Tyler Perry Lays Hands On Bishop TD Jakes. Jakes Catches Holy Ghost, Only After Receiving $1mil Check

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Chile I’m just going to be candid with my thoughts and take the backlash that comes along with it. I swear some of you church folks KILL ME!! Do you honestly expect me to believe that Tyler Perry is now laying hands on folks and through the anointing of God T.D. Jakes is catching the holly ghost? Girl bye!  Get off my phone with this mess. That wasn’t the holly ghost that Bishop TD Jakes caught, that was stress exiting his body now that the church can pay its bills for another 6 months because Tyler Perry donated 1 million dollars. I’m sorry y’all, make of me what you’d like, but I just don’t get into all this pomp and circumstance. The theatrics of church really wears me out.

Let me be clear, I very much believe in God, and is very much spiritual, but all this church stuff, y’all can have. I probably would not have even posted this, but I didn’t blog very much today and I could use the coins. Anyway y’all get into the Lord and Savior Of Black People, Miss Tyler Perry Laying Hands on Bishop TD Jakes


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209 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Lays Hands On Bishop TD Jakes. Jakes Catches Holy Ghost, Only After Receiving $1mil Check

  1. Ok so I wasn’t going to write anything but I have to get this off of my chest….First of all no one, and especially Miss Funky Dineva, is perfect so the last that she should be doing is questioning anyone’s salvation or Christianity. Second, I just so happened to have watch this very service on the Sunday that this occurrence happened, not just a clip but the actual whole service, and if you are going to show a video of something and call someone out on being fake just make sure that you show the whole event so that people can really be informed while at the same time have the opportunity to form their own objections and opinions. The clip that Miss Funky Dineva posted as an attempt to back up her false allegations actually has a whole 15 minute event the took place before this part of the clip even happened. Tyler Perry didn’t just write a check for $1 million dollars and then Jakes caught the holy ghost, Jakes is building school in Houston so that the children that live in the inner city area can have a chance at a better education and he did a presentation and presented the plans it to the church. Perry had already been moved to give a $1 million dollars to the church as a donation way before this part even happened. He gave the million dollars because he was moved by the Holy spirit to do so and in the clip that Miss Funky Dineva post he explains why he had already given the money. Please if you are going to call yourself exposing someone or something make sure that you have all of your facts straight first.

  2. The Spirit of God is not fake. And each individual shows God’s spirt in so many ways that ONLY GOD judgement matters. That was their testimony and so let it be…

    • You have to be a lady, this is why God left the man in charge. You need to consult with your husband . For everything, he will know the difference in real gold and fake gold.

      • That ain’t nothing but sugar tlyer perry. God also said to be vilgalant because your adversary the devil. Please follow your husbands instruction .

  3. Bishop Jakes did not “catch” the Holy Ghost when TP layed hands on him, he already has the Holy Ghost. It would do great for one to be careful of the things they say of people, rather you think their “faking” or not. The bible cautions us that every idol word spoken will be brought into judgement. IJS

    • Well good thing I only read the bible when I’m in the mood for a good children’s story, or a good laugh. I read it like I would Sleeping beauty.

    • wow…… that’s an “honorable” response…. doesn’t the Bible say to bless those who curse you? A better response would have been no response at all…. You’re response is exactly why folks don’t take Christians seriously and accuse them of being hypocrites more than not……. “hungry conniving haters……watch us eat!!!!”… just wow….. what a “witness”……

  4. People say “oh it’s the message that matters not the messenger” . Girl bye! Would you take tips on how to stay drug free from a current struggle crack head? Would you take marriage advice from someone who has never been married? Financial advice from a gambler? And the list goes one etc. In result THE MESSENGER DOES MATTER! How can God’s word come through such Tom foolery! This is a complete devastation to the nation! Whom ever it may that is upholding this foolishness can have a stadium of seats please! This is not of God but it is of the infamous JES-US Religion! Black people need to seriously wake up!

    • God can use whosoever He chooses. How much you give? If nothing why are you worried about it. You think a entire church can’t see what you few individuals can? I think not. To that whom much is given, much is required. Seems to me like Tyler does not have an issue stepping up to the plate to help the ministry. Those are people issues who do not even support church mostly and if they do it is usually limited.

