Usher & Tameka Wasting The Court’s Time Again. This Time Usher Signed Son Up For Football Without Tameka’s Approval

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Let me tell y’all something, Usher & Tameka’s asses get on my last damn nerve with all this damn court drama. Like seriously, the next time they go to court, it needs to be for a marriage license. Those two need to get married, lock themselves in a mansion somewhere, and drive each other crazy until they are old and gray. I’m sorry, there should be a limit on how many times you can go to court surrounding the same issues before your ass is thrown in jail. The sad part is, I really feel like it is Usher that is keeping the sh!t going. ughh he is such a drama queen. A rich little boy with too much time and money on his hands. Damn, just play fair and toying around with the lady and her children. Whew…. Now that I am done ranting, on to the story.

Undeniably, Usher & Tameka’s sons have got to be the most loved little boys on the planet. They’ve got two parents that are fighting tooth and nail for them. Or do they have two parents that are using them as pawns in a human game of chess? Either way, Tameka has recently filed court papers on Usher citing that he does whatever the hell he wants to do with the kids without any regard to her opinion and they are supposed to be co-parenting the boys. She now wants Usher punished. See what else she alleges Usher has done

The problem …  she says … back in July, Usher stormed out of a co-parenting class they were ordered to attend … and he hasn’t been back since.  She says she’s begged him to return — but so far, he’s just ignored her.

Usher has primary custody of their two sons … but she says he’s supposed to make important family decisions with her — especially decisions about  schooling, travel and activities.

Tameka says … he’s shut her out.  She never knows where he takes the twins or what he’s doing with them.   She’s especially pissed that he signed up one of the boys for football practice — without her approval.

She wants a judge to hold Usher in contempt and order him to be a better co-parent. ~TMZ

Whats sick and twisted about this is that most time women are in family court soliciting the court’s help to get the father of the children to step up and be a parent. In this instance, the father is parenting too much. Isn’t it ironic…

What are we going to do with these two? Should they get back together?

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94 thoughts on “Usher & Tameka Wasting The Court’s Time Again. This Time Usher Signed Son Up For Football Without Tameka’s Approval

  1. I’m confused. How do you file contempt of court regarding information that you claim that you didn’t know about?

  2. If they were still together her ass wouldnt give a damn about the lil boy playing football so why the hell he need her permission she just want some damn attention smh

  3. oh its the courts fault he didn´t abide by the rules foh usher already said he wasn´t a gd husband and he wasn´t ready so plz say. As for her other kids. the father wanted them to have a full time mom because she travels a lot. So i thought that was remarkable. Now that´s sacrificing.

  4. Football, really? What father does not want to enroll his child in football. That is so dang petty. Now if he actually started playing games and she wasn’t invited, then i could see the problem but dang..

  5. I am lost at how this is Usher’s fault? Even the judge in the last issue had to shake his head at TAmeka. Tameka is the one who is filing all these court cases and Usher has to show up. Usher has the custody, so he can do some things without going through her every time, just like any other parent with the custody. Does Tameka give this much drama to her other baby daddy, you know the one Kyle was with when he died?

    • I totally agree, seems like she just wants to know everything thing Usher is doing. There is no way in hell I would b telling my kids father everything all the time. That is too much and too expensive.

  6. I’ve noticed that your article is based on a lot of (she said) what Tameka said. How do we know that these allegations are true and if the allegation are true who is the real trouble make. Is it Usher being a vindictive brick or a concerned dad or Tameka acting bat sh!t crazy, she did lose custody for a reason. Either way the kids lose and that’s what’s truly sad.

  7. At some point she will get a life. I never understood why a person would put everything that is important on the back burner to pay attention to the must craziest things. Omg! Please Lord wrap Tameka in your arms and let her know that it is ok to let go and live. Her sons know that they have her love and Usher has their best interest at heart just as well as she does.

