl. i didn’t think i would, but i felt bad for kenya last night when her dog died. that, and somebody must have told her about her face looking greasy because it was matted to the gawds on last night’s episode. she was looking fierce at that dinner table with kandi and cynthia on that dry azz episode. and with that said, that episode showed the inner sadness that lies within kenya, and i truly hope that she is able to cope with the friendships that she is missing from the lack of a mother figure, the lack of a man, and now, the lack of her best friend velvet. i may not like kenya, but i do feel bad for her, no one deserves to go through what she went through. bless her heart.

    • You say that as if Kandi is/was a wife, or Kim. The housewives franchise doesn’t depend on people being housewives and they haven’t for a long time.

    • Please do a video addressing the alleged fight and Kenya Moores 911 call…. We need that video!

    • This fat Black slug. Dude take what’s left of your masculinity and visit an HIV clinic. You need to spend more time worried about your HIV status than worried about these women who all have more money than you.

  13. I feel like Kandi will bolt first and here’s why. This is not a popularity question, or a ‘who’s the nicest/ who’s your favourite Housewife’ vote. It all comes down to the persons character and nature in the series. I love Kandi, and, though she’s one of the nicest and most accommodating on the show, she is likely to be one of the first to draw the line when it comes to her own security and hustle, and I can’t hate her for that. Hey, it’s a great thing to stand up for someone else and hold them down, but Porsha is still the one who did what she did and (though provoked), it’s still her actions in the fire. Kandi has a natural hustle/ independent/ every- woman for herself mentality in general on the series, even though she’s quite kind and keeps the drama to a minimum. It goes a long way in explaining why she’s so successful in business ventures, BUT she does not like to delve too much into anything that’s going to taint her or bring her stuff down, no sir! Lol, call cunning or whatever, but that’s how she is; whether it’s riding in drama, money, family etc. Not to bring this up, but she was even having a difficult time balancing defending her man and standing against her mother at some point in the relationship, so how far do you think she’ll go for a friend when her livelihood is involved. This isn’t a bash on her character, just telling it how it is, every one has strengths and weaknesses. The truth is, playing it smart may mean looking out for oneself and that’s the reality.

    People may not like Nene, but she can be real ride- or- die when it comes to certain things. No one is perfect, but she is not afraid to stand for what ever she wants and raise a ruckus at least till her voice is heard. Look at the reaction of all the women, everyone is silently supporting and banding together with Porsha through the heat but Nene’s the only one who has publicly tweeted in support of her during this incident; may seem irrelevant but says a lot in this situation where there are employers and breached contracts involved. Not to mention possible backlash of co- signing a ‘violent altercation’ and getting involved. She and Marlo may be going through it atm, but she stood for Marlo when Bravo wanted her gone and was even an instrument in weaning her back into the fold in some form or another, ‘I Dream of Nene’ etc, and sticking with her while she wasn’t really in good graces with production etc. Call it what you will, fake, opportunist etc but Nene has been and is known to stand up at various times no matter what. She thinks she runs it over there and can make a statement and not get burned and at the end of the day, successful or not, it’s still visible. Like I said before, everyone has flaws and strengths; Ms. Leakes may not be a saint, but she ain’t no punk neither.

    Cynthia may be hesitant and a follower at times, but she has actual character at the end of the day and can honestly stand up for what is right if the pressure doesn’t get too much and if she’s not left completely alone flying her flag. She can end up being coerced but she seems like a genuine good person with a good conscience and I think she’ll defs hold it down when push comes for the sake of loyalty and what’s right. She’s a strong woman with a weak will sometimes if that makes sense lol. Finally, Ms. Parks is too damn quick- witted and cunning to get gooped out of her check lol! Bravo’ll be signing a spin- off for her before they terminate Ms. Ma’am’s contract, uh uh! Lol, she will stand firm without flinching an still get signed on for 3 more seasons lol. This is a rant, love this show and I hope everything works out. Would hate to see anything jeopardised because of that ol’ crater- faced prom queen

  14. Porsha doesn’t have a storyline anymore… she needs to go. She’s boring… sexy as hell..but boring.
    And Cynthia has no leverage to be in a “stand-off” she’s already getting cut from next season…. Her storyline is boring as well.
    The only 2 people that have some real leverage is Nene and Phaedra…. Nene because nobody is going to watch the show if Nene leaves, and Phaedra because I know Bravo is practically BEGGING her to stay on the show so they can exploit her legal battles with Apollo.
    Kenya needs to go too…. she has NO STORYLINE…. last week she was on there playing with a baby doll… Her job is basically to stir up drama at these “dinners” ….This show is getting ridiculous.