  5. Oh my goodness. Such fakery. What are our people doing ranting and raving and chanting like that for a show? LOLOLOL!!! Sorry I was HOWLING! You know they went backstage and had a good ROFL about those folks.

    The Black Church – Where Women PRAY and Men PREY

  6. Can’t judge the heart of another man. If Tyler said that he was lead by the Holy Spirit to give a million then I can’t touch that. Bless him, but T D Jakes acted rather Coon like with that fake Holy Ghost episode. I wanted to see ho would catch his big ass if he fell back. Jakes on even trust the people around him to break his fall. psychologist use the catch and fall theory to help people who have trust issues with their love ones. Jakes made sure he didn’t fall back. SMDH!! Most of these pastors are motivated by money, fame, rubbing shoulders with famous folk, and God last. I understand that the church needs money to function and I’m okay with folks giving from their hearts but its tax write off season for, “The Haves,” so from now till December 31, 2013 us and the IRS will see a lot of publicized giving. It starts around this time every year. Stay tuned…

    • lol, Church Donations and Tithes are deductible year round hun! It was not for that reason. That was not the only large sum of money that Tyler Perry gave either that weekend. Them that got shall have…but God blessed the child who had his own. Tyler was poor and now he rich, and thru it all he was blessed in spite of his condition and his situation. When he was broke no one put him down on such a large scale, now he rich and the broke still hating. It is because you do not give. Give and it shall be added back to you.

  7. what bothers me about him is that 50% of the time i can get with, and support what tyler perry says/does.

    the other 50% though… like he is possessed by madness.

    i know creative people are (generally speaking) thought of and regarded as “eccentric” to varying degrees, but cannot help feeling this stunt is unfortunate behaviour in a house of the Lord.

    a million dollars is a tidy sum for letting tyler perry make a fool of you for a few minutes. just a shame about the venue.

    • The venue is building a larger children’s church because their children have packed out their building. LOL They have been crowded long enough, the place is packed to the maximum and overflowing. They obviously doing something right. You should hear those children when they get happy…it fills the adult sanctuary and catches on in the big church. God is Awesome, no one worried about what haters think. God is in the blessing business, you can’t even imagine all the good things that are occurring in this place. Just on the outside looking in, and with little understanding. Taking a point in time and trying to have an opinion, when that point in time, has been acknowledge, prayed over, and become a reality a long time ago. Yall just finding out about it, it has been in the works a long time. Quit jumping on every johnny come lately bandwagon, because he flying half cocked.

  8. If you listen to the message that Tyler gave it was powerful. Many of us have people in our lives whose only purpose is to hate on us. He saying that when you on the right track the more haters will appear but take comfort that your blessed and keep on going. Sometimes we miss a message cause we focus on the medium that it´s being delivered

    • They not worried about you not standing them. They are at the bank. Where are you? You discussing them, I bet they aint discussing your broke asssssss

  9. This is crazy if tyler perry so much a christian why not helpna needed church …agreed its wonderful to give church money but td jakes church is not lacking …tyler could have planted that seed somewhere esle

    • the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. i totally agree with you. i know it’s his seed to give; but there are a lot of smaller churches out their that could use a community center for our youngster.

    • Yeah nothing like giving a million dollars to a church with two members! : / You would not do that if you had that amount of money to give either. You put you money into fertile ground hun!

      • Not only that, take the time to invest in your children, and take them to a community center if you do not have one to an area that does. Make the sacrifice, is there no one there who can also step up and do what you suggest? There is only one Bishop Jakes and Tyler Perry. Why they have to be responsible for the entire America. Others in your area need to step it up hun! We prayed for Bishop in Dallas, you may want to start praying that God send someone who can do what Jakes is doing. He would love to help everyone, but he just one man, and everyone vision is different. You need someone with a vision for your area. No use being upset over the state of your community. Pray for God to send someone. Or move to an area where you children can have the things you want them to enjoy. Better yourself better your family. It all begins at home.

  10. You Christians make me sick! Somebody shake them slaves awake!!! This shit is faker then a four dollar bill, why give it to the church when you can put it in these urban Communities falling by the wayside?! Fake as fuck all you bible thumpers can get on the bus these fake ass pimp pastors is riding straight ta hell!!! Wake up fools

    • Maybe God did not give him that vision. How about finding a solution for your area without casting down a person who is making a difference. They do President Obama the same way, he can’t solve everyone issues, but he is making a difference.

