The Shirtless Men Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [pics]

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With Monday nights being such a drag since Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has left us, I figured I’d help us all remember some of our favorite guys buy paying them a little shirtless homage. Stevie J. definitely knows he can get it. Yes Gawd. Check out the other guys!

Hey Kirk!!! Serving straight Amistad Realness

Its a bird, its a plane, its a CHICKEN NUGGET!

Yes, may I have a wing, 2 breast, mash & gravy, and a biscuit? Thank You

Who’s the Man?? No seriously, who’s the man?

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21 thoughts on “The Shirtless Men Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [pics]

  1. The only one that looks like something is Scrappy…Steeebie looks a hot mess. Benzino put your shirt back on and Kirk, I’m just gonna leave that alone.

  2. Scrappy can hit…once. The rest-those females-no. Eve is packin more than the rest of these broads. I’m waiting for Kirk to come a blazin out this big closet, quiet as it’s NOT kept.

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