    • Alas you are wrong. Phaedra’s ass will be in prison as she was a co-conspirator with Apollo destined to once again become Bubba’s bitch. Kenya and her antics were the season. Without her all you would have had was Peter’s thieving old Uncle Ben ass. Cynthia with that fraud school and NeNe bored and unhappy that Hollywood threw her moose ass on the slop pile. She went to be Margot Channing and returned Neeley O’Hara. Look it up. LOL

  15. I think that Kenya is great for reality tv because she is willing to demean herself without limits for a check, and that is always entertaining to watch. However, I don’t think that RHOA is the right platform for her. She does not fit any of the criteria for a housewife, afterall: she has no husband, no fiance, not even an ex-husband or boyfriend. She doesnt even have a fvck buddy to speak of! And nobody willing to pretend to be any of those things after the dismal debacle with poor Walter. Kenya does not have any children or step kids. She does not even have a friend on the show who is not paid because no one likes her enough to film with her .D oesnt even have a meddling mother because her own mama can’t stand her. Why is she on the show again? No seriously, besides starting isht, somebody please tell me what element of being a housewife does she have that actually qualifies her to be on RHOA? Does Kenya even live in the ATL?

    If Porsha gets another chance to be on the show next season, I would advise her to hit Kenya where it really hurts shade wise. Kenya knows how painful Porsha’s divorce was, yet she continues to taunt her about it without mercy. Porsha should throw the fact that she has a loving mother while Twirl’s own mom HATES Twirl in Kenya’s face every time chance she gets .We have all seen how bad that hurts Kenya. Is it cruel? Definitely. But Kenya likes to hit below the belt, and she needs a little taste of her own concoction. And Porsha, when you do it, just make sure you have a little smirk on your face the whoooole time. You get extra mean points for that ;)

    • The Real Housewives franchise is not actually based on being married. If you don’t believe me Google it and see Bravo’s description of the franchise. Its just based on the life of society women in different places e.g Atlanta, NY, etc. Remember “Desperate Housewives”? Its loosely based on that show and most of the women were not married. Its a show about drama, not wedding rings and vows.

      Besides if its a roll call for the married lets see, Phaedra would have been cut at some point, same goes for NeNe, Kandi, Porsha, Cynthia. If BRAVO can cast Kenya to be on the show without a partner, then lets leave it at that. You must be an African American cos its African Americans who equate a woman’s self worth with her “having a man”. Its sad and the result is the Baby Mama culture, children out of wedlock, kids dropping out of school, people like Porshia, gold digging to the extreme, young people going to jail because of no parental supervision, etc simply because women measure their worth by having a man. Any man will do even if he is abusive or a criminal. By your standards Oprah is not complete cos she isn’t married. How dumb is that?

      If Kenya says she is dating a man from Nigeria who lives in Lagos, then lets leave it at that. She travels to Lagos fairly often so maybe its true, besides I am African and I know that no self respecting successful Nigerian man will want to follow his woman and get dragged onto reality TV for their shenanigans. He will lose respect back home. Its just cultural. If he is a rich businessman as she claims, forget it, he isn’t going to be on that show

      • I can’t take anyone seriously who defines an individual based solely on “culture”…if he is that adamant about his reputation and personal affairs not infringing on it…because of culture… he likely would not be dating Kenya Moore! You can’t fight for Kenya’s lack of needing validation when she personally contradicts everything you say by her OWN account. You clearly missed last season when she tried to force Walter into marriage!

    • Actually ma’am, I GET that the show is not about being married. But every woman on the show has had a man at some point or other. Kenya has no man at all, and no story line to speak of. My point is that she has nothing at all going for her other than isht stirring this season: no businesses to run, no goals to achieve, and yes, no relationship with–um, ANYONE. Which is why I think she has no business on the show, period.

      YOU mulst be very gullible if you believe anything Kenya says. She has lied so much about so many things that she cant even keep track of them, from the authenticity of certain body parts (she’s been lying about that since waaaay before housewives), to her relationship last season, etc. She is not a truth teller. You go ahead and lick it up tho. I dont mind.

      And when did I say that having a relationship equates to having a fulfilled life? Are you sure that you a replying to the right post? If you were paying attention you would have realized that I was actually discussing Kenya’s LACK of qualifications for being on rhoa….I also said she should be cut because she doesnt live in Atlanta and has NO relationship to speak of with ANYONE. Not just a man.

      I’m trying to tell you. Reading is SO fundamental. It really is. But anyway, you have a nice day.

    • Kenya is a phony and she can’t find a man of for herself. I hope she can’t have a baby all of own, her eggs are dried up.

  16. Porsha needs to go. Not only did she assault Kenya, she is as dumb as a bag of bricks and boooorrrrrrrring! Kenya has only repeated what Porsha has said, she spent the 1st half of the season calling Kordell gay. Most of the time Kenya ignored Porsha until she dipped in Kenya’s conversation. Of course Kenya checked her. Let’s face it…Kenya Moore is RHOA!

    • So true!!!!! Kandi isn’t going anywhere
      Bravo just gave gave her a spin off about her wedding. Nene could certainly go and take the criminals, phaedra and apollo withher

  17. None, I repeat, None of those women will put their job on the line for Porsha. They ALL need the job to promote their careers and stay relevant. Even their men need the spot on RHOA and would talk them out of it assuming they even bother to raise the issue. Porsha is so dumb its painful to watch. Maybe she should enroll in some classes now that season has wrapped filming and see if it would help her brain. After all the brain continues to stretch and grow throughout our lifetime so there is hope for Porsha. I forgot, she is too dumb to realize she is dumb and can do something about it.

