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Who is Fahylando?
Fahylando Jackson (born April 5th, 1989) is a California-based American model of Cuban, Filipino, and African-American descent noted for his tasty, creative, and exotic pictures. Fahylando has gained much success and notability through usage of the internet and social networking sites. Fahylando has made appearances outside of the cyber-world appearing in various LGBT magazines such as PULP, GLOSS, and RAGE magazine. Fahylando has also had a few moments on television appearing on San Diego 6 News for runway shows after being seen via Model Mayhem and LOGOfor various interviews.
At age 14, Fahylando Jackson was an aspiring model taking pictures of himself in his backyard. Fahylando later on put his aspirations on hold to tend to his life until he was 19, when asked to a photo shoot for nightclub. That same night the photographer realized Fahylando had much potential and asked him for his contact information. Fahylando continued to participate in mediocre photo shoots until his breakthrough in 2010. Joe Hawkins, founder of Blatino Oasis, offered Fahylando a position as the Cover Model for the event and gigged the cover of PULP Magazine giving him exposure across the entire LGBT Community. In 2011, Fahylando appeared on San Diego 6 News for a runway show giving him exposure throughout California. These two events, along with many in between each other transformed Fahylando from an aspiring freelance model to a full-time working model. Fahylando currently is represented by a private agency and finds enjoyment being photographed in the nude.



Want to be one of The Yes Gawds? Know someone who’s worthy?Submit 3 or more tastefully sexy photographs to please put “The Yes Gawds” in the subject line. Include a brief description or blurp about what you would like the viewers to know. Include all social media contacts.

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  1. she all on facebook asking for financial help for her well-being. yeah, a huge turn-off. and she say she dont like black men…per a comment she iterated to some thirst-bucket dude (who is black) on facebook that tried hollarin at her.

  2. I checked out his twitter and FB and hes attractive and all but hes an ATTENTION WHORE posting all his business and asking for help in every little detail of his life, even his looks. big turn off.

  3. Yes GAWD Ms. Dineva!!! Where are you finding all of this young trade? You got one more time to run my blood pressure up, and I’m sending you the bill (and I ain’t got no insurance). Okay Ms. Dineva, in spite of the frustrations and difficulties of the moment; where is the ‘MY HAIR IS LAYED LIKE….(for the newest SCANDAL episode). It was well worth the 2 weeks we waited. I contacted Shonda Rhimes at ABC Studios about you and your talent. I swear you need to be on the show!!! I’m STILL in stitches over “MY HAIR IS LAYED LIKE RIP JUDGE CANCER”!!!! Good luck with your VH1 project and stay original! Go in and let have!! Bye Nessa girl!

  4. Chile bye… You graced this stunt queen on your website (chile she will craft you all the way to bankruptcy)… Chile, don’t you do background checks before you post BS. I am going to need you to get it together HUNTY!!!

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