  8. Thats one ugly bitch Iwouldnt wanna see her either..this is just dialogue for that show..Ushe aain’t pressed for her ass

    • Usher ain’t gonna let this woman include his children in no ghetto ass reality show where her storyline will be to bash him all season. She needs to just disappear for a little while, go do some soul searching and stay out the clubs and parties all the damn time. I’m sorry but a woman who allows her children to be taken from her makes me question her character and her motives for wanting them back. All that temper, attitude and bitterness women sometimes have for their ex’s gets the best of them and people don’t just take it as “my crazy baby mama”. The court sees this as mentally ill and incapable of parenting with rational thinking capabilities. Stop trying to be “that chic” and using violence to get your points across and learn to communicate without fighting and cursing ladies, especially “my people”

  9. People keep saying them. It´s not them. it´s Tameka wasting the courts time for something that could have been handled with a phone call. Somewhere Usher´s mother is saying I told you so. Oh, Usher got many hits, best believe if he dropped an album today, more than likely 40% of the songs will be hits.

  10. Omg really if they were still married the father wouldn´t tell the mother until they sign him up she I very spiteful now. Her and dewaynes ex need to sit down before they never get custody again.

  11. I think I´m one of the few people that actually feels bad for tameka. She´s already lost a child to tragic accident and then she has to kiss Ushers ass just to see her kids or know what they are involved in. She should of been told that her son was getting into football… She´s is mother ! Maybe she would like to go to his games.. Usher keeps her out the loop! When that little boy damn near drowned. Usher didn´t call her immediately he waited a hour ! The judge even told him that wasn´t right.. Also when usher is out of town he lives the boys with in-laws instead of calling their mother. The judge also told him that wasn´t right. So Usher isn´t as squeaky clean and y´all think.

    • I hurt for her but I don’t feel sorry her. I hurt because as a mother, I know what it is to just want your children around you all the time and though they may get on your nerve, you may spend time trying to get away, etc, when they are not in your reach and you don’t know, it is heartbreaking but I don’t feel sorry for her because she has brought alot of this on herself. The only people I feel sorry for are the children.

  12. I think it is more so her then him they have two boys so he is suppose to say can the kids play sports. I mean everything he does he has to call her no two parents who co-parent does that please. She is upset he has custody that what the problem is. Does she think taking him back and forth to court is going to get him to be civil with her.

  13. I think that both of them need to be ordered into mediation and if that does not resolve it then they need family therapy. The only way that co- parenting will work is if they communicate and respect each other. They have at least fifteen years to deal with each other so they better learn how to cooperate now before the courts turn those babies over to defacs

  14. This is what happens when you do not communicate. What Usher needs to understand, and by the looks and sounds of it some of you posters as well, is that he chose HER! Therefore, whether Usher wants to or not he CAN NOT makes decisions (big or small) WITHOUT consulting Tameka. Granted this football decision may be small in your eyes, and many of you believe she is being petty, unreasonable, or mean; however, the point is Tameka MUST be consulted before he does ANYTHING with THEIR children. Those children are not HIS children or HER children those little boys are THEIR children; so, it doesn’t matter who has custody, and in this case Usher; he STILL needs to consult her on things or programs he wants the boys to participate.

    Now, for football, she is NOT — I repeat she is NOT the only mother famous, or not, who DOES NOT like football, there is a many of mothers who do not want her sons to play the sport. Many mothers consider the sport to be too dangerous and may cause permanent damage. I may not want my son to play; but I sure know I am going to part of the discussion to allow it. This may be a small matter; but, I see Tameka point, she doesn’t want Usher to get into the habit of making decisions and NOT consulting her.

    It’s not that I picking sides (unlike many of you); it about right. I like Usher and I do believe he made a mistake in marrying Tameka; but, it too late now, this is a choice that USHER made and no one force him to marry her; as a matter of fact people begged and pleaded with him to reconsider his choice; but, he did not want too; now he has to live (for the rest of his life) with the decision to not only marry Tameka; but, to have children with her.

