IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap + Pt. 1 of Reunion Full Video [watch]

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tumblr_mdk4puujDX1qltqg1Bae-Bae, if you did not get the memo, this reunion was everything I needed and more. We all know that I don’t fancy Miss Kenya Moore, however, I must give her the ‘Did That” award because she showed up and showed out. Kenya Moore was not what you wanted this night. Armed with a fan that made the shadiest noise, every time Kenya would gut punch someone, she would sling it open and release a magical cloud of shade. I LIVED!

All the ladies looked remarkably nice, the gold medal goes to Cynthia Bailey and silver goes to Kandi. Surprisingly, the reunion got off to a very strong start considering the fact that their is 3 parts. Check out my hilarious video review of pt one of the reunion. Believe it or not, I was paying light homage to Kenya Moore. The spirit has kind of moved over me. No tea no shade, I think I might want to do a sit down interview with Kenya? Do y’all think she’ll do it? If you missed the reunion, the full episode is also included under the break…






Here are @Atliens of Straight From The A ‘s Notables:

tumblr_mkxbo2fMYH1r8s5bto1_400Cynthia Bailey clearly won best dressed for this year’s reunion with Kandi Burruss coming a close 2nd.

Kenya Moore and her red eyes… contacts do that sometimes.

Porsha taking up for her soon to be ex-husband Kordell Stewart.

Phaedra Parks read Kenya for the Gawds… calmly and without raising her voice.  Being 8 months pregnant, I’m sure she wasn’t trying to go there but she gave it just enough!

Nene Leakes, aka the queen bee of RHOA, sat on her throne and laughed at the battles between the other ladies. She also on occasion even seemed to put Andy Cohen in check.

There were quite a few digs taken at ex-housewife Sheree Whitfield… one in particular refereed to Porsha as a “trophy wife” who would “be dumped by 40 like Sheree Whitfield”.  [read the rest of @Atlien 's recap here]






Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 Reunion pt.1

I really want to know what you guys think about all of this. Spill it!

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82 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap + Pt. 1 of Reunion Full Video [watch]

  1. Kenya is the worst example of a role model ever. She is a lying, conniving, egotistical, paranoid, delusional, self-serving, self=centered, selfish woman who has zero regard for anyone else’s feelings. She is manipulative and controlling. People can say all they want about Porcha being less intelligent than most but she has done a great job trying to get her life back together after being humiliated by her divorce. Kenya is friends with no one because she knows nothing about what it means to put someone else first as well as listening to someone else. She is disgusting inside and out. She is cruel inside and out. She is an ugly person. Candi is a great role model. Kenya needs to leave the show now and never return. Good riddance!

  2. This is the best reunion of the Atlanta series; the women looked amazing and Kenya with her fan was hilarious. Kenya has made this season fun to watch, and no matter what your opinion of her, I don’t think the reunion would have been as exciting. I started working new hours at DISH, so I was not home when part one of the reunion for the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired. Good thing, my DISH Hopper was there to record this show for me. This DVR is the only one with the ability to record up to 2,000 hours of my favorite shows. It has given me the freedom to record the full season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the full seasons of my other favorite shows that air the same night.

    • Bitch shut up! Tryin to low-key promote a raggedy ass dish. ANyone with since has CABLE TV, dishes fuck up any time the wind blows *lol* or for no reason at all. I have a 3 story house WTF I look like trying to climb up there to adjust a fuckin satellite!? Everybody knows signing up for satellite TV is the alternative when you’ve fucked over the cable company & owe them money *lmaooooooo* so please stop promoting that bullshit

  3. @Marie: I agree. There’s a difference with getting “shut up” versus IGGIN’ a b!tch! Kenya has called her “dumb dumb” on the show. It’s said that there’s a thin line between “genius & insanity”, call Kenya ‘crazy’ all you want, but her intelligence can’t be denied! She’s self made! “265″ is Hosea & Kordell made! Now TWirL! :-)

    And you wanna know true craziness? Harming those that aren’t harming you. Watch the doc “Food Inc.”, that’s craZy! Making natural organic fare inorganic frankenfoods.

    The “Group Think” “Herd Mentality” is on FULL SWOLL. If it’s popular to dislike “this one,” or “that one” than that’s what the herd follow. Ugh. “Independent Thought” anyone?

    The Fan! That shit was original as ALL GET OUT! Truly an Aquarian trait. LOVE IT!!! I used to do it, but now I gotta stop, cause the herd will now assume that that’s a Kenya-bite. Sigh…

    It’s an air sign thing to do. Gotta c l e a r the air…especially when negative energy is being directed to you; SEND THAT SH*T RIGHT BACK TO ITS SENDER!!! A’se!

