The NEW She By Sheree is FINALLY Here! Sheree Whitfield Opens Boutique

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 Imma throw shade if I can’t get paid! Chile catch this T. Many of us have been wondering what Sheree has been up to since she announced that she would not be returning to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta show this upcoming season.

Well it seems as if Sheree has been real busy. In Addition to managing the ongoing construction efforts on hear palatial estate Chateau Sheree [My Hair Is Layed Like Chiquita Banana (Chateau Sheree' Expose')], the fashionista has finally revamped her She by Sheree line and opened a Boutique, but it’s not what you think…

Catch these T’s…




Chile after all this time, Sheree done hit us with on On-Line Boutique selling bargain basement brand bracelets and other women’s accessories. No Gawd Sheree. What she is featuring is real has been material. Like seriously?? The online Boutique isn’t even her’s in its entirety. It is hosted through a third party company called Kitsy Lane. Anyway, I’m not gonna go in on her too hard. It’ seems like ever since Bob stop giving her that cockeyed lovin’ that she’s been trying to find her place in the world. Maybe she has found it in the digital world… If selling Forever 21′s returned jewelry is going to put a roof on your house, then who are we to judge…

Will you buy any She By Sheree?



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38 thoughts on “The NEW She By Sheree is FINALLY Here! Sheree Whitfield Opens Boutique

  1. I can’t find any of her jewelry online I signed up with the site but don’t see any of her pieces does anyone know where else I could find it? I have been using still very nice jewelry on the site.

  2. I actually don’t mind purchasing from Sheree; I saw some nice things on her Website. My only thing is I recall her on the show displaying actions that wearing anything not name brand or considered to be “last year” would be out of style so I guess her thoughts and views have changed now that she has created her own line.

  3. Who said she was trying to make a living off of the website. This is just an easy way for her to make money. In order to do that she has to speak positively of it as if its the best thing going. You should always put you best foot forward with anything you do. If she was selling M&Ms on the corner she is supposded to speak of it as if she was selling diamonds. This is what sales people do.If you think she is to good to do this than you have a welfare mentality. She is out here making money. She may not get rich off of it but it is brining in some money. I too have a number of online websites and you will not beleive the things that I sell but it brings in $4,000 per month and I’ll take it. I still have a regular job as well. I am not rich enough to turn money away and neither is Sheree.

  4. that is very nice things that you have in your store, and i hope that you do well. I would like to get a magazine of your products. I would also love to hear back from you , here in houston, texas, because i think that you are a beautiful woman , and i would like to get to know you , and would love to spoil you, because you are a jewel and you need to be treated like a queen. i would really like to hear back from you sheree, and hope that you do have many bless day.yours truly , Mr. Joel Harris

  5. Chiillleee. Sheree needs to find some people. This whole hookup looks extremely cheap and low-budget. She could have gotten her own online store for a few bucks instead of using this Ning thing.

  6. This is why our people get no respect. We are too busy downing each other. I bet everyone that is making a negitive commit on here works for someone. Your life is in control by someone else. Wasted energy.

  7. Sheree is going from bad to worst why don’t she lives within her means and teach her children it’s not about stressing over material things!!!!!!

  8. whats wrong with buyin from sheree??? we buy all this upscale industry name brand shit; lv, gucci, donna karen, micheal kors etc… even if its knock off,and not a one of these hi price name characters would buy any of us a 99 cent soda, or buy you a bag of chips if we asked for it. all these negative azz comments on here. thats what the hell is wrong with us we dont wanna support each other, only ridicule, and laf @ each other when we have a financial fall. yea ill support her if i see anything on the page, and i like it ima gettit! we females need to stop all this hatin each other.. smdh….

      • Wow, maybe we should start by having a better grasps of the English language. Also, to the writer of this article, please learn basic writing skills.

      • You are totally right us women do need to stop putting eachother down. But the person who wrote this article isnt a woman and wants to be, so therefore doesnt understand that. Tired of all this fake hyper drama negativity from wannabe’s that want attention.