  11. this is why i no longer attend churches of this type it is all one big ass act/BET i mean really when TP walked away after he supposedly laid hands looked like he was amused even laughing a bit i’m not fooled nor is the lord. ill leave it at that please my people wake the heck up…

  12. Many of you have the wrong idea. So many of you are fools. The churches are robbing the people blind. If Tyler wants to give a million which is small change to him then let him get his blessing. His work is done. Now whatever Jakes does with it is on him. As far as the holy.ghost, I didn´t see that part. Jakes may have heard the words Tyler said and something came over him, but certainly he just felt the spirit move. Nothing more nothing less. Even I felt it. It was a good message whether it was staged or not. Receive what God has for you and keep it moving.

  13. You fools can keep on drinking the kool-aid and co-signing this tomfoolery if you want to. But if you mean to tell me, that after speaking, and “laying hands” on T.D. Jakes that some ooga booga spirit entered into T.D. Jakes body and he “got the spirit” and the people behind him knew to come running up to him to catch him simultaneously, then pigs fly!! And this is MY opinion. I don’t believe that shat!!! What I do believe is, is that this is a show. It all is. From the grandiosity of the facility, to all the other pomp and circumstance, you all are being made fools out of. You can open up any Freshman Psychology 101 book and know that this entire occurrence happened because of GROUPTHINK. “You had to be there.” MMMhmmm, you right. It’s basically just everybody 1-uping each other and feeding off the BS. This is not real, this is a stunt and show, and you all can continue to open up your coin purses and make these rich stunt queens richer. My people, my people! Up there acting like a bunch of slaves!! Still following the religion of yo white massa!! smh

    • Sure is funny he build a school in Dallas too and now it is ranked one of the highest schools in Dallas. Imagine that for our children. Let the man do what he is called to do. God always provide when it happens that way. Bishop could have been acknowledging God and thanking him for opening the windows of heaven too. You say catching the spirit, but that is your interpretation. God amazes when He brings something He told you into existence. You might not know how you are going to get there, but you just have to be obedient. Bishop could be thanking God, I was not there, and to say he was catching the Spirit is reaching, but his hands are up and that mean he is surrendering to the will of God.

  14. Delandrian Aikens when did i become an atheist? Who told you that? And trust and believe after the personal attacks, this is the last time you will be able to post anything over here…

    • Funky Dineva it’s your page and you can say wut ever you want just like everybody have there opinion you have yours,if they don’t like it unlike this page#indatorder

    • lawd!!!! funky Dineva what is wrong with this child you did not create this topic its the news why people cant understand that lawd! yea I agree with you shut her down (and in that order she asked for) ask and it shall be given !!! (HELLO)

  15. You, late, n messy, niggarette, It´s not about the money, I think your Hilarious, and is entitled to your opinion, but your also a Atheist, speak on what you know, please believe Bishop or his church didn´t need , don´t need Tyler´s money, so quit being messy but keep being Hilarious, respect.

    • now damn it if you can’t read nor spell when did miss dineva say she didn’t believe in the lord? she clearly said she very much believes in god you obviously do not know the true meaning of Atheist why use words if you don’t know the meaning? set your entire self up…smh

    • If someone says they believe in God [as stated on the blog] then that is prima facie evidence that they are not an atheist. The issue is not atheism but protocol and accepted standards of conduct and benevolence in the most prominent black church in America. As long as we properly frame the issues, the discussion can be fruitful.

    • lollol yessss please educate these damn fools! Can’t pay their rent on the first but they’re steady filling up these stunt queens coin purses. But it will all end. And I feel it coming soon. I give it another 2-3 generations within the black community, some of us are waking up now. People are questioning the system and its constructs. We won’t be blind followers for too much longer. And when we as a black community finally start to question why christianity has such a strong hold on us (all because of slavery), we will emerge independent thinkers and will actually be ready to take on this world!! For now, I guess we’ll just have to settle with being pimped by white jesus. SMH

  16. Honestly, this was by far your worst post to date… You weren’t there so how do you know it was fake? Everybody is always screaming ‘Only God can just me’ but yet they’re the first to have something to say about somebody else… You have accused Tyler Perry of being gay, Bishop Jakes of faking the Holy Ghost, Tyler of not being genuine in his giving…. That’s disgusting on your end and everyone else agreeing with you. My people always worried about the wrong things… How did this benefit anyone? What did you gain from this post?? Who did you save by bashing these men?? You may get a couple coins from it but at what cost?? I wish people would use their resources for the benefit of others. You don’t have to tear everything and everyone down in order to lift yourself up…

