[VIDEO] Rasheeda & Kandi Burruss Want Men To Spread Their “LEGS TO THE MOON”

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Let me be the first to say that Rasheeda has FINALLY put out a piece of music that I actually kind of like and a music video that does not look like it was filmed with an Iphone or involve her patting her coochie. Let it be known, I”m from Miami, I went to College in Tallahassee, and until I moved to Atlanta, I had NEVER heard of Rasheeda. I’ll also take it a step Further and say when I finally did here a few pieces of Rasheeda’s Music, i was not thoroughly impressed. However, this song right here, I am loving it. Her and Kandi are giving ole 1990′s T’s and I am loving it. GET INTO IT.

 [LISTEN] New Music – Rasheeda ~ MARRY ME

It is my prediction that this video and this song, coupled with the success of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta just may give Rasheeda the exposure and the hit she needs to go mainstream. according to K. Michelle, the clock is ticking, so Team Rasheeda may want to really do their best to make the most of this moment in time.

I was shocked to see Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost serve as the leading guy in the video, but then again when you are on a budget and your husband is as fine as Kirk, you better call on his ass to stand in. Yes GAWD.

Get into the video and the song. Let me know what you think…


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43 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Rasheeda & Kandi Burruss Want Men To Spread Their “LEGS TO THE MOON”

  1. Omg. Am just looking at the comments it so true it suck ass i love me so funky.D but child please i heardthat shit and wanted to howl at the moon ok baby bye khadia baby no more songs with talentless people gurl it brings u down gurl keep it move away from her thristy ass tell her to go to her home boy the women beater and joi. Him on the cover of pro style gel. Looking a dam mess why the hell is he on gel funky D …yo childpiz follower

  2. OMG….make it stop. Why wont they just let it go , you are no longer making a musical contribution. Thank you and good bye

  3. I Love Rasheeda And Kandi. Even After They Reality Shows. I Think They Are The Two Baddest Chicks In Atlanta And I Love They Music And They Friendship. Im Tired Of People Judging Rasheeda Career Based On The K Michelle Incident. Ive Heard Many People Say They Like Rasheeda And She Goes Hard But After The Reunion Its “Oh She Cant Rap, She Too Old”. Ur Opinions Dont Matter. At The End Of The Day Both Kandi And Rasheeda Is Out There Getting That Money. #TeamRasheeda

  4. Now, Miss Dineva Ross, as much as I hearts Kandi and her music I’m not gonna be able to rollercoaster to “Legs to the Moon”. No Ma’am! Not because I don’t like the song, but because I am SO not feeling Rasheeda the BossBitch! Now, Dineva, catch this: I was a fan of Rasheeda’s until she dismissed K.Michelle’s domestic violence situation. Oh…no…Ma’am. Rasheeda was not there when Memp-hitz and K.Michelle were together, and he beat her. I totally understand that she is friends with Toya and Memp-hitz but how old is the Geaorgia Prune again? Yes, Gawd, too old to be trying to go HAM for Toya. Rasheeda has totally flip-flopped her branding and marketing all over a situation that had absolutely NOTHING to do with her. Yes, Rasheeda has a bigger platform now with LHHatl. However, by demeaning and humilating K.Michelle and ignoring that she is a VIICTIM of domestic violence-Rasheeda and any project she is attached to can vanish as in poof be gone. I’m rolling with K.Michelle. That is all. Love you Funky Dineva:)My hair is layed like Jayne Kennedy!!! Yes, Gawd!

    • I agree 100%. After Rasheeda said what she said about K. Michelle and her domestic violence situation I lost ALL respect for her and will NEVER support her music. She can fly the song “to the moon” … Oh, and my hair is laid like an electrocuted troll doll, hunty. I’ve been laid up in this bed all day enjoying my off day. Ain’t seen a comb yet!

  5. Kandi you sound great! I wouldnt trust Rasheed because her and her husband just trying make money anywhere! Only reason shes friend with you is because have what it takes to make her famous! Is Rasheed husband gay?

  6. Kandi you sound great! I wouldnt trust Rasheed because her and her husband just trying make money anywhere! Only reason shes friend with you is because have what it takes to make her famous!


  8. Kandi sounds great and the music is nice but GRAM-sheeda just can’t rap. The vid was hella cheap but GRAM-sheeda has no budget.. hell, she doesn’t even have a record deal so what am i saying.

  9. I know you signed to Kandi but this song was not “doing it”. Kandi sounds lovely but Rasheeda not so much. I would buy this song if she wasn’t on it or if it were Kandi’s song and she came in at the beginning or end. That way I could just cut her out from the song on my ipod. If Kandi can “afford to buy all ya’ll” and Rasheeda is a “Boss Bitch” than why can’t they spend any money on the product they are putting out?

    • **AGREE** why is “bossbitch” rocking GUCCI shoes from 4yrs ago??? & she is definitely lacking lyrically speaking…

  10. Now Dineva, I like kandi and all, I also think Rasheeda is cool too, but you must be on that kool-aid if think this song is good. I’m also looking at Rasheeda in a new light with that fake I wanna fight on the reunion show. Saw you there CONGRATS!!!!!!