  9. Sheree actually does design and edit for Kitsy Lane. Regular ppl can open up one of their cheesy stores, but her game is on point. Methinks there are a lot of green girls out here…I have never watched any of the reality shows so I really don’t know why ppl dislike her, but as a business owner myself, I respect all other honest entrepreneurs.

  10. Funny how she makes it seem like she PARTENERED with some company. Anyone on earth can sign up with that whack ass website and have an online store LMAO! Man they dont even let you have your own DOMAIN NAME it’s always “yourname.kitsylane.c0m” just blowin up the spot *hahaha* you cant even lie and say it’s your own website & store. Then on top of that the jewelry is CHEAP!! I can by the same sh**t straight from China and sell it, and the pieces would look way better than that crap. Man this is sad……This is SOOOO f**cked up y’all just dont understand, and Sheree REALLY thinks folks are looking upon her favorably. I would have been less shocked if she had said “Hey I have an Ebay Store now. Come by Sh*t by Sheree!” lmao I still would have went-in on her ass but this here is worse. She is making it seem like she done went and paid a web designer $3,500 to build her an e-commerce website, paid for marketing, and designed pieces, etc. Nope, she went and signed up for an MLM eCommerce-membership-based-website where everything is already done BUT you only get a percentage of each sale (25% at kitsy lane) and the domain name belongs to them (hence the YOURNAME.kitsylane.c0m) . There are millions of websites like this, but in my experience it is NOT something you do and expect to make a significant income doing it. This better be supplementing your current income or you will be broke as hell wishin you could make a sale LMAO! They have a million programs out like this (google “turnkey websites or MLM websites) You sign up and get your “piggyback” eCommerce website, you get a small percentage of each sale & you get a small incentive/percentage if you sign up more people to open their own stores (MLM/Pyramid sh**t). The programs are endless: Selling a “diet patch”, weightloss products, “as seen on TV” products, jewelry, exercise kits, shoes, E-books, the list goes on. Now here come Sheree with this bullsh**t like it’s brand new and no one has a clue. I been on the internet since my teens and seen every “get rich quick scheme” there is. Those website NEVER make a decent profit. She me get a TID BIT more than a regular unknown person would (or less because people hate her lol) but overall Sheree wont make much with that webstore. That “piggy-backing” URL is a turn-off in itself (yourstore.kitsylane.c0m) Damn shame!

  11. Lol! She really made people sign up just to look at her stuff!! Chile, I guess she had to find some way to make herself look legit!!

  12. Sheree needs to get a job! Her fashions were hideous and selling someone else’s jewelry online? Really Sheree? Stop perpetrating a fraud. Who needs a ballroom in a house? Even Cockeyed Bob can see thru you……you’re a washed up, wanna be fake!

  13. Im still shocked she is actually trying to make money herself through being a trainer and selling jewlery. I lost a $100 that she married or engaged to the next wallet by now.

  14. Why you playing, the doll just opened up my own lil Kitsy Lane Store…Yes Gawd, hunty. We in a recession and selling Avon to my co-workers is played out.

  15. LMAO…yo azz is crazy FD if that’s your defintion of not going in to much I’d hate to see when you gone in FULL FORCE…LMAO. #FOREVER 21′s returned jewlery?!?!? #BOB’S COCKEYED LOVIN…I’m done..ROFLOL!!!

  16. please tell me where the clothes @ i thought that was her thing really an online jewelry store that she didnt start its free i just signed up to sell someone elses stuff to i hand picked me a few hours why dont she just have a party where she go to ppl house because she is doing tracy lynn at least their jewelry look somewhat more appealing im mad @ sheree bcause if u really quit and didnt get fired from a steady income with no backup plan i guess her house is done give an update on that cause her line still not here yet


  18. So…mutha just opened up an HTML page?!?! Where is my fold up chair for her ass to have a seat in? I’m sorry, I am like Ray Charles; I just DON’T SEE IT!

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