    No hope then

  18. It doesn’t seem to me the viewers care if Porsha comes back or not. Porsha is beyond boring, ignorant, and annoying. She was only seen this season when she was calling Kordell gay. I say get rid of her ass. I strongly believe this was her last season with or without the violence. Bravo is definitely not getting rid of Kenya. Sorry to all of those that dislike her.

    • That’s exactly why she’s on the chopping block. It has nothing to do with a no violence clause in their contract. She was on the block before this incident. This was just more ammo for them.

    • The only reason Phaedra did not whoop her ass is because her husband would not even leave the show for her he so ignorant…. No respect for him at all

      • This is freaking hilarious, but also so very true. He is one of the most clueless, self-centered husbands I have ever seen on TV

  19. What if Bravo says if we keep Porsha one of you has got to go, then who should leave? I say get rid of Phaedra and Cynthia. Bring in neutral cast mates that have no ties to the current cast mates and let them all fend for themselves. Or let Michelle be a friend of a cast mate and let’s see how that turns out. LOL. And yes, that was shade.

        • Oh ATLien? Thanks. I was wondering who was Michelle. They say never say never but I doubt Michelle will ever appear on RHOA even as a friend of a friend of a cast member. She is really basic, not photogenic at all and she comes across as really bitter. Besides she is too desperate about getting on RHOA and you can see that by how biased. I get that its a blog but its difficult to read anything on her site cos she chooses her enemies and sucks tries to suck the life out of them.

          Anyway, I stopped going to her site and for good measure I blocked it on my laptop. Her bias, arrogance, and NeNe’s ass kissing got to epic proportions

          • You blocked it because you can’t resist the impulse to go there? That’s funny. I think some of you take the bloggers and their opinions a bit too seriously.

          • Michelle will not be featured because she is not going to sign any paperwork stopping her from talking about what she sees and hears. Flow to her sight has slowed down significantly but I still enjoy reading the comments section. It sounds weird that you had to block the site, sounds like you got a love/hate relationship there.

          • Its not like I can’t control my impulse or something. I didn’t want to mindlessly visit the site because of her arrogance. Someone made a comment on a post and she said she makes her money anytime “haters like you” visit the site. I felt it was wrong for her to say that to a visitor to her site so on principle I blocked it.

      • Michelle is the flunky blogger of SFTA. She wants to be on RHOA but was told that she doesn’t fit the Bravo Brand hence the weight loss. She was arrogant and actually thought that a plain in the face obese chick that’s acts like a star struck teen can get on a show like the HW’s. She was trying to get on during season 5 when Kenya and Porsha made their debut, another reason for her bias. If she had a basic face with a hot body like Porsha she might stand a chance but I don’t think they like her personality over at Bravo.

    • Agreed that Cynthia and Fakedra go. Bring back Kim. I’d like to see how DeShawn Snow is doing since she dolled up. I would think she got good coin since her dude cheated and got the slut pregnant.

  20. So now I am to know that violence is justified if you get fed up enough? Bullshit. These chicks are not the cast of “Friends.” While nobody may want to say it…those were white folks, these are not. so that approach won’t work here. That was about money anyway. People were sick of Porsha already. Cynthia NEEDS that check to continue funding Peter’s failing ass. NeNe isn’t going to give up a million dollars for Porsha as NeNe has ALWAYS put herself first and foremost. Those women might put up a front for a minute supporting Porsha but that could be busted up in a millisecond. BRAVO could bring back DeShawn Snow, who after her divorce, is hot. The other reality shows prove that interesting Black women with money in Atlanta can be identified. They could bring back Kim Zolciak. BRAVO holds all of the high cards, these chicks have jokers. Think of the message it sends if they don’t get rid of Porsha. The viewers are not going to come out for Porsha like the white folks did for Duck Dynasty. In the inimitable words of Donald Trump….Porsha, YOU’RE FIRED. Now pack up you shyt and go to your mama’s house since you’ve lost every other one you had.

  21. They should not fire her because on several other housewives shows cast members have gotten violent and have not lost their job. Give her a warning and a fine. I think Nene will be the first to fold because she said on The View that none of the ladies are her friends, I guess she forgot about Cynthia.

    • UH – YEAH!!!!! Can we say NeNe Leakes and KIM Z??????
      NeNe snatched her once on camera and another time off camera. So please, they can keep it. This was just an excuse to get rid of Porsha. And to be honest, I wouldn’t care if they fired Porsha for a slew of other reasons… ie viewers are commenting you’re boring, you’ve made some ridiculous statements on television, etc….

      Can we say APOLLO??? Or did they just yank his check since he’s technically not a housewife?? UH – I think that he still got paid.

      Call it what it is if you’re going to fire this woman. Don’t use the fact that she gave Kenay a well-deserved punch. Andy knows that’s total bullshit – “you breached your contract wah wah wha”. Kenya deserved it. PERIOD. How much do you expect these woman to take? THESE ARE BLACK WOMEN, BRAVO – WE DON’T SIT AROUND TALKING ‘BOUT IT – AT SOME POINT, AS CLASSY/ELOQUENT AS WE CAN BE – WE ARE GOING TO BE ‘BOUT IT!!!