  11. *sips tea* This sounds like a Kelly Rowland B-Side, but no shade though its a good riding cut for the streets, and no doubt my inner doo-doo momma could ride with this. . . BUT I’m not loving this video tho. . . Rasheeda and Kandi are just a LITTLE too “mature” too be frolicking poolside, and lying down . . . I woulda loved to see a little more classy looks perhaps instead of that silk bedroom number, maybe a lace bedroom piece, and a playful whip and some simple black Louboutins from Sheeda, and a classy 1950s Marilyn Monroe one piece with big floppy hat and shades from Kandi. . . you can still be the sex over 40 but keep it classy. <3 [PS. The hair game was a lil rough too]

  12. Another extremely low budget video that was probably partially filmed in kandi’s backyard, Rasheeda is too old for the bs she puts out, it’s obvious she’s not a real artist and doesn’t have real talent PLUS her voice is extremely irrating

  13. you do not like this song. no words for how awful her skills? no wait style?… no wait…flow?…damn is it rap? I don’t even know if you are allowed to use any of those words to describe what she is doing “trying” is what I will settle on, due to lack of a better word. Note to Kandi real friends tell their true friends the truth. I understand you and Kim were show friends but I thought you would be a better friend to Rasheeda I am assuming you did this for free in the name of friendship and you gave Kim a better freebie with Tardy for the Party…oh yeah you thought you were going to get paid.

  14. her style is wack not a hater but keeping it rweal….kandi made that song the beat is tight maybe another rapper will help!!

  15. Ummmmm yeah…this song is awful! I hate the way Rasheeda’s style of rap…UGH! She didn’t always rap in that style. She really need to get a clue..I’m all for living your dream but she need to WAKE up! Rasheeda maybe you can become a manager. Find you some talent (keyword TALENT) and become a manager because rapping is not for you Hunty! LOL!

  16. Really???? Rasheeda is how old??? Its much better than that waste of studio time called “Marry Me” but really??? Leave these types of songs to Kelly Rowland… She’s better at it than you. I was a Rasheeda fan (her verses on OTHER people tracks not her own) but after this season… I’ll pass. Same goes for Kandi after RHOA

  17. REALLY?? how old are these but that dont even matter. WHEN YOU ARE A CERTAIN AGE(AS BEING A WOMAN) YOU KNOW HOW TO MOVE AS A WOMAN (NATURALLY) not put on like your a school age girl. (Unless) thats what your going for and then young gurls dont switching positions and spreading legs to the moon. Sounds kind of biblical

  18. I give this a seven…. It was okay but I think legs to the moon is a little bit to muck Kandi’s verse at the end was way to much also. Nothing I would play but the girls was very pretty in the video

  19. The vid was buffering earlier so I didn’t hear it clearing and now that I have I wish I didn’t. This is GARAGE.com. Kandi should know better. She’s made hits before. Don’t do songs with friends when you know that its trash unless you are ripping them off for production money. Rasheeda also knows Memphiz beat that girls ass.

  20. Kandi is yet to get enough of helping her friends. This song is perfect for a 20 something crowd but when I see the almost 40 + crowd try to “tweak” such song, it’s a hint of shameful. Kandi is grounded in the music industry and should use her talents to catapult herself to a greater standard. Rasheeda is a pretty girl but the universe is clearly telling her that rapping is NOT her calling.

    Best of luck to them.

  21. Rasheeda is missing that play on words most rappers do. For someone who has been rapping almost half her life her word play should be much better. This song would not get play in my rotation. I’m a person all about the lyrics regardless of the beat. Kandi, has done great work. I hope this is not her work because it’s right up there with “the ring don’t mean a thing”.

  22. The song would be good if Rasheeda part is taken out and Kandi is just singing! Give it up Rasheeda not only are you wrong for telling K Michelle Memphitz did not beat her you are wrong for your part on this song!You are not going to be successful! Walmart is hiring! http://www.haterasheeda.com

    Who thinks Rasheeda has a change at being successful?

  23. a video dat doesn’t relate to the song, where is the men dem in di video..dont like RASHEEDA STYLE..she is FAKE AS HELL!!!!

  24. Wow. Dineva not you to. Please don’t take it easy on this garbage because you are employed by Kandi and that’s her ratchet ass BFF. Georgia Prune is a step-grandmother. She’s been in the game for over 12 years its time to give up this bubble gum rap bs.

  25. The song along with the video was good but however after seeing rasheeda last night has totally changed my veiw of her. I mean I understand her wanting to defend her friend but to dismiss k’ michele’s horrific abuse claim was wrong. Men sometimes hide who they really are and as and woman she should have been sensitive to the matter. This is going to rub alot of her fans the wrong way due to her completly defending some guy of whom isn’t man enough to apolygize for his actions. I believe k’ michele 100% and her story has never once changed….

  26. Yessss!!! Finally something worth listening to by Rasheeda! She should of put this out before Marry me! She did this!

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