    • I totally agree with you. It is our people that don’t like to be judged, quick to fight if someone dares! We call on the Lord, etc, but quick to tear it all down! If his falling out wasn’t genuine then speak & move on. But the bashing & wild accusations is too much. When did we become God & know what someone is feeling? what personal gain do we receive from a lot of ignorance? God speaks English? Really? He was American or an englishmen or something? Hebrew would’ve fit better & tongues is not a language, it’s an expression of hysterical,over excited, babbled & uncontrolled speech. It happened when God would heal, lay hands, etc, as well. Plus, Africans didn’t have one religion & it got taken away! different religions were being practiced all over Africa including christianity & several baptist groups. Portugues missionaries, not white people, would work along the coast of Africa in the 15th century & they would share teachings back & forth. Some slaves, therefore, brought christianity over with them when they were thrust into slavery. Slaves weren’t even allowed to worship! They had to sneak, quietly have their own services, create languages so nobody would understand everything they were saying. Eventually some white pastors thought it was ungodly to not teach the slaves & allow them to worship along with them. Christianity & baptists were dominant & baptists was already what they knew as they had already practiced baptisms with family & their children. But just a little insight for the whole slave talk that seemed very misguided. with all this kind of talk I just saw, it further let’s the world know that it is us in our own way. At one time, as slaves, Jesus was all we had. He was the faith & the rock that kept us holding on for better days. & now we so quick to tear down what we built. I too think there are singe phony people in the church. I grew up in the church & know the old ladies that pass out every Sunday. It’s funny, we laugh, but judge & tear down? Not necessary.

  17. Um this was a bit much for me. Mr. Perry said he LOVES to give. I´ve lived in New Orleans for almost 3 months now and I have seen SEVERAL communities (one in which was raised I´m sure) full of children that would benefit from his charity $113,000 would go along way down here. #IJS

    • Pushing the baby out is referring to the message Bishop preached at Megafest. It was referring to from the time we’re born til we die, we go through transitions and birthing. (life) Giving birth is painful…It was a great message.

  18. okay lawd!!! where do I go from here ??? look first of all when tyler perry started speaking in toung god speaks English not in toung (HELLO) number 2. if the bishop was about to git the holy ghost god will not let you get hurt when you shout notice how the men in the back ground began walking up before it happened to get behind him. lawd!!! I must stop right know before I fill the sprit of my truth.

      • you right I don’t know what language god speaks my comment on him speaking English is based on my bible I read is in English and not in tongue language so as far as im concerned he speaks English in my own mind and that’s my decision on what language I think he speaks he could speak Chinese for all I know so you the idiot be polite and reply to me and ask me what my thought processes is first behind my statement before you call me an idiot and we can have a nice conversation

  19. I am of the Christian belief but I am baffled by others saying it´s JUDGING because one does not believe this is real. I dont believe that the two of them are sincere according to the lifestyle that they both live. First off I dont know neither personally and 99.9% of yall dont either…I dont believe that when Jesus comes back He will come to Bishop´s mega church. And Tyler is an entertainer that uses language of the world and such things to make money on PURPOSE and then in the same breath give God praises. Who is his God really? Bishop needs to share more of the money he has and stop asking people for more money. THE WORD OF GOD IS FREE OF CHARGE. The gifts from God should only EXAULT HIM. To glorify HIM not man. It is an honor to have these blessings. The things of this world will perish so why should we hold them dear to show how blessed we are? We judge different things and people everyday. IE…why we choose the neighborhood we live, the schools our children go to, their friends, what clothes we wear and others, what car we drive, who we do and dont date and so forth. So why is it so wrong to speak our differences about these two? We are not damning these two to hell, we are merely saying what we dont believe….. People need to focus more on God and His will for us instead of people. Bishop or Tyler cant get us to glory. Only WE can.

