Trina Braxton Files For Divorce From That Little Spanish Man (Gabe)

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Considering that he was pulling his nasty ding-a ling out for tranny’s over web cam, she should have been left his ass! Did i just say that? Don’t mind me. I was thinking out loud by mistake. Any way, Trina Braxton has finally filed divorced from her husband Gabriel Adrian-Solis, citing that their marriage is irretrievably broken. The couple tied the knot in august of 2003 and has reportedly been separated and living in separate houses since march 2013. Catch these T’s


Y’all know as well as I do that Trina & Gabe should have been gotten a divorce. Quiet as its kept, Towanda & Andre are next! Trina & Gabe have both admittedly stepped out on one another and we the viewers were given the chance to watch much of this play out on television. Let me tell it, Trina been had plans to leave. She just had to put together her exit plan. Smart plan mama. My daddy said NEVER LEAVE WITH NOTHING. Y’all better ask Juanita Jordan. Non the less, I think this is great news for the both of them. Trina can go on and find her another man and Gabe can go on to find him another man too. lol.

What better time than now to pay a lil HOMAGE to Toni Braxton

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82 thoughts on “Trina Braxton Files For Divorce From That Little Spanish Man (Gabe)

  1. Trina will never divorce Gabe. How will she , when he’s the one bankrolling her life! lol Sorry to say the only ones that isnt relying on a man really, is Toni and Towanda. Wish Towanda chose a better man!

  2. Trina will never divorce Gabe. How will she will, when he’s the one bankrolling her life! lol Sorry to say the only one of those girls that isnt relying on a man really is Toni and Towanda. Wish Towanda chose a better man!

  3. Just starting watching the series on Netflix (Jan2014) I think Gabe is emotionally immature, because he reactions to god news bad news is always that slight smile like he either doesnt get why Trina is hurt or he doesnt know what to do to make it better. Poor guy there paying all the bills to keep “her” children and her career desire going, but getting nothing in return but rejection. So what he had cybersex, you cant get an STD from that and theres no dinner or hotel fees. She on the other hand had actual risky contact with someone and thought it OK that Christian remain in the band. Now she may be just trolling for cash to finance her career or other ventures, or may actually feel the love she had for him years ago. Whatever teir motives are they have to deal with one another however distorted anyone thinks it is

  4. Tashie was that response for me???…YOU do not know her either…we are all posting opinions and that was “MY” opinion…and it had nothing to do with hating…***sick of people telling people to take seats, several or a stadium…i can say what i want too***

  5. something strange about him first internet sex then a fake zoconion ring lawd!!! whats next he a cheater and so is she so their even now git it together or move on with new people

  6. @Wyteika…that’s what i’m saying!!! she sucked another mans penis and admitted it to the whole world and he only flirted with someone online and she was pissed…she’s lucky that he would still want to be with HER..bc if I were him I wouldn’t…

  7. Go Trina.. we got your back body got time for that foolishness…Live your Life….

  8. Been missing you so much. Reading your Tweets just to stay in touch, but don’t have a twitter account. So glad you are back, but this doesn’t read like you…is this your secretary? Welcome back, though.

  9. I hope and pray it is you Ms. Doll!!! Been missing your sense of humor and all. Maybe you’re gonna give us a big surprise soon. This reads kinda dry though.

  10. Isn’t he gay anyways? That transvestite was CLEARLY a man and it didn’t take anything but a split second to tell. And Im not surprised by this. PLEASE make a video about it! haha

  11. None of these Braxtons are in the position to push away people with a head for finance.

  12. She never wanted him after the cyber sex and cheating… He creepy as Hell and so is towanda husband…

  13. Like we didn’t see this one comin a mike away… chile please! Her family tried to tell her when she renewed her vows on that boat… shole shoulda listened!

  14. I don’t believe it because she loves his money. Then again maybe she drained his account so she wants a divorce now

  15. He’s Mexican. Anyway, I quickly scrolled past that screenshot only to take a closer look at it after I read the post.
    Damn! That person looks like a shemale. Wow!
    It’s about time Trina divorced from that guy. Thankfully they haven’t got any biological children and I’m sure her teenage boys won’t miss the “man” who hurt their mama.

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