      SOMEONE was going to do it sooner or later.

      • Well who’s to say that they didn’t change the contracts to include violent attacks after the Nene and Kim’s situation? I mean think about it you’re doing a show about upper middle class housewives during your first seasons you’re honestly not think they’re gonna fight…UNTIL IT HAPPENS lol. So yeah I can buy that they put it in the contract. We never saw Nene hit kim on camera, Sheree only tugged Kim’s wig. Porsha’s attack was leaning to basically what Apollo did to Brandon so again yeah I can buy this on top of her boring story line getting her chopped.

      • I hope they arrest that dumb heifer. Dumber than a box of rocks and ghetto. To proffer her pedigree and then act like a street whoe given her grandfather’s legacy is disgraceful.

        • You have not even watched the show and you are calling this woman all kinds of your evening names. Get out of here! Kenya touched Porscha in Anguilla, they should look into that too. At the time Kenya thought it was ludicrous that Porscha was going to call the police but she did. Always the victim. Kenya has not brought any ratings besides misery and loose behaviour. First season, she had a fake boyfriend and this season has been about her gay friends, invisi booore friend, barren womb and sperm banks. Like wth???

    • Ever wonder why Peter went to visit Princess Kordella? I am smelling some untoward stuff. I clearly recall Apollo’s hand on Brandon’s ass during the fight which had absolutely nothing to do with Apollo other than his welling desires for Brandon.

  22. Let’s be real. If Kenya was sitting there pointing a stick in anyone’s face they would be ready to kick her ass. She got off light with getting hit upside the head in my opinion because I would have stuffed that stick down her throat if she was pointing it in my face. You can’t invade someone’s personal space with your person or an object and expect them not to retaliate. Kenya has picked on Porsha all season long…hell since last season. Kenya is 40+ and still keeps up middle school mess. Sure, Porsha is young minded and a lil air headed at times but I don’t think Porsha is as dumb as she portrays herself to be on the show. Neither Kenya or Porsha fit the criteria in the title of the show…neither one of them are housewives. Porsha used to be and Kenya never has been. I think Porsha has potential to have more of a storyline than Kenya if they show her dating and doing things with her business ventures. Now Kenya, on the other hand, has no storyline. There is only so much of her renting houses and cars that she can’t afford, gossiping with Lawrence and starting mess that people want to see. Beyond that what does she have going on? If they keep Porsha she needs to stop talking about Kordell and get her life together. They need to drop Kenya and Phaedra. Maybe bring on Marlo and someone new but not Mynique or Chris Williams girlfriend/common-law wife.

  23. Porha is dumb as they come. The other women need to put on their heels and take several seats at the table and sign their contracts!!! Kenya is great for the job. Apart of her job is to provoke the other girls….Job well done. Porsha was stupid enough to let her enemy set her up to be fired???!!!??? stupidity now has a new name..Porsha Williams.

  24. Porsha Needs to Go!! She is fake and stupid as they come. Say what you want about Kenya but she is good for the show. The other women better take several seats sign that contract and smile all the way to the bank. Porsha needs to put on her tennis shoes and take out her weave and smile all the way to the unemployment line.

    • “Say what you want about Kenya but she is good for the show”

      Animals like you need to be shut down, you think this is so dam cute. Kenya keeps yapping at the mouth, unforutnelty someone will blown her head off one day like it or not!!

      • you talking bout blowing someone’s head off because Kenya’s quick wit has Porsha counting with her fingers…but Mel B is the animal?? uh ok…irony holding for you on Line 1, sir. NEVER catch a case over some bish’s slick mouth. and if you can’t read your damn self, be smart enough not to give somebody the book on you.

  25. Kenya currently carries RHOA. The girls know it and HATE it. Cynthia is wise enough to see it for what it is! Poor Phaedra wants to slit her throat because Apollo can barely conceal his lusty eyes away from her. Mr Blushy each time she chats with him. Nene was soooo over RHOA and I can recall her saying she hated to return home on one episode…, Hollywood booted her back to the sticks and now its all good? She doesn’t even LIKE Phaedra now they’re buddies? FOH. Kandi is figuring out her love life and can take or leave it from what I see. Miss Porsha got loose once she got on the RHOA lost her husband(the word she loved throwing around each chance that she got) but then a acted traumatized as if Kordell was a monster. Oh wait, THEN wanted him back under certain conditions! Stop it. Kenya is only saying what the cast is saying behind her back…#dontbemadgirl

    • If Kenya carries the show, she only does it because she gets into drama with the other women, so in my mind that is not carrying the show IF she needs others to go back and forth with her. At best, she creates drama which some find entertaining, but she is not arguing with herself, so to say she carries the show is false. Really, the scenes when she is doing stuff by herself is boring and silly. The whole carrying the fake baby was stupid.

  26. I live for Kenya on sundays she gives me life, smart , beautiful, educated and funny as hell i also love the fact that she used what she study in school on all these ladies. A major in Psychology she reads all them girls and used it to her advantage Lol. twarl on that.

