Uncle Sam Is Moving Into ‘Chateau Sheree’ – Tax Liens, Lawsuits, and SHADE

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Lord somebody please help this woman. Poor Sheree Whitfield cant catch a break to save her life. After years of divorce court fees, legal woes, unemployment, repossessions and other embarrassments, Uncle Sam has decided to take up residence in Chateau Sherree’. Why won’t y’all just leave this woman alone. Catch these T’s.


So apparently Sheree has failed to pay income taxes on her income between the years of 2009-2010. According to StraightFromTheA Sheree owes in excess of 40k and Uncle Same is not having it. The IRS has put a nasty lien on Sheree’s assets.

According to TMZ:

tumblr_m2kerpIsCr1r7r1l7o1_250Sheree Whitfield is in hot demand … at least her bank account is … because the IRS says the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star owes them over $40,000 in back taxes.

According to docs, Uncle Sam filed a tax lien against Sheree in Georgia for unpaid taxes in the years 2009 and 2010 to the tune of $41,752.83.

The feds aren’t only ones after her bank account. As TMZ first reported, Sheree was recently ordered by a judge to fork over $119,000 to her former divorce lawyers, for an unpaid legal tab. Bills, bills, bills … someone’s gotta pay ‘em.

Chile… Perhaps Bob Whitfield can help her out….
I think i will take another trip out to Chateau Sheree later today and record my findings on video.

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67 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Is Moving Into ‘Chateau Sheree’ – Tax Liens, Lawsuits, and SHADE

  1. It really is a must to remain humble grounded an sane in life. Living large may seem alluring but it’s never enough if you attach to much self worth or identity to how much money you have an your material possessions. Sheree is certainly not alone , many folks come into money but are just not savvy enough or void of common sense an piss away all they’re money trying to live larger.

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  4. Was just watching old episodes of Season 1. She was balling out of control throwing catch phrases around like “budget? what is that?”. She should have been smarter with Bob’s money and the money she was stealing from everyone else. She need to go the Marlo route and sell her cooch to the highest bidder because she isnt doing anything with her self that she can afford the lifestyle she wants. No one is checking for her personal training services and she has burned bridges with the gays of ATL, so need to whore herself out like Kim and Marlo

  5. Sheree became starstruck with her own star and let that show go to her head. She was then fired and lost her income and her grandiose ideas went to pot. I feel for her children. My hope is that her son becomes a great basketball player and enters the NBA one day. She will then be able to build Chateau Sheree and stick it to Bob. She is a mess with a misguided attitude, but I believe it’s because she never had anything before and let that “temporary” go to her head. Lesson learned.

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  7. I don’t care for sheree but I don’t jump for.joy.over someones misfortunes. Its kinda sad to me. And its weird people still.keeping up with her finances when she isn’t on tv anymore.

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  9. Yes Gawd, you are a hot hilarious mess…and I love you!!!! Wow let’s us pray for her & not pass judgement

  10. lol you know what, she has a very nasty attitude and needs to check is this why this happening.

  11. Frederick she’s the type of person that $75000 will not b enough for be cuz she would just buy a couple purses n shoes for that money instead of saving it or putting to good use smh

  12. Bitch I am dead to da bed hunty!! I just watched your video report from Chateau Sheree. I love you dineva!! “Nessa girl I don’t even know if this is good wood”–call the funeral home! I’m dead!! Lmao

  13. i thought she said that Chateau Sheree was in her mom’s name on one episode or the reunion or something..??

  14. Her ex husband aint shit. Unless he broker than her else really needs to help her out. I hope she do owe Phedra. Bravo throw homegirl a bone that show is bottom scraping anyway.

  15. Mismanagement of her money got her to this point, but it’s sad that all of her misfortunes are put on display for the whole world to see. I never liked her attitude, but damn I feel sad for her.

  16. This woman will Neva learn I mean she doesn’t work but she wants to live the lifestyle of a millionaire just dumb

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