[VIDEO] New Music – Lil Scrappy “NO LOVE” Ft. Tocarra

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Yes GAWD Lil Scrapy

Now i like this song right here. Way to go Scappy. You better use this platform as a way to reclaim your position as The Prince of the South.

When all else fails, plug in an auto-tune machine and invoke your inner Lil Wayne. Thats exactly what this song sounds like. Hey, the formula works for the whole Young Money camp, why not try it out amongst others in the industry?

As much as I would like to find a reason to go in on Scrappy for this song, I can’t. The song is actually pretty good. I will say this, they insisted the help of some new chick named Tocarra when quiet as its kept, Ciara could have sung all her parts. Ciara is shopping and carry on in L.A. and missing her blessing in ATL. 

Last I knew, Scrappy was just as independent as Rasheeda, so why does Scrappy’s video look so much better than hers? Shade….

             [LISTEN] New Music – Rasheeda ~ MARRY ME


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15 thoughts on “[VIDEO] New Music – Lil Scrappy “NO LOVE” Ft. Tocarra

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  2. I like the song. Tocarra has a nice voice. Ciara time is over. She could have been big but she was too busy shopping and feeling herself at one point. Once she burned a major bridge in the wrong way, her stock went down because quiet as it kept no one is going to really back her up with out crossing him.

  3. I love the song. Yes I noticed the couch and bed too. I must say the director did a good job by using a large amount of tight and blurred shots which works for this video.

  4. Cabinets is BARE. No food, no dishes, no nuthin! But Scrap got 3+ cars parked in the driveway. I can’t with this video. Like the song though!

  5. As low budget as this video is it’s still better than Rasheeda’s. Yes that is the couch Erica gave him on Ep 6, that is his kitchen counter top (in his new rental), and that is the same bed in his room (when he was sick and momma Dee was crawlin all up in to get some suga). The song cool, but Scrappy need to grow the hell up and be a man. That girl (Erica) shouldn’t have to ask you fa shyt if you being a real daddy!

  6. Hmmmm let me take a stab at it Dineva….. Could it be the class level. Rasheeda may not have as much “class” as Scrappy. “I can give ya a milliion dollars,its all about what you do with it” or something like that Mama Dee said. kmsl!!!!!

    • They both in the same boat to me she just speaks better English than him. She refers to herself willing as Boss Bitch-patting her cooch in her video putting out the message that if you put it on him right you will get a ring. Yeah so not true ladies because if that was the case there would be a lot more husbands running around here and not so many baby daddies.

  7. Is it me, or is that Erica’s leather couch he is sitting on and is that Mama Dee’s counter top? Song is aight, btw – all proceeds go straight to Erica and Imani. Lmao

  8. But i wonder if he was confirming the rumor that after he found out about diamond and soulja boy ,she sent soulja boy to scrappy house to get her shit……….hmmmmm

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