[VIDEO] LaTocha Scott (big gurl from Xscape) ~ “The Greatest Love Of All” (Whitney Houston Tribute)

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Y’all remember LaTocha Scott, Big Gurl From Xscape. I am so glad to see she is trying to put her left foot back in the game now. I’ve been following mama since I first heard she was working on an album and getting ready to give us some new music. I have always loved her voice. I grew up listening to Xscape so to hear her now singing again is literally music to my ears. 

Last week LaTocha and a few other R&B greats where at BB Kings in New York singing to the GAWDS in the name of charity. LaTocha actually sang the one Whitney Houston song that I can’t stand the most, but the song selection was fitting for the cause. Big Kidz Foundation “Champion of the Arts” was the cause, so in this instance I guess the children truly are our future.

Now you know there are unspoken rules about singing Whitney Houston Songs. If you can’t, DON’T. LaTocha’s rendition was fitting. Moreover, watching this video made me realize the the world has truly missed out on her talent for some years now. My mind instantly wandered to the countless award shows and tributes that have taken place over the last ten year. My GAWD, LaTocha should have been up there with your Tamia’s, Ledisi’s, Marsha’s, Fantasia’s, etc. This music industry is something else. Glad to see mama is truly trying to make a comeback. One thing is for certain, talent doesn’t lie, people do… GO IN AND LET HAVE LATOCHA!

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8 thoughts on “[VIDEO] LaTocha Scott (big gurl from Xscape) ~ “The Greatest Love Of All” (Whitney Houston Tribute)

  1. Ms. LaTocha is going ALL THE WAY IN on this!!!! She gon hand out some pink slips and seats in the R&B world!!! YES GAWD, HUNTY!!!!

  2. I want to see YOU do a duet with her for the next video interview. OMG I was showing my friend (who is hooked on you now for life)that interview you did with Momma Dee and she started crying. Your body language was priceless then your response of calling her crazy had me rolling. My homegirl calls your videos her Rainbow Crack.

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