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Yes Gawd HUNTY! Y’all know that the FIRST female Yes Gawd had to be a BAD MAMA JAMA. Whew lawd! Get into those curves. Go in and let have Ms. Wanda!

Twitter: @Eyemglam
Instagram : Eyemglam

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GAWD Ms. Wanda



I got a feeling Wanda is about to get a lot of hollers…



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30 thoughts on “THE YES GAWDS: Ms. Wanda

  1. She is thick. Stripper thick, down south thick. And who ever was trying to be funny with the 270lbs comment. 270 is fat, shes no where close to that dummy.

  2. Fat and sloppy that santa outfit works because her belly is photo shopped out. She is not thick that is fat. Kandi baruss is thick that girl is a huge

  3. She’s aiight. She looks basic. Tired, unrealistic weave with decent makeup. None of you would be praising her like this if she were really thick–not fat, but thick. There is a huge difference. Alicia Keys is thick.

  4. Love these pics… Yes hunty and that makeup is on point… Follow her on Instagram if you need your makeup done @eyemglam

  5. I used to be that thick at 5’7 and 270lbs. I was packed in and voluptuous but uncomfortable as hell. I weigh 210lbs. today and still thick in all the right places. I just wasn’t healthy when I was that thick…about to get sugar foot and all.

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