    • Some psychologists have mental disorders too. Kenya has real issues. After a while, if you have conflict with everyone you come a sane, logical person would then reflect and evaluate and ask, “IS IT ME???” Yaaassss it is you, Kenya. It is sad actually. Maybe the purpose of keeping her on the show is to demonstrate the effect of how childhood traumas manifest in adult life. Kenya is FUCKED UP. She has not one good friend to call her own. She doesn’t have a meaningful loving relationship with a man except for the mysterious African Prince and all her inner turmoil overshadows her physical beauty. She gives credence to the maxim, “Beauty is only skin deep; ugly is to the bone.” If they filmed intense therapy sessions with her, I would watch that because I think it would be interesting.

  27. I love you so much Dineva and I’m a huge fan. I missed you so much while you were away but you are being delusional right here. Common, none of the RHOA women are going to hold a stand off to ensure that Porsha isn’t fired. Everyone is on the chopping block till they get their new contracts, thats how it works. This isn’t Friends sitcom. BRAVO can introduce up to 2 new characters next season and get rid of 2 housewives and they would still be okay if they kept the central characters and dynamics. I know you don’t like Kenya Moore, personally I think she acts a little crazy at times and is very calculating but you must admit, people tune in because of her antics and she has helped to shoot up ratings. She is also very intelligent and strategic and has written a script that some others are acting out. You have to give her props for that! From what we can see with Porsha being sent home, she is influential as well.

    Dineva there is something people say about politics “NO PERMANENT FRIEND, NO PERMANENT ENEMY; ONLY PERMANENT INTERESTS”. While Kenya may not be as sweet and nice as Cynthia and Kandi, in the interest of ratings BRAVO will pick her over Porsha and some other boring housewives, especially now that she is on Celebrity Apprentice. Its more notoriety for the show

    • Exactly. Honestly, friend or not I don’t feel most of these women are really going to focus on this for too long. From what I have been reading, Bravo plan was to get rid of Porsha before this altercation so I don’t think this is going to work for these ladies. Producers sending her home so that speaks volumes. I bet Kenya refused to come back out if Porsha didn’t leave.

  28. Andy Cohen will be gone from Bravo. What makes you think the new guy would want to keep any of the Real Housewives mess on.

  29. This whole post is bogus. I love you, but you are bias. We get it, you worked with Porsha on Kandi ‘s play. Yall bonded, yall are cool. But there is a lot of inaccuracies with this story.

      • Be that as it may, this is a blog. It’s not real journalism if we are looking for just the facts and nothing else, this blog or any other like this is probably is not the best place to be. So to get mad at a blogger for being biased is silly, its their opinion and opinions tend to be biased, right?

        • Wow you really are out of pocket with your comment. Where did you find any anger, frustration, animosity, etc. in that very brief statement…you’re reaching. You stated this is only a blog but why are you taking it seriously??? This is an open forum and just like the blogger stated his/her opinion and made accusations then posters can do the same and if you don’t like it then owe well…sucks for you.

  30. I don´t see them getting rid of porsha either especially after this fight, and even though I can´t stand Kenya ass I don´t see them getting rid of her either because this is a new storyline that the show producers can create but idk we will see how this all plays out, quiet as it´s kept I wish they would get rid of both Kenya and porsha and bring in some more drama mama´s lol.

  31. You are extremely bias so a lot of this is probably not true. None of these women are giving up their checks for dumb*ss Porsha. She should go to Love & Hip Hop where she’s a better fit. I want Marlo or Sheree should take her place. Marlo is fabulous and both of them ain’t scared of Nene. Right now Nene is surrounded by azz kissers and it’s getting tired.
    Oh yeah, and Kenya ain’t going nowhere. People can’t stop taking about her. #kenyaseason

    • Kenya MADE the season. She’ll be the one to hold out for more money and likely get it. I was no fan of Marlo but she put NeNe’s moose ass in check and made me a fan. That’s an option for BRAVO. Bringing back Kim is an option and she fits in and needs the check. If Sheree could find someone rich to date/marry, she’d be great to bring back. Hell I’d rather see Lisa Wu than Porsha again. Kandi is all about the money and exposure of her brand…she isn’t leaving for Porsha and neither is Cynthia’s dumb ass. Make Peter a housewife…NeNe has already crowned him bitch. LOL Is Princess Kordella available?

  32. I really hope that Kenya go because she has made the ratings to nothing but unreal . She is a shit starter and she needs her ass whipped. I’m so glad Porshia hit that Bitch. She is a Hoe throwing herself on national TV how could she be so doggish. No wonder her mother didn’t want her ass. She aint real nowhere her hair is fake, her ass is fake, her eyes is fake and her breast is fake Everything is fake on the Bitch and I just wish that they take her off the show. She wouldn’t be missed. I hope that when Porshia hit her she is still feeling it. Thank You Porshia girl for handling your business and kicked her ass she will wake up now.