    • Kathy just because YOU don’t believe it does not mean that it was not REAL. Yes, you are being judgmental when you say “according to the lifestyles they live”… The Bible says judge no thing before its time. Today we may be sinners and tomorrow we may come to know the LORD… in the twinkling of an eye. Why do you think the Bible says Judge not least ye be just in the same way you judge others. Besides, nobody really cares what you think. You were not there. For those of us who were it was very real. During the service, people were saved, delivered and set free. You can’t want just a few minutes of a video and think you can write a fair summary of the situation. Please have a seat.

      • Allen Landry, sounds like to me that you’re judging Kathy just because she doesn’t believe Tyler and TD were being real in the video! The whole point of her comment was that she felts that all of this was just a excuse for that huge check Tyler wrote. To be honest anyone and i do mean anyone would show off too if they receive that check! Hell I do a praise walk my damn self too if he made in two millions check! You can’t just sit her and call yourself a christian and then have the nerve to call out Allen like she done something hurtful to you! That’s uncalled for!

        • Really JC? LOL
          She and I are both entitled to our opinions … and so are you. I was setting the record straight, since I was there and apparently she was not. The money goes for a youth center, not to Bishop Jakes specifically. If you had watched the video you would have known. TP said he was being obedient to the voice of God. Which is cool. I have no problem with that. These are both blessed men. Kudos to them for lookin out for the youth. It is what it is…nothing more and nothing less. If they are faking, God will judge them, not us. But for her to sit here and say the few minutes of a video was fake is not fair to those who witness the entire service first hand. That is all.

    • You wrote, “The Word of God is free” well the building it’s being heard in is NOT!!!! It takes money to pay for the building people go to for the word, it takes money to pay for the lights so people can see when they hear the word, it takes money to pay for the equipment used so people can hear the word, it takes money to pay for the seats people are sitting on when they hear the word, etc, etc, etc. I can go on and on. By, the way if you want to use the restroom while you are at church guess what, it cost money to pay for the toilet tissue, the soap, hand towels, etc It’s so interesting how people always say Pastors just want money but they always expect the church to take care of every need. It takes money to do that, that’s why Pastors request money. It’s also always the ones who do not give that expect the most and who are probably the first in line seeking assistance from a church when in need.

      • Anonymous, out of All the comments on here, you could not have said it any better! Mostly everyone else was judging Tyler/T.D or each other , but you brought up the FACTS.

        • Let’s not leave out the facts that it also takes money to pay for the reverend’s lights, toilets, soap, seats, tissue, hand towels, suits, home(s) wife’s clothes, kids tuition…. Since we’re stating facts,

    • Most sensable post so far. This mega fest mess and the majority of these events are nothing more than fashion shows and religious entertainment. Lord have mercy on us all.

  20. Anybody would catch the Holy Ghost if someone wrote them a check for 1 million dollars lol :) It would have been more real if Tyler Perry gave the money to a non profit agency or shelter. TD Jake Ministries is worth millions of dollars. Give to a organization in need.

  21. I saw this last night and it´s so fake! How cutoffs anyone see this and believe any of it. If we go by what the black church says TP isnt “qualified” to lady hands because he´s a cross dressing, smoking, cursing actor. You can´t have it both ways. Chile bye!

  22. Who knows !!…Maybe the man IS operating in his gift…Like you said Rachelle, Tooooo many televangelist use the gifts of God and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit to put on a show…But it certainly is not for us to judge…THAT´S GOD´S DEPARTMENT !!!

  23. Tyler Perry this, Bishop Jakes that, Jacob was a cheater; Peter had a temper; David had an affair; Noah got drunk; Jonah ran from God; Paul was a murderer; Gideon was insecure; Miriam was a gossiper; Martha was a worrier; Thomas was a doubter; Sara was impatient; Elijah was moody; Moses stuttered; Zaccheus was short; Abraham was old and Lazarus was dead.Now,what’s YOUR excuse? Can God use you or not? Remember, God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called!

    • This is about the only comment on here I totally agree with. I think it’s a great waste of time and effort to care about this situation. Your opinion is not going to change what happend. Funky Dineva knew what he was doing by posting this and he will get paid for his opinion and the rest of us will not. We are giving it away for free. So who is really stupid. Not Tyler, Bishop Jakes, or Dineva.

  24. I believe Tyler Perry was obedient to God, which is why he continues to get blessed. I can see why you would question T D Jakes because there is quite a bit of theatrics in the church as a whole not just the black church.

