[VIDEO] Gay Guys Beat Up Straight Dude In Waffle House For Dropping The F Bomb

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These so called straight boys are going to get enough of calling peoples children faggots. One thing is for certain, these boys just me be faggots but they ain’t no punks. Take a look the beat down that took place in the Waffle House when one straight patron decided to drop the F bomb.

[VIDEO] Gay College Football Player, Kicked Off Team For Kissing Boyfriend

The gay agenda is the modern day Civil Right Movement and folks if you don’t know by now the word “faggot” being hurled at a gay person by a straight person is to be equated with a white person calling a black person “nigger”.

This night, buddy got more than his eggs scrambled…


Should they have beat him up for the disrespect?

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13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Gay Guys Beat Up Straight Dude In Waffle House For Dropping The F Bomb

  1. I would advise the guy that got the beat down in the future to “Yeild to gross tonnage”. I dont think he paid much attention to his odds. Not smart.

    • Okay, top shottas in leggings I see you! They was tagging that ass… (no pun intended) fighting like we did when we were little girls, got to windmilling on that ass, got em’ on the drop! :O I’m wit it. Good for him.

  2. i dont think he got jumped for dropping the f bomb. it looks like he was bickering with a female. they exchanged hits and then her friends whooped his ass. one dude at the end said something about hitting a female. either way, that was uncalled for. the whole situation.

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