[VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2, ep 1 (can’t watch on mobile device)

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Now y’all know I love me some crazy ass Jackie Chrtisti. I am so glad that Basketball Wives L.A. is BACK. Last season was a bit dry at times, and there was a whole lot of volatility in the cast. I can tell from the promo and from the new members of the cast that the show has found its groove. I am definitely looking forward to reviewing each and every episode of this show. Check out the first 8 minutes of Episode 1.

Although Jackie may have brought much of the mess she is experiencing on herself, it always makes me sad when one person is ganged up. I look forward to Jackie redeeming herself and reclaiming her place at the helm of this show. FYI, the only other person I can’t stand equally as much as Jennifer Hudson is Gloria Govan. She thinks she is so bad, and so fly, CHILE CHEESE.

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5 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2, ep 1 (can’t watch on mobile device)

  1. I think Jackie is crazy as hell and delusional for real! But I actually like BBWLA!! Didn’t like Drea at first but I think she’s smarter than we thought! Never liked Gloria, I think she just fake and what’s the point of being secretive while on a reality show!! As for the rest of the cast…. Who r they really?!?! But I will be tuned in!!

  2. Jackie Chrtisti and her crazy ass give me life. As quiet as its kept she is the real show… Damn I said it. She should have her own show. Anyway I hope this season is have decent because until the ghetto ass turns (love and hip hop atlanta) I’m going to need a drama/soap fix.


  3. Chile Cheese! Coming off of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, this show seems as dry yaki kanekalon and contrived as ever! Jackie is already delusional, and all of storylines obviously are unestablished and overused! They need to start giving people their walking papers. Have everyone hit the door other than Draya and (possibly) Malaysia, but only time will tell! We will see if they go in and let have, or just get got by low ratings!

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