  4. In answer to your open inquiry [on your site], FD, I think she just might do that interview with you. Kenya is an Aquarian, Aquarius is the adult of the zodiac. She could let bygones be bygones, if she’s certain that she’s not entering the proverbial ‘HOT SEAT.’

    You know what else? Aquarius also rules humanitarianism, the rainbow…and I’ll leave it at that. *smiles…* This is kind of an indicator as to why you feel such a visceral aversion to she (liken to that initial surly sensation you felt for Marlo). I won’t delve too deep here on this, now. But look up Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays, the one she did with Gary Zukav & his partner Linda, see/listen to how he describes the initial inauspicious sensation he felt for Linda…a person he soon grew to LOVE. It is truly a thin line…

  5. team Kenya! the only person with fire! dumb ass porsha googled some black history…here’s a too do sum research on your closet queen husband! she so dumb

  6. I want this on a t-shirt….DON’T COME FOR ME UNLESS I HAVE SENT FOR YOU!!!…Ahhh yes Ms. Kenya, u taking over from Nene…..people dont be mad cause all what she does takes balls and the only other person that has them is Nene…..FAN!!

  7. I can’t believe Kandi was holding in that issue with NeNe all this time. If it was a problem she should have pulled her to the side and discussed it then it could’ve been squashed

  8. To me there is no contest lol…one knots herself up in circles telling people don’t do something when she does and says the same thing. I don’t doubt she has potential but some kinks need straightening out. It is entertaining but at the same time I can’t help thinking it’s a lil too real for her so we shouldn’t laugh and get a kick out of it

  9. Yes she does have issues don’t get me wrong….Now when it comes to intelligence ummmmm IDK.. the jury still out on that one.

  10. Tolerate Kenya over Phaedra? All I can say is one SAYS they are intelligent and one SPEAKS and ACTS like it…Kenya has serious issues

  11. I am sorry, but I can not stand Phaedra at all she annoys the heck out of me… Now I am not a fan of Kenya either, but for some strange reason I tolerate her over Phaedra… I love the drama though…lolololol.

  12. Cynthia is absolutely gorgeous!! Hair and makeup- Yaass! Least favorite look goes to Nene.

  13. Kenya & that fan gave me new life!!! Chile! That noise the fan made when she whipped it open!!! YEESSSS!!!! My girl was fanning those haters off! #Keyonce will have women carrying small fans in purses just for that purpose

  14. #TeamKenya ALL DAY!!! Porsha read Kenya BOFL (yeah ok) Kenya dissed the HELL out of Porsha by giving her minimal acknowledgement! Honey, Porsha wanted people to hear her researched info that she memorized inorder to “read” Kenya. Porsha recited it like a kid giving an easter speech! Porsha cant role with Ms. Kenya PERIOD

    • LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Right! HEr dumb ass googled & wikipedia’d the hell out some shit all for nothing. She sound like she was reciting a memorized speech anywayz. She thought she really was gonna do somethin, she was READY chile! Soon as her annoying ass hyper active voice got done screeching……*crickets*……. LMAOOOOO!

  15. But what I wanna know is WHO helped out Kandi? Mama hair was LAYED HUNTY! The makeup and lashes was for the GODSSSSS! PAPA, WHO DAT WOMAN?

  16. No we all know, as quiet as it has kept, Porsha may be ditzy but Kenya can’t take the heat she is serving on that ass. Kenya was shut up several times.

  17. team kenya! if there were no kenya…there would be no show! porsha is a dumb ass! phaedra…no one cares about your donkey booty! maybe if you were in your twenties it would look good but youre in your forties so it just looks nasty! im with kenya! lose some weight!

  18. Miss Porsha came prepared and she was not speaking like a cheerleader when she “READ” Ms. Cray Cray Kenya Moore with that dated fan.. POP Quiz on your Miss America title H.U.N.T.Y., because you had to have several seats when Miss. Porsha called you out on television.

    • Bitch stop it….Porsha could barely recite her memorize googled info. HEr dumb ass googled & wikipedia’d the hell out some shit all for nothing. Soon as her annoying ass hyper active voice got done screeching……*crickets*……. LMAOOOOO! Everybody was like “Uh….Gist who”…Right, moving right along”….Kenya let Porsha look like the idiot air head she truly is

  19. She may have bad skin and be dramatic but she still has a crown how many of u DO….. Baby boom don’t hate!

  20. Kenya is not ugly. It’s one thing to dislike someone, that’s whatever. None of these women are ugly.

  21. Dineva, no gawd hunty. You are not giving just due to Phaedra for reading all of the blood out of Kenya’s veins. She was not having it with Ms. Kenya and her fix-a-flat booty that night. Phaedra got her all the way together and that tacky dollar store fan was nothing more than a cover up to distract the people from the lies that she refused to own up to. Chile cheese, Kenya!