    • She needs to move on with her life. The fact is that is the point of him having primary custody. He can make some decisions on his own. He just has to notify her of the decision. I don’t get her getting upset over football. Her older son plays football. She would post pictures everytime he had a game. She is being petty. She needs to deal with her life from where she is at. Not even married people discuss everything concerning the children before it is done. Sometime one person make the choice and notify the other person. She needs to accept her role as not having primary custody. They are co=parents but he has primary custody and he is the primary decision maker.

  15. He doesn´t need her approval. He´s a man. He´s signing up for football, not cheerleading. What does she know about football? I bet nothing. Probably doesn´t know the job of a quarterback. Smh

  16. I´m trying to wrap my head around why she´s so pissed he signed the child up for football. Talk about petty she needs to be getting her football mom on and be the team mom.

  17. The bitch is sandwich short of a picnic! Clearly she is not over him on top of having mental chairs..they have places for folks like her..Usher better be careful this trick is a candidate for that show SNAPPED

  18. Stop it Tameka!!! Let that man be a Dad!! If you two we’re still together you would’ve batted an idea! You would’ve thought great idea!! Stupidity is your game & you insist he play this game with you!! Leave them be. You don’t need or have to know every move that he makes with the boys. But I guess negative attention is better than no attention.

  19. I feel bad for the kids! Children pick up on the negative vibes and hostility. Both of them need to figure it out. All this pettiness can’t be good for them. I coparent with my ex…we dont always agree but I include him in important things like health and school. He should have consulted her but all this court business is ridiculous. Too much money spent on lawyers if you ask me…

  20. Asia?????? you don´t have to be a FAN to agree with something. This isn´t about who cheated 1st , 2nd or 3rd it is about the kids and what is best for them. I am glad shit like this goes to court IF it was up to the public both of them would be doomed. IF USHER GOT caught driving over the speed limit ..his non- fans would say ” that´s good for his ass he cheated” LOLOL

  21. Yall dumb as hell. Who gives a fuck wut the court says. Those are their kids, Usher has custody, the boy obviously “wants” to play football, damn sign him up. Tameka needs to have several _/ _/ _/ _/s…… Damn what she want the boy to do design dresses and shit. This is proving how mentally dysfunctional this chick is to keep going to court bout shit thinking she gone get these kids back.

  22. *pause*

    Sounds like someone else on this thread is bitter! I might need to pull Usher´s credentials because though you´re not hearing his voice on radio doesn´t mean he´s not making hits! Some of your favorite songs are written by Usher!

  23. Asia, she cheated on her first husband and left him, also Usher cheated on Chili with her… one word KARMA… this chick is an attention whore, instead of running to court pick up the phone COMMUNICATE…

  24. just give that girl her kids bacc and sit ur none hit making ass down somewhere. These usher fans are bout as worse as the chris brown fans. HE CHEATED ON HER WITH DIFFERENT WOMEN even her bridesmaid wasn´t off limits and ppl go for her foh. Ppl act like he met her at the wic office or signing up for sec.8 this women been making money dresses celebrities. Chilli or whatever that girl name is he cheated on her too smh only reason he got those boyz is because of who he is just like Dwyane Wade. He got the kid almost kills one bc he out doing NOTHING isn´t making no gd music i mean wth. As for his mother maybe if she went and found some dicc she can stay of HIS BUSINESS damn…….

  25. This is the dumbest thing I EVER heard. Some women quick to complain that the man isn´t doing “enough”. Now he is supposedly doing “too much”. She is only crying out for attention and wants someone to feel sorry for her. She needs to realize he is looking out for the best interest of the child NOT her. She really has too much time and energy on her hands.

  26. Really. Tameka needs to stop. Stop trying to run everything. Stop trying to control Usher. She would´ve signed them up for football if she had them, so I see no problem with him doing it.

  27. what a shame! seems like tameka will nitpick until she finds a judge to rule in her favor on something. it´s a shame, but this is the litigious world we live in. family courts seem to entertain the bs more and more these days! cha-ching!

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