The Race Is Not Given To The Swift. Karlie Redd Photoshop’s Benzino & Joc Penis Pic Comparisons

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Just so y’all know, ratchet tv season is when I make ALL MY MONEY.  Someone is calling bullsh*t on Karlie Redd and accusing her of photoshopping the the side by side penis comparison photos of Benzino & Young Joc, giving Joc a digital advantage. In previous posts, I spilled the beans about the the brawl that took place at Stevie J & Benzino’s Restaurant and well as the social media battle that ensued afterwards [Karlie Redd & Benzino Instagram Beef’n. Benzino Shows Off Love Tatt While Karlie Compare D!ck Size (PICS)] . Shortly after my last post went up, my phone began to ring with claims of Bullsh!t and photoshopping. All jokes aside, Bezino’s nude pictures have been floating around the internet for some time, and it is obvious that the picture that Karlie Redd posted was Photoshopped. No tea no shade, I just don’t think she is the one who photoshopped it. Nothing about Karlie Redd says she knows how to use a computer. Correct me when I’m wrong and acknowledge me when I’m right.

Reportedly, Karlie is all in her feelings that Benzino has moved on and now is on a mission to cause trouble. I’m told that Karlie Redd wasn’t even invited to the party last night and specifically came to cause trouble. Non on of us are stupid, we all know how her a$$ got there. But I’m told that Karlie is once again throwing rock and hiding her hands.Karlie allegedly made mention to Kirk how she missed Benzino’s  d!ck, but now she is slamming him for it publicly. That was supposedly part of the confusion last night and why Kirk was pulled into the cross fire. Remember I told you about that in the first post [EXCLUSIVE: LHHATL Violent Brawl Breaks Out At Opening Of Stevie J & Benzino’s Restaurant. Guess Who’s Involved?]

Anyway its time for a do over. No filters, No no photoshop, no bullsh!t.  Who wins the race?

Warning, non of these links are SAFE FOR WORK

CLICK HERE ———Karlie Redd’s original comparison phot0

CLICK HERE ———The real benzino vs the photoshopped Benzino

CLICK HERE ———The Real Benzino vs The Real Young Joc


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202 thoughts on “The Race Is Not Given To The Swift. Karlie Redd Photoshop’s Benzino & Joc Penis Pic Comparisons

  1. wow u women saying they’re not big damn both are at least double my size! maybe 3x actually…haha
    yes..i’m korean…haha (sob!)

  2. Joc bigger obviously. He just soft. But at the end of the day they both small because they aint got shit on my man… that’s all

  3. Looking at the pic it is very clear that young has benzino beat in the department….Something is wrong if some people can’t see that!!!!!! just my thought and my opinion!!!!!

  4. Joc won cuz beznio was on hard must have been beat in his meat but joc laid down and benzio just stick in out it only stick out wen on hard

  5. Im seriously not believing this nonsense from adults….. so someone call your penis small and you have to post yourself nekkid to prove a point…. WOW… thats like me posting my taco bc someone made a comment about it…. either way Im not impressed as a nurse I see these ALL the time.. and I can tell you its that 1% that can even make me raise an eyebrow….. #Sick #Childish #Silly

  6. 1st of all why do u have benzino a pic in your phone if u don´t miss it? 2ndly why embarrass Joc like that, she took it down but it shoulda never been uploaded, Joc is a midget also she might´ve made his bigger and didn´t she say she like small packages smh that lady is confused and don´t know wth it is she want

  7. She´s to OLD to be playing High School games, any man that looks her way deserves what he gets… She needs to sit her cougar…no….her wilder beast ass down & act like a mature woman!

  8. Karli Redd needs to stop her shit. Nobody wants a clingy ass woman. She´s too old for that shit. If you can´t handle dating a “celebrity” (and I use that word loosely) then don´t date one.

  9. my opinion benzino is erect but joc doesnt appear to be n looks just slightly smaller so of course it will be larger in the same state as benzino. anyway this is a mess they r too old to be having nude pics circulating smh

  10. they need to just go ahead & get back together they both old as Hell …Hothea ain´t working out for him & her & Joc are a lost cause ….so they just need to be content with being the old couple on the show

  11. I´m just trying to figure out why Karli would post pictures of her “mans” dick for the world to see? I guess she say that´s community dick anyway. *yeshrug*

  12. All three of these foks is a lie & a grunt. Sheeeeeit!
    Karli Redd ain’t SHIT for leaking any pics. She’s so bloodclat extra she needs a kick & a box down for her foolishness. If you’re so HAPPY then be HAPPY BITCH!!! How you say you glad to move on & still got pics from the past?! Chile…… lemme give this bush some Poland Spring cuz she’s THIRSTY!

    • Can she even afford Photoshop, let alone know how to use it?
      Still don’t know who she is outside of the show.

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  16. Idk what tyoe of snatch some of you females have but they were average sized.I have seen little and by all means those decent size paynuses but to each their own but both of those Benzino pics looked photoshopped to me,the only one that looked real was the full body pic

  17. Really Yung Joc…..I can’t………Karlie Redd just confirmed for me she is a bucket and desperate for attention; and why are ya’ll grown ass instagram beefing. Ain’t Karlie in her 50s….she too old for that shit!!!!

  18. If Benzino has moved on then why have beef with Karlie Redd. He aint no real man. The lady he with looks older than my grandmother. He is less than a man to have beef with a woman, especially one who is NO LONGER with.

  19. This is hilarious! Ms Ross is THEE Atlanta connection for that Georgia sweet tea. I’m so highly entertained. LOL. I hope this doesn’t make me a bad person. Oh well #SorryNotSorry

  20. No tea no shade… but it look to me like the “Real” Benzino pic is REALLY the photo shopped pic… Chile you can’t tell me a man with NO neck has a penis WITH one. With that being said, I’m gonna have to believe that lying ass/ messy ass Karlie Red’s side by side was actually the real deal. No neck leaked that photo shopped ass pic his damn self months ago honey, but Ms. Karlie had the real one and was saving that bitch for season 3, YES GAWDD!!

    • I think you are 199% correct about that. Ben and girl need a rocking chair and a porch to set their butts down some where and figure out how to explain the mess to there kids after somebody at school fronts them with these pics. Stupid

  21. What difference does it make she fucked both them & enjoyed it now she mad so she comparing dicks & the shit ain´t even that serious it´s actually petty & pathetic! Karlie Redd CHILE GO GRAB YO LIFE!!

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