  33. Physical violence is never the answer, but Kenya showed up and got in her face with a bedazzled stick? Huh? would you let someone snark at you while waving a pole in your face? NO! Kenya Moore has been beyond provoking and goes below the belt too, too much! She isnt married. Never was married or engaged. She got caught in a scam last season when she lied and used that guy Walter to play her boyfriend to get on the show. I mean, this woman has been beyond disrespectful. Beyond. To every single person on the cast, but Kandi, because Kandi wont deal with her. She has no real storyline. Im not really a fan of porshas, but Kenya Moore is disgusting. BTW: Her PR people have paid people to come on blogs to defend her. So dont be surprised if these comments around seem fishy just like her booty boot camp reviews.

  34. Well, since I have watched the whole Housewives franchise since the start, I have to say, I don’t know where source gets their information from. If the no violence clause was a deal breaker, there would be no Housewives of New Jersey, because they don’t mind getting physical, and by far, they have had the worse fights. Also, those girls in Miami have been physical, and they are all still there. Theresa got physical and threw Ms. Andy down, so if anybody was going anywhere, it would have been her. Jacqueline’s daughter ripped the hair right out of Danielle Staub’s head, and she remained on the show. And, the ultimate scandal that rocked the nation was from the Housewive’s of D.C.; that couple caused a White House security breach, and Bravo kept right on filming. This fight is a cash cow for Bravo, and if that little gray haired queen wants to act all royal, he will loose alot of followers. Andy ain’t stupid, he knows that the beat down is going to cause Bravo a pretty penny, but in the end, it will have been the best spent coins that Bravo ever spent!

  35. Porsha is dumb as a bag of rocks..But Kenya brings scandal honey with her riding Appollo’s dick.. I say keep them both regardless of the contract rules the other housewives franchise fight why not let these girls slide… They are the highest rated Of all housewives on BRAVO…KEEP THE DUMB BITCH AND THE WHORE.

  36. Violence is not acceptable especially from someone whose grandfather promoted a non-violent philosophy! Porsha thought if she jumped in Kenya’s face, it would save her job and she just tarnished her grandfather’s name for a check – a small one at that. Nene, Phaedra, Kandi – everyone on that show has dismissed Porsha but Kenya is the one she jumps to. Ask the New York housewives how their standoff went when they attempted to gain leverage in their negotiations – NO WHERE!!!

  37. While Kenya haters are excited that Porsha sucker punched Kenya, Kenya is busy earning “Trump checks” and will likely get a raise to return to RHOA. Porsha, on the other hand, is out trying to sell some fake hair and a whack single that we will forget 5 minutes after her run on the show ends. Porsha was out of her league. #ByeDummy #KenyaWins

    Bye the way, there is no way in hell Nene (or any of the other ladies) will compromise their salary negotiation on Porsha’s behalf. They are paying lip service now and that is all.

    • They do not get real money for Trump. I doubt they get anything at all. THey get money for “charity”

      Kenya is noping that show gives her credibility. But if she acts up, she is doomed.

      Remember Danielle Staub. SHe made RHNJ. She was a pscho pain and was replaced quickly.

      So Kenya is not safe. Marlo could do her craziness. One of the girls fromt eh bad girls club could do her part.

      • I actually put “Trump checks” in quotes because Nene always referred to the business opportunities she got as a result of being on Celebrity Apprentice as “trump checks”. Bravo will get tons of publicity from Kenya being on that NBC show. They are not going to get rid of Kenya for that reason alone.

  38. This is basically a BS post. Phaedra has mercilessly called Kenya a whore (with absolutely no truth to it) and every name you can think of. Nene has called all of them beneath her and called the gay guys queens, etc. Everybody has been on everyone else’s $hit list. That doesn’t justify the Underground Railroad Retard to put hands on anyone. She has proven herself to be as stupid as stupid can get, called her ex-husband gay without cease and paraded around in a Pocahantas weave that looks good only to a thirsty hoodrat with no self-esteem. So, if Kordell slapped her (because everyone has a breaking point) would he be justified in doing so? Absolutely not. Why would the ladies ban together to save Porsha’s “job”? She needs to take her dumb ass back to HIGH SCHOOL and start from there. This is her blessing.

    • Stupid or not at least she’s not a bipolar narcissist like Kenya. She is disturbed on so many emotional levels. That slap or hit was long over due. Kenya can never give an interview based on herself or pre housewives days. Those days were so few and far between. She is boring and has to throw shade to stay relevant. I wish she would crawl back to what ever cave she came from. EWww cant stand her lol!!!

  39. That some bs Apollo beat the dog crap out of Brandon was under investigation and arrested by secret service for identity theft still on the show. The Joes on RHONJ beat the living daylight out of each other and still on the show.

    • Yeah, but karma is a b#ch!!! Apollo physically assaulted Brandon, then he got arrested for identity theft, fraud, & fraudulent activities!!! And since he got arrested while on PROBATION, there’s a strong chance he will be heading BACK TO PRISON!! Phaedra could be raising her sons as a single parent while Apollo is behind bars this time around.

  40. Sooooo anyone hear from Kordell? If he is smart he would have his attorney on speed dial when the show is aired. Kenya may have set herself up for a lawsuit. At least i hope so. she causes too much drama ….. drama that is more than entertainment.