  25. This is soo disgusting. These #profits. Tyler knew the spirit didnt give him utterance. Td fakes shud be ashamed of himself. I wish these religious poor ass fanatics ppl wake up. U livin below the poverty line. Yet ur pastor u made a mega millionaire dnt give a damn 2 give u a cent. Church bigger than a stadium yet them members livin in a 2×4 room smh.

  26. Why so judgmental if you focus on the negative that is all you will see. the power of the holy spirit is so unknown don’t ever shut out how his grace, mercy, love, and power will change, work out, fix, Your Life!

  27. I blv TP, God called every kind of person and before King James re-wrote the bible there were probably gay servants in the O/G bible…anyhoo TP gives openly and quietly, but he gives a lot and to a lot. He was in a setting where his testimony tied n2 God’s favor/plan. I don’t blv he prayed over & layed hands on TD for TD to pull the seizure “I gots tha spiroot” move….that was all TD. I’m over the church as well, but love me some JESUS so I totally understand FD point abt the theatrics toward the end.

  28. Many of you have the wrong idea. So many of you are fools. If Tyler wants to give a million which is small change to him then let him get his blessing. His work is done. Now whatever Jakes does with it is on him. As far as the holy.ghost, I didn´t see that part. Jakes may have heard the words Tyler said and something came over him, but certainly he just felt the spirit move. Nothing more nothing less. Even I felt it. It was a good message whether it was staged or not. Recieve what God has for you and keep it moving. Do not hinder yourself with anyone else and their antics if that is indeed what we just saw.

  29. I have to disagree with you on this one. If he wasn’t doing anything for the people who put him in this position it would be a whole other post. He gives back and he does it because that’s what God wants him to do. You seeming like the hater he preaching about on this one Dineva…Still love you though.

  30. I don’t like talking about preachers. Okay, this story really hits close to home for me, because I remember my mom having him do revivals at our church for the annual anniversary. After Noel Jones became pastor of our church, he had Jakes come do revivals; however, they had to rent a larger church do to the anticipated crowd. I never will forget that Bishop Jones, who was not a bishop yet, told the church that if they all gave $5.00 on the night that Jakes was coming, it will cover the cost of having him. The church was packed, T.D. Jakes comes out and preaches some Bible story that we learned as children-I can’t remember now-and the folks was screaming and falling out. Now, I am used to all this, because I am from a Pentecostal church, but I was not used to the way the crowd reacted to a simple Bible story. It was 1996, and at the end of the service, he said that he wanted to pray a prosperity prayer and to plant that seed, get $19.96 in your hand and bring it to the alter. I was so outdone by these foolish folks thinking that you have to pay for prayer or pay for a blessing. I went to sit in the car. Well to my surprise, they raked in the dough, those deacons were escorted to a waiting van with armed undercover security-I knew them, so they weren’t undercover to me. That was my last time going to hear Bishop T.D. Jakes. I only hope that Tyler was under the anointing, because laying hands ain’t nothing to play with. I’m shocked at him and Oprah. Do you think that he gave that money, because he is in business with Oprah now? Okay, don’t come get me Illuminati.

  31. Omg…I was thinking the same thing when I saw this. I said it was foolishness and I was waiting for those church ppl to say something because I was going to war. I cant stand these fake religions.

  32. I´m not sure how this is playing with God and how any of us are in a position to judge someone´s motives… If The Lord led him to give and he answered that call who are we to say he is dramatic or fake! We are truly living in our last days

  33. I think tyler was sincere but don’t know about tjakes, confirmation on things can be powerful, but then again who are we to judge. If jakes not being real then he’s going toned some serious air conditioning. sad though cause black folks always get excited about money even when it not there’s

  34. Ummm @ Ariel W. the live stream is posted. If u click on the link and then scroll down a tad, you´ll see it´s there. Js

  35. Okay this was a bit to damn far Miss Perry! I could not believe they pulled this shyt and I feel so sorry for the poor fella behind Bishop because he had to be appointed to catch him when they tried to goup us I hope he got a good cut of the million dollars..RE-DAMN-DICULOS!!!! Dineva you need to call Nessa girl!

  36. Quite as it´s kept, it´s a few things I don´t play around with and Allah is one of them.

    Most churches accept the kids only because they pay tides and keep the collect plate in nonstruggle status.

