The Cast Of “Full House” Reunited

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The “Full House” cast celebrated its 25th anniversary with nearly a full house, although they were missing a pair.

The cast of “Full House” celebrated their 25th anniversary together with a reunion over the weekend, two and half decades after the show first premiered.

Costars Bob Saget (Danny), Dave Coulier (Joey), John Stamos (Jesse), Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), Lori Loughlin (Becky), Scott Weinger (Steve) and Andrea Barber (Kimmy) packed the house in according to Us Magazine. But the youngest stars were nowhere to be found.

Notice anything missing?? uhgghhhh. The two girls that played Michelle Tanner, better known as the Olsen Twins were missing. To date they have not given a reason as to why they were missing. They have big nerve, considering that this is the very show that gave their ugly selves the platform to go on and make all the millions they did selling them damn tapes and ugly ass clothes in awl-mart. lol. Oh well, two monkeys don’t make this circus. The remainder of the cast had a good ole time without them Get into the photos.

oohhh Uncle Jessie is SO FINE

Cute Cake

DJ & Kimmie Gibbler

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8 thoughts on “The Cast Of “Full House” Reunited

  1. Ugh, at least one could have shown up. put down that damn starbucks and coke and pay respect to the people who basically MADE yall wack azzes. DJ still looks good, and damn Uncle Jesse!

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  3. Oh, the shade of it all!! Jodie Sweetin had a full-blown METH addiction for several years, she got clean and her ass was there. No EXCUSE, self-absorbed, vapid Olsen twins. Their older sister, Elisabeth, is down to earth and a talented actress, unlike them.

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