  41. Keep her for what? Porsha needs to go to school and take some time to figure herself out. Phadrea needs to just accept that Apollo was the only man willing to marry her due to her funds. Kenya… chile I´m just.. yeah. NeNe is more of a weak bitch than a real bitch who went from looking like sid off ice age to big birds ghetto ass sister. Cynthia needs to grow a pair of tits. Kandi needs to quit crying ALL THE DAMN TIME

    • ITA!! NeNe & Kenya are messy, BUT those 2 ARE NOT going anywhere!! Drama + high ratings =BIG CASH FOR MONEY!! Bravo knows that NeNe & Kenya brings the drama, BEFORE this season, the ratings were good, BUT NEVER this high!! You’d best to believe that Bravo is paying close attention! If Porsha leaves, I hope she takes Phaedra & Cynthia with her.

  42. I don´t think Apollo or the husbands get paid to be on the show…and if y´all have not Seen the fight how do y´all know it was self defense?? She grown and she need to put her hands on some hair or a microphone and not on a castmate. She deserves to be fired

  43. Okay. I COMPLETELY disagree with the author of this article, for more than one reason.

    For one, physical violence is corny. And as much mess Gineva posts on his blog, HE should be the one who is careful for who will lay hands on him, since his mess goes a lot deeper than Ms Kenya Moore. But no one deserves physical violence done to them, to an extent.

    This mess that Kenya has done so far, has been done time and time and time and time again. And guess what y’all? There was no violence.

    NeNe participated in drama. Cynthia. Kandi. Phaedra. And so on. And there was no violence done by either of these ladies!

    A contract is a contract, people. If her contract said no violence, then dámmit! She should’ve been smart and chose to fight Kenya with words instead of her hands.

    Black people always wanna bend the rules when it comes to them. But guess what? The Kardashians get much more shît thrown their way, and they don’t respond to it by acting like savages, hitting people on top of their heads whenever a certain comment hurts their poor little feelings. They ignore it. Respond. And move on.

    Porsha will never see the amount of fame the Kardashians sees, because she’s too dumb, ratchet, and ugly to do it. They have grace, where Porsha has low level ratchet behavior that is being defended upon by posers who are trying to be a part of society that will never, ever accept them.

    • “Porsha will never see the amount of fame the Kardashians sees, because she’s too dumb, ratchet, and ugly to do it.”

      And you sit up here and defend those savages?? Go somewhere and catch aids! Who in their right mind defends the monkeedassians, are you that obsessed with them! Stop worshiping celebrities!

    • She’s ratchet?… why is Kim famous again??? How long did Khloe date Lamar before marriage? Are Kourtney and Scott (you know the guy who is the epitome of White privilege)…did they get married yet? Are you really that delusional? Gtfoh If you are going to judge be fair…ain’t shit classy about the Kardashians…the only reason they have as much fame and fortune as they do…is because there are a lot of women(unfortunately) who really dream of being the “nobody” who became “somebody” because they FINALLY sucked the right mfs penis and holds the ultimate “bad bitch” title complete with snazzy trendsetting style !!! Tuh! It worked out for her…and kudos to her and her family for really capitalizing (sarcasm CLEARLY) but let us NOT pretend that they are the ideal reality show standard

  44. If they cut my girl Porsha Williams, Apollo should be cut too..Apollo really tried to hurt Brandon anytime he fractured his ribs … Porsha´s was self defense because Kenya Whore, I meant Moore..Kenya Moore Whore kept throwing jabs at Porsha and provoking her about her ex husband..Porsha has had enough of ALL of them bringing up her divorce…Except Kandi and Phaedra…the rest can go to hell with Kenya Moore Whore…

  45. I think Nene will be the first to break, not because she needs the check, but because she’s a selfish heffa that don’t give a damn bout nobody but herself!!

    • If NeNe’s not the 1st to break, Cynthia CERTAINLY will cause due to the financial issues her & Peter are CONSTANTLY having, she can’t afford to lose her cash cow… RHOA! LOL

  46. If they keep Kenya it’s the beginning of the end for the show anyways. RHOA reeks of desperation since they put that thirsty B*tch on the show. I don’t need to see someone who’s willing to sell their soul for a lil money that’s gone run out anyways. Kenya stank a$$ need to ask Stevie J “Where does all the money go?!?” B*tch it’s not worth your soul. I totally feel Porsha’s pain. The only thing everyone is going to regret is not getting the satisfaction of seeing Porsha hit that B*tch!! #NOMOREMOORE #IKnowHerHeadSore #DROPKENYAMOOREWHORE

  47. Its funny that 9 out 10 people that “THINKS” Porshia (& thats spelled P-O-R-S-H-I-A)should stay doesnt even know how to spell her name KMSL #TeamPorshiaHuh lol REALLY… HAVE A SEAT CUTIE LOL

  48. But Mariah and Toya can fight down to the pool house, Sheree can assult Kim, Joe and Joe can fight on RHONJ but Porsha can’t serve a knock to Kenya ………..*i’ll wait*

    • Don’t forget, Teresa charged at Danielle on RHONJ reunion years ago, tossed Andy like a rag doll, & low & behold, Teresa is STILL on the RHONJ (hell she’s the HBIC of the show)! Joe Guidice & Joe Gorga beat the hell outta each other, & they’re still on RHONJ. Tamra threw a drink at Jeanna on RHOC, & Tamra is still on the show. Porsha was on the chopping block ANYWAY, & if she thought “laying hands” on Kenya was gonna save her job, she may have just pi$$ed in a pot with no window to throw it out of.” In other words, Porsha has SCREWED HERSELF! Keep in mind, of all the Real Housewives franchises, Porsha is the ONLY one to be ejected from a reunion taping… EVER!!!

