[VIDEO] Interview, My Hair Is Layed Like Mona Scott-Young In Her Hey Day

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In this final installment of our Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion coverage from our very special correspondent, Funky Dineva, we got a very special interview with the show’s creator and producer, Mona Scott-Young. As always, Mona was honest and didn’t shy away from the tough questions about whether or not Joseline is a man (“No, she is not a man, dammit!”), her thoughts on Stevie J‘s naked TwitPic (“Wow.”) and what she thinks of Momma Dee (“She’s unpredictable. You never know what she’s gonna say or do…Momma Dee’s crazy, we love her.”) ~VH1 Blog

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7 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Interview, My Hair Is Layed Like Mona Scott-Young In Her Hey Day

  1. Didnt Mona Scott Young manage Missy Elliott. I remember her walking on stage at some award show with a Baby Pack on her back! This was years ago. She was fat as hell and looked at hot ass mess! She upgraded herself well!

  2. lol I like Funky Dineva b/c she’s not trying to hurt people….she takes a comedic route. Some of these other blogger/vloggers are always trying to get a reaction out of celebs.

  3. You betta claim your chair! YES GAWWWWD you should’ve been hosting that reunion show because Mona was not asking the questions for da people. You represent the people and the people wanna know!

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