    Don´t know if that´s the case here not my place to Judge or Justify another man´s heart and spirit in that.

    LAYING OF THE HANDS HOLDS NO POSITION…God can use any vessel…ask Saul…Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership. Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. – 1 Tim. 4:14-15 ….Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. – 2Tim.1:6….
    God doesn´t call the equipped; He equips the called.” …

    read the word until you know the word…God used a murdeerr to lead 1000s to Christ…those that were once blind can see, no matter what road you travel down…read the word until you become the word!!!!!ignorance is a choice….dont talk about it read it…
    Lastly…Christian people/people in general really annoy me sometimes when they talk out the sides of there face about things they really know NOTHING about…
    Everyone in a tissy because Tyler Perry donated 1,113.000${ watch the entire service} dont get it twisted if you dont know ask someone…the Pottershouse of Dallas was founded almost 17years..the new building which was purchased for 45million was paid off in 3 years…The money that Mr. Perry donated will be used to build a state of the art facility for the youth…
    Just because a Pastor is on television and has a MEGA CHURCH does not make him a false prophet or thieve…just because someone that is seen in the world doesnt make him of the world…STOP JUDGING!!!
    HEY Pastor, minister, apostle….all the one´s still trying to form a congregation consider the fact that you too one day will lead 1000s of people to CHRIST…be it by television, internet as long as GOD GETS THE GLORY its a BLESSING!!!
    Most complain about giving tithe because they dont want too…truth be told if you give to God from the heart and the monies are misused its not on you…you did your duty….GOD REVEALS!!!Just like those that worry where the money goes…God know you dont pay!!!!!

    • I was there. I do not believe in hustling Jesus. That was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw. The service exploded. Bishop Jakes said I need a minute to process this. Dr. Jazz asked for a million to a $100. She said don’t be mad if you ain’t got it I ain’t talking to you. Now he can donate to a tax deductible ministry and get criticized but others can make it rain on women that need that money for counseling.

    • I agree! People think you “catch” the Holy Ghost. Ppl may see the outer workings of the Holy Ghost- meaning: ppl crying, moving, or dancing around. Those r some of the things ppl do when their emotions are involved. I grew up in church. I’ve seen ppl who were drunk in the spirit after having hands laid on them. God can do some stuff but we are so limited in our thinking. (getting out of zone) Ppl say lots of things out of ignorance. They don’t pick up their bibles and they don’t read. You can’t be “spiritual” without the word of God. As quiet as it kept, a lot of folks who call themselves christians are worldly (carnal) anyway. We all need to read more so we can become spiritual. Some ppl may have had bad experience(s) with “church folks” & transfer those feelings to God and anything regarding Him. If people are doing BIG things for God are false prophets, then who is Jesus coming back for??? Is God a little or a BIG GOD? God knows we are not perfect & if we read we would know that bc we are not, we shouldn’t use that as an excuse to sin. And besides, some ppl aren’t used to church services like this either so they automatically think its too much or not real b/c they don’t understand it. If we all have our OWN personal experience w/ God, we would think differently…We shouldn’t critize stuff we don’t understand about the bible (spiritual) or what people do. I’m not saying be a fool either!!! But SOME things you can judge if know enough of the word…I don’t understand it all either. And nobody else does b/c the word says we only know part of it….

  38. …buuut how yall know that he didn´t “catch the holy ghost” or that this wasn´t real? Did any of you watch the live stream or are you only judging from this ONE photo that´s been circulating on every media outlet? Folks claim Tyler Perry isn´t “qualified” to lay hands…are any of you “qualified” to say this is real or not?! Oh.

  39. The Bible states that when your anointed by God …it doesn´t matter if your a bum on the street you will have the ability lay hands on anyone!!! Humans have to be careful trying to figure out God´s spoken words to another person…when you judge what God has asked another to do…you open up the door for the enemy to destruct your life….I know ministers can be fake..but let God judge their motives….Money isn´t everything…but your motives behind what your doing is everything…..

  40. but catch these teas..notice bishop jakes stood firm..feet firmly planted when tyler laid hands..bishop jakes was NOT moved by those hands.lol he stood there tryna shake as if tyler really did somethin

  41. That was not the case. I was there and you´d only understand if you were there and at mega fest. its all kicks and giggles i guess, but while some think its funny. I support the ministry the money went to the youth ministry and to help better them.

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