  49. Omg…..lmaooo all these post defending Porsha and no one can spell her name!!!! Kenya needs multiple beatdown but Porsha is wack to theshow!! Rock and hard place

  50. Apollo didn’t get fired because he doesn’t work for Bravo and if Porsha goes, Kenya needs to be right behind her according to what this post says….she’s supposedly bringing legal action against a cast member…if not for that then for bullying….unless bravo condones bullying which is what it will look like….i say fire both or keep both….I’ll bet Kenya will get a track or two to cover up that bald spot Porsha snatched in her head lmao

  51. We as black women are so insecure!! Kenya don´t want yall men and Porsha you said everything that she said to you!! You gave the information stupid!! You need to go catch that train, you and the other girls!!

  52. I think the CURRENT cast is a GOOD MOTLEY CREW of misfits and should STAY INTACT! They ALL NEED EACH OTHER to THRIVE. Well NeNe don’t but hopefully the ladies will BAN together to keep Porsha. SHe adds a DUMB, NAIVETY to the show that is NEEDED. We need somebody to say something DUMB other than Apollo, and NENe with her ‘Bride-Maid’ comment..(Now that was DUMB). SO let’s see what happens. NO ONE likes KENYA..but she is NEEDED on the show for that POLARIZING effect… hate her or live her.. she adds SPICE… with her BUMPY ass FACE!


  53. Wait- when did Bravo come up wiht this zero tolerance policy for violence? If you all watch any of their shows with predominately white casts, you will see chicks and dudes getting smacked all the time (e.g. Vanderpump Rules)

  54. So what happened when the ladies on Miami and New Jersey fought? Didn’t one housewife punch another housewife on the Miami show? How come they didn’t get punished?

  55. Get rid of all those ungrateful heifers. Start new. If these tricks worked at mcdonalds they would be going thru applications as we speak. When they don´t have the show as advertisement for their stupid plays and dumb modeling place and whatever NeNe and Porche do and them side checks go away …. Ask Ms Whitfield about that one Andy.

  56. Funky Dineva is always posting about how he would slap a woman if he were in the situation. What a Bitch!! We all know you want to be fish but lets remember you are still a man. Why dont you post about slapping the ish out of a man. Coward!!

    • I agree. Not interested In seeing Porsha’s dumb butt shop for another year. Marlo would be much more interesting.

  57. Next time Porsha better read that contract a little better before she start slapping on folks and pulling hair. Hope it was worth her paycheck. Bravo going to keep whoever brings them ratings and that would be Ms. Kenya Moore.

  58. Kenya should get the boot for false advertisement….she is not.. nor has she ever been anyones housewives, fiancee or girlfriend…and furthhhhhher more…does she even have a house…i mean these are just the basic´s questions on the application..

    • Sweet heart, growing older is a blessing. Many people’s lives are cut short everyday. Do you think they don’t wish to have stayed on this plane to become what you call “old cunts”? Besides if God blesses you with long life you will reach the age of every one of those ladies you call “old cunts”?

      I would rather watch these ladies deal with everyday grown up issues (who by the way look so good for their ages) than watch a teen mom reality show or a Kardashian type show anyday

  59. I hope Porsha doesnt get fired, as dingy as she is sometime I like her and what she brings to the show. Lets not act like Kenya didnt deserve a good punch in the face, always coming for someone when no one sent for her imaginary African Prince having, cant conceive, homewrecking, bipolar ass. Kenya got exactly what she been campaigning for. #TeamPorsha

  60. Im sorry but this is some bullshit. Porsche shouldn´t get fired. The other housewives franchises have gotten into altercations. Whether throwing a glass at someone face or hitting someone. As far as Kenya goes she needed that ass whooping. But every show needs a villian so she probably won´t be going nowhere

      • The husbands on HW ATL are paid per season. Search the pay for the realty stars and you will see that husband in the franchises are paid per season(s). Also, Bravo can fire whomever they want per their contract’s language; but there are always two sides to every story and countersuits are as relevant as the main issues. Another point; being taunted, bullied, verbally assaulted with words are considered ASSAULTS and are punishable by law. So if Porchia was continuously taunted by Kenya especially have a wand/stick waved too close to my face, I’d react as well. In fact, I would have whipped Kenya’s ass so bad the would have need an ambulance to carry her phony ass from the scene!!!! That’s my response, opinion and knowledge of the LAW……!

  61. I´m tired of yo biased ass. Kenya is the one bringing in the ratings, give a bitch props where it is due.

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