Todd’s Mother Tells Mama Joyce ” You Got The Wrong One Now, B!tch” Kandi’s Wedding Special (video)

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I love me some Kandi, and I love me some Mama Joyce, but its bout damn time that somebody got her ass together! She got the right one when she got Todd’s mother Sharon. I met Miss Sharon when we were putting on Kandi & Todd’s stage play ‘A Mother’s Love’. She is a ball of fun and likes her like brown just like me. There is a video out there of me and Miss Sharon twerking at the wrap party and I hope it never surfaces.

Anyway, I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone got Mama Joyce together for her wreckless antics. As hard as it is for Mama Joyce to witness Kandi make a mistake (her words), I know it’s got to be equally as hard for Todd’s mother to witness someone bash her son constantly on a platform as large as RHOA. Kandi’s wedding special is sure to entertaining to say the least. Catch these T’s

Kandi’s Wedding: Fantasia Drunk Bootz, Mama Joyce Had An Attitude, Dinner Served At Midnight

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110 thoughts on “Todd’s Mother Tells Mama Joyce ” You Got The Wrong One Now, B!tch” Kandi’s Wedding Special (video)

  1. I am aware the theme was “Coming To America” classical trained ballet dancers would have preformed that segment on a better note, though.

  2. Baaaaaaaby boom, Mz. Sharon is not the one huntee! Chile, I predict this show being the highest rated of them all! #TeamKandi&Todd
    P.S. why does Momma Joyce call Kandi Kannee…smh!

  3. Money does NOT equate class as we can tell by this Coming To America themed wedding. If you are going to do it, this shouldn’t have been some last minute, low budget production. I agree with another poster who said the African dancers looked like strippers in leaf skirts??? Wtf? The venue looked too small as if for an intimate wedding celebration. Pure foolishness. Just all wrong and I can’t stop laughing! Ms Joyce must have something better to do. This is all Kandi’s fault because she must’ve been dependent on her mother for advice and such for YEARS. She waited too late to try and break away because her mom is old and set in her ways now. Her mom finds her gullible and doesn’t respect her voice at all. I didn’t think Todd was gonna marry her to tell the truth. I guess he’s planning to ride it out in easy street for as long as it lasts.

  4. Kandi’s wedding was a bit over the top like Phaedra’s baby shower!!! Mama Joyce must be getting a helluva check for acting like that on tv. she is rdiculously embarrassing. she should hang out with Mama Dee and Mama Jones in the palace spraying themselves with Pumkash. Shame on you Mama Joyce

  5. Kandi’s wedding was a bit over the top like Phaedra’s baby shower!!! Mama Joyce must be getting a helluva check for acting like that on tv. she is rdiculously embarrassing. she should hang out with Mama Dee and Mama Jones in the palace spraying themselves with Pumkash. Shame on you Mama Jones

  6. To be honest Todd’s mama is not going to slow Mama Joyce down. Todds mama looks rickety. I swear I feel bad saying that, but she doesn’t look to be a physical match for Joyce. So Mama Joyce probably doesn’t give a damn about whatever Todd’s mama is talking about.

    • Todd’s mama look like she would drag Joyce.Todds mom don’t look threatening because Todd’s Mom is use to staying in a Mothers place.Joyce is use to clownin and people holding her back.If they let go of her,it would scare the sh*t outta Joyce! What an old messy embarrassment !

    • It wouldn’t be so cute if it was your mama.People can’t wait to laugh at an old clown .poor Kandi.Joyce is no ones Mother.

  7. I’m glad somebody setting Momma Joyce straight. To think this is the same lady who was trying to be peacekeeper between Kim and Nene. I am not really excited to see another old lady cursing up a story after Momma Joyce and the old lady gang when off at the dress fitting. Dineva is their any truth of this network or another airing a show featuring mothers of reality show stars?

  8. A lot of people seem to be missing the point, regardless if Todd is or isnt a gold digger at the end of the day its KANDI´S choice, not her moms and not her families. To be constantly disrespectful to Kandi over who she is going to marry is just purposely driving a wedge in the wrong place, between her and her mother. You HAVE to let you children grow up and make mistakes, thats part of being an adult. Am I the only one that feels like Mama Joyce doesnt realize that Kandi is an adult and doesnt need to be treated like a teenage child?

    • Although I agree with you on Kandie being an adult in age and business but, when it comes to standing up to her mom she’s still a seven year old. Telling her mom enough is enough, is not being disrespectful. Calling Todd’s mother a whore is disrespectful. Todd’s father passed when he was two. How do moma joyce know anything about that unless, she was one of his hoes. I just don’t understand how Kandie can smile about the whole situation. It looks like all she care about is getting married. I know it’s been a long time coming. She need to show some respect for the man she is marring.

  9. I don’t doubt that mama Joyce loves her daughter. But she seems more obsessed with being “right” than she does with Kandi’s well-being. Somehow, HER ego is all wrapped up in this- when it shouldn’t be. I think we need to set mama Joyce up on some dates, or get her involved in some extracurricular activities or something! Because a big part of this, in my opinion has to do with her not having enough business of her own- so she’s all up in Kandi’s. Mama Joyce is codependent and Kandi, bless her heart, is an enabler!

