Tiny Tonight, Tiny Tameka Harris’s Talk Show On Vh1 Is Here

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Remember all the chatter about Tiny getting a talk show? Remember she even mentioned it on the T.I. & Tiny Show? Well, it is finally here. Now for those of you who are wondering, “how the hell did Tiny land a night time talk show,”, the answer is, “because she is articulate and posses an Oprah type quality”. Check out the behind the scenes pics of Tiny and her celebrity co-hosts on set.

The Show is scheduled to air December 9th. Joining Tiny is Claudia Jordan, Tamar Braxton, and Trina. Now last I remember, Nikki Nicole (Kandi Koated Nights) was supposed to be a part of this. Nikki definitely shot the pilot episode with them. I smell some shade. I’ll make a few phone calls and get that tea.





Will You Be Watching?

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19 thoughts on “Tiny Tonight, Tiny Tameka Harris’s Talk Show On Vh1 Is Here

  1. Claudia Jordan needs to watch herself on speaking about someones faith or way of making themselves right. Saying that Tom Hanks wife escaped the Compound was out of place. Im not a Scientologist but I have studied Dianetics. Unless shes studied it keep quiet.

  2. Tiny is an excellent host and communicated. But I will NOT watch the show with ghetto, gold digger, air head Tamar Braxton. She will ruin your show & ratings. The country already gave her thumbs down by not watching her show. She is too common, loud, country & Uneducated & classless! Tamar is or will take over your show. She is gross & looks like a muppet. I am a black female MBA & try to support blacks on tv, but she is too over the top & just ghetto, and Fake! I cannot tolerate her she is a fake liar, jealous wannabe. Period.

  3. I love Tiny, she is smart and kind and a great mum, she has a lot to talk about that I would like to hear. Her family is too cute and she is an articulate woman. You don’t have to speak in a certain accent or go to college to be articulate.

  4. I am sorry but Tamar spanx in the first picture caused me to overlook the content and breeze through the comments….no one noticed them. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh.

  5. Articulate?!?!!? LOL! Sorry FD, but Tiny is not articulate at all! Her show along with Kandi’s has a hint of “mistake” written all over it! The both of them need to take a voice and diction class before tapping into the “talk” show market.

    However I will say, both ladies are talented, gifted and very savvy business women. Therefore, I can’t hate on them for even trying. My advice would be to invest in a voice/diction class…

  6. yes I will most def tune in I luv the crew! Thanks for giving us sista down south something to relate too AND TO THOSE ^^^ who front like they can’t understand my girl Tiny LOL chile cheeze you Dineva!! SO I’M PRETTY SURE IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HIS SEXY AZZ YOU CAN UNDERSTAND TINY!

  7. I’ll watch the first one but don’t count me in for to many more after that. She does not hold the appeal for me a talk show host should have and i surley hope she has worded on her diction and articulation. From what I’ve seen of her see speaks like a child just learning how to speak who has a speech or hearing problem – that I can do without. If this show makes money for her I aint mad at her one bit, but a Oprah she is NOT.

  8. yes gawd hunty! get the tea and pour it, find out if shakana will be on the show. They need her up there because she is raw and uncut! she will keep it real and go in on who ever when ever for what ever reason!! I’ll check it out to see what s up with it.

  9. I sure will watch- Tiny is a Hustler just like her husband…and I think all them personalities on one couch is going to give us LIFE AND DEATH..yaaassssss Tiny—-DO IT!!!!

    • Yep. And Tiny looks like she don’t give “F” about being there. Look at her face in that shot. As a matter of fact, the others are looking at the girl in the evening gown, and the girl in the evening gown is the only one looking (posing) for the cameras. I’ll watch the first episode to give it shot, but I don’t think it’s going to make it.

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