[VIDEO] NEW MUSIC – Keyshia Cole NO LOVE ft. Lil Wayne

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Just like the Cowardly lion that she tends to resemble, Keyshia Cole has found her roar. I’m loving her new video that she just dropped for her new single No Love ft. Lil Wayne. I’ve always felt that much of Keyshia’s mainstream success was tied directly to her previous reality show.  As far as I am concerned, the verdict is still out on rather or not Keyshia Cole can really sang. Some of her stuff has been real hit or miss.  Though I must say, Keyshia and her team really came with it on this one. 

After taking time off to get married, have a baby, and just tend to her personal life, I am sure Keyshia worked hard under the pressure of knowing that she was going to have to come with it. In a musical climate where a sultry voice and a sob story will no longer suffice, Keyshia and her peeps switch things up a little bit. Get into Keyshia’s fashions. Get into Keyshia’s choreographed dance routine. Most of all, get into Keyshia’s hair! Yes GAWD!



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4 thoughts on “[VIDEO] NEW MUSIC – Keyshia Cole NO LOVE ft. Lil Wayne

  1. She has no consistency as an artist-Like you said hit and miss. I am not spending my money buying an album of hers for me to enjoy less than half of it, that’s why we have itunes. Lil Wayne feature probably took most of her budget. Since he is on it she will definitely get airplay. She has a voice but I saw her perform live twice and both time I was not impressed.

  2. Keyshia needs to give her stylist, choregrapher, and hair sylist a damn bonus cause they did that….I’m so happy Keyshia got some rhythm Chile she use to dance like her white? Mexican? Italian?…Hell her non black side and it was tired. She done tuned up those skills though.

    • I need to wipe my glasses and clean my screen because as far as her look is concerned I disagree. “She did that” chile she need to do it again.

  3. Im not feeling the video or the pitch she’s singing in.Where’s her stylist,hair,and makeup team SMH Keisha you have to come better than this.

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