    • I agree totally. Kandie is really lucky Todd haven’t walked away. I don’t know many men who would have stuck around for momma joyce bullshit. If momma joyce going to be part of my life acting like that yeah, I would want to get paid.

  10. That Thang needs a beat down. She is so transparent and full of hate for Todd. She is so disrespectful of Kandi she is needs to have a damn seat. The way that Thang acted on the Reunion part 2 was pitiful. I think she was on something, sitting up there bragging about her house is paid, car is paid, she has every diamond she could want and she got money in the bank. She should be ashamed of herself showing out at her age. I’m glad Todd’s mother is putting that Thang in her place.. She is truly ugly and evil she can’t even look at you straight in the eye. Her head is cocked to one side from all that hate and evil. Kandi needs to put her in her place and keep it moving. I never thought I would see Kandi’s mom turn into a world class bitch.. but to be truthful she jumped right over the letter B and went to C! As in C U Next Tuesday…

    • Kandie’s mom is kra kra and evil. Her sisters have seen themselves on tv and understand the eras of their ways.
      I also feel the y played a mean and cruel role with momma joyce in keeping Kandie and her father apart and been evil, hurtful, vengeful, spiteful ever since

  11. I’m riding w/ Mama Joyce. Todd is a gold-digger. If Kandi wasn’t so desperate she’d see that. I dislike Todd’s mother more than I dislike Todd and that is saying a lot. There is something very rough and ghetto about her. All these people talking about Todd “knowing how to swerve” (and we see he done swerved his little funny lookin ass in front of the camera) and looking for a come up can’t be lying on him. Mama Joyce been around and so has Kandi. The only difference is Joyce learned from her experiences and can tell a no good man when she sees one. Kandi…not so much. Nothing anybody tells her about Todd will ever make a difference. The ex-girlfriend he left Kandi for even busted him out for talking isht about Kandi. Even the fact that he didn’t want to sign that prenup. If you there for love and only love then he would have no problem signing a prenup but by her own words he dragged it out. Marlo busted Kandi out for buying her men and I believe it. I don’t see this marriage lasting long but wish her happiness.

    • Choose a side, either you wish her happiness or you’re cursing her marriage. It doesn’t matter IF her mother thinks she knows what’s best, once she spoke her peace she should have remained quiet after that. No one wants to hear complaints over and over and over and over and over and over and over(see how annoying that got). Just because it’s her mom, she does not get a pass to keep harassing her daughter and the people around her. Most parents know and remember how it was when they were growing up, they made mistakes as well, but they also(if they were lucky/blessed)know that their parents gave them (as the old people use to say) enough rope to hang themselves. The ONLY good thing about Mama Joyce is she gave me a new-found love and appreciation for my mother.

    • Maybe he talked ish about her before he got to know her. Maybe he said that to throw the ex off her trail because he did like her. Maybe he didn’t want to sign the prenup before reading it, he does deal with contracts for major companies so I am sure giving it to him at the last minute was not going to fly. Maybe he is good for her and Riley. Maybe that’s all that matters, as it should. No one has ever seen Todd or heard about Todd high siding off of her money. I don’t see a change in his clothes or anything that shows he is not the person he was when she met him. Kandi can’t be too much of a sugar mama because she is cheap as hell even with her and her own daughter. She hates to spend money and is probably a secret extreme coupon user. If he spent anything she allowed it. If she spent anything worth something Dineva would have let us know and that didn’t happen. He seems sweet and genuine and must love her because anybody else would have been left. Riley loves him. Damn what do y’all want from a couple in love. That’s real life right there and y’all want a faiytale. Nobody has a fairy tale. They are perfect for each other. Mama Joyce messed with Todd so much because she couldn’t with A.J. She knows how far to go and who to go the with. She just said he was raised by a pimp and whore, so what. Even if it is true her daughter sells sex toys and they can’t have not one party without strippers. The way she gets down her mama was probably the one that walked the streets. Her and her sisters look about that life. Good girls with good backgrounds from down south just don’t want to marry a man with a strip club and over 10 kids. They come from some BS, they just tried to hide it and now Mama Joyce can no longer fake it. That’s why Kandi talks through her teeth because if she opens her mouth any wider some ghetto I’d going to fly out and shock the ish out of us. She has been hiding it too long. She is lucky to have Todd that is not afraid to love her enough that he lets her mom disrespect him on T.V. He has been a real man and spoke with her and her mom about it. That is all he could do.

      • Is it that Kandi is cheap or that she just has cheap taste. This wedding wasn’t cheap but it looked it. That dress wasn’t cheap, but it looked it. Although Kandi may have cheap tastes, I’m willing to bet Derek J. ain’t cheap. I think she buys cheap stuff because she has cheap tastes, but I also think she could easily part with her money on some expensive items for love.

  12. I’m so glad Todd mama getting Mama Joyce together! Sweet jesus! Joyce be doing too much. It’s one thing to not like someone but she want to be bitter & angry at every damn thing …

  13. Todd’s mom is another Mama Joyce. She’s on TV cursing and acting a fool as well. Mama Todd riding Kandi’s coat tails for fame too. Oh well. Kandi like it, I love it.

  14. I mean it looked like she had Strippers in African dance wear attire. Should have gotten ballet dancers to keep a classier tone. Got skrippers and Tawn and them to put some ish together.

    Other than that seemed like a nice occasion.

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