Tru Blood: Where The Hell Is Tara, And Why Can’t Sookie Keep Her Panties On?

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The wait is finally over. For those of us True Blood fans out there, last night’s premiere was the fix we needed. Well,  at least I thought it would be. In all honesty, I think last night’s season premiere was a little lackluster. Is it more, or did it end rather abruptly?

One thing I was not here for was the sudden disappearance of Tara within the first 3 minutes of the show. Understanding that the salary from this show is too good for Rutina Wesly (Tara), I know she didn’t just let them write her totally out of the show. I don’t think Tara is dead. If she is dead perse’, I am sure that she will still be a part of the show in the form of a spirit, or flashback memories, but I honestly don’t think she is dead.

I’ll tell you another thing that I am not here for, Sookie and them lil ole titties that she is so glad to pull out every opportunity she gets. Y’all talk about Olive Pope being a whore. Sookie has slept with everybody on the damn show minus Lafayette, and her brother Jason. Quiet as its kept, I don’t see what’s fascinating with that Tinker Bell puss… I’m just saying.

Let’s hope things get better with coming episodes…

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10 thoughts on “Tru Blood: Where The Hell Is Tara, And Why Can’t Sookie Keep Her Panties On?

  1. Well this is the last season, so if tara did not die, we won’t know and that’s why pam is on a wild goose chase and eric is gone to so, i beleive tara mother is going to get raw. being a vampire.

    • I’m so tire of Tara mother. can someone kill her already

      if you remember from season six. Tara drunk from her mommy.

      maybe just maybe, that bad blood probably did her in.

  2. Had Tara actually died, Pam would have had a reaction since Pam is her maker. Also, if she died, don’t you think she would have instantly gone to see Lafayette?

    Pam pegged Sookie bulls-eye on…. “A gash in a sundress”

  3. Ever since Bill opened up Sookie cookie jar she been giving it up easy to everybody. Last season her first date with Warlow she was nearly naked from the first kiss. I no longer care when she gets naked because I seen her naked a bunch of times. I don’t think they have aired an episode without sometype of nudity.

  4. I was a bit disappointed by the episode as well for the most part. There were a few things that stood out to me:

    1. I don’t think Tara died because if she had Pam would have felt it since she was her maker and let’s face it, she loved Tara. Not as much as she loves Eric but she does love her.

    2. Sookie is annoying. lol

    3. It looks like Lafayette might be getting ready to steal Jessica’s man. I wounded how that will work out.

    4. Lettie Mae is a trip!

    • I don’t think Tara is dead either because the only one who saw was Lettie. Lettie can not be trusted and has lied before to protect Tara.

  5. This first episode was not good and I am a fan I have read the books and never missed and episode…..the show is ending and i guess the writers just gave up. I really hopes it gets better….and LAWD why they kill TARA….(so early)

  6. Just as sure as Sookie’s weak vaginal walls will do one day, my interest has totally and completely collapsed down to the foundation for this show.

  7. @FunkyDineva I doubt she died for real if she did they would’ve had to have the decency to at least show it n Yal kno her mama crazy so who knows what she seen

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