  22. I was waiting on her to hit Kandi with that fan, so she could slap the shit out of her with it. I wanted to reach through the screen and pop her myself.

  23. Kenya has pulled it honey…and gave me ALL I needed in a Real Housewives TV show. Kenya entered the show on false pretenses (that fake Walter relationship) and has worked the opportunity to the bone and meanwhile saved the whole show. She is batsh-t crazy BUT makes NeNe look sane and wise….those two are the cornerstone of the whole show…and having Kenya’s antics on the show let’s the show live while NeNe is gone handling her Hollywood business. It was like NeNe passed Kenya the ball and Miss Kenya hit it out of the park.
    bout Ms. Porsha… I couldn’t even watch her try to read Kenya because we all know 15 minutes after her husband dumped her…that was some automatic and instant payback karma. Phaedra, the only reason I tolerate Phaedra is because she’s Regina Bell’s daughter and I love me some Regina Bell! I like Cynthia. I think she is the one with the most business sense. I don’t know about her man-picking skills but time will tell. LOVE Cynthia… she looked like a million dollars last night and avoided any and all mess. I liked how she flicked Porsha away like a gnat. That’s how Kenya should treat her too. Porsha is not to be taken seriously.

  24. Your videos make me wanna slap somebody!
    While Porsha was serving history last night, she should have informed Kenya that “Gone With the Wind”-type fabulous was made possible by her enslaved ancestors. Bish, you is Kizzy.

  25. Kenya looked like a monkey gone Ape shit with that silly fan. She needed props to divert attention away from her lies. Her whole life as we know it is false. Fake eyes, fake, breast’s, fake butt, fake attitude, fake relationships, fakes houses, embellished career ? She get’s the “did that” award 4 sure! Did that bull ish!

  26. Say what you will about Miss Kenya….. but her shade was on point.. Phadera was known being a liar or a “LIARYWER” as Miss Lawerence would say…. and why do i feel she and Apollo’s relationship was a business arrangement….lets not forget how she was the master mind behind a car theft ring!!!!…..Kenya maybe crazy but you know what i believe her!!! and I didn’t even like her in the beginning when the season first started.. Porscha is a airhead i wish all the best with divorce, Kandi you look genuinely happy w/Todd, Cynthia I love you and Mr.Thomas’s relationship he don’t take no bull true yard man and I admire your business savvy and last but not least Ms.Leakes showed everybody how to take if 15 mins and turn into a hour she was slaying with that turquoise caftan…..All the ladies were beat for the Gods of Bravo… meanwhile @ chateau sheree tumbleweed and dust is everywhere…..

  27. i dunno about Kandi lookin at her best Dineva. I think everyone attacking Kandi dress sense has messed it up even more. That bone strate hair is for the softer faces, it just made her head look huge. Dress, not rite for her body! she should wear curly hair or something with bangs, Constantly

  28. I am not feeling anybody on RHOA except Miss NeNe and Miss Cynthia, chile.
    I can’t stand Kandi’s food addicted ass. Kenya is just TOOO MUCH. Porsha is bordering on brain dead. And Phedra just showed her ass (literally and figuratively) this season. Did I forget someone… Oh yes, the wig. Is that heifer even relevant? Me thinks not.

  29. Funky Dineva, I was hoping you were going to mention something about Beyonce quoting Kenya saying she was “Gone with the Wind Fabulous”!! I had no idea.

  30. Bitch! I’m so mad I lost my phone, no GAWD. I can’t even watch the video at work. This feels like minimum wage hunty… I can’t. *gags*

    I refuse to let anyone talk about Kenya. I love her stanky draws. lol… People sleeping on her. When I knew she played a role in those Trois movies I knew better. She’s a go getter, speaks her mind and looks good at the same time. She definitely said it herself, “don’t come for me unless I send for you”… people take punches and then get mad when you hit back. *shrugs*

    Please interview her… no other housewife could role with the punches from the doll bitch!

  31. please do NOT interview ken-ken. she aint worth yo time. don’t give her the satisfaction of sayin u came back around to lick her butt. #movingon

  32. Wowwww, I don’t even know where to begin. It was so much shade bein thrown. It’s obvious Junta jealous & bitter of Phaedra & Porsha (despite her current situation) also of the other ladies, they have what she want, the marriage, nice husbands, nice home, cars, multiple businesses & endeavors, she just can’t stand it & its quite obvious & shows all over her.

  33. Kenya is a joke! I am Team Phea all the way! And I was hoping Kandi would have smacked the hell out of Kenya with that fan. If it was me, I would have snatched the damn thing out her hand! And the person above me said, Kenya has low self esteem and she needed this show to make her relevant. And what Million $$ films has she produced? And her keep talking about her Miss USA title is a joke. That’s all she has with her fake booty, fake boyfriend, and her fake personality. Get her off the show!

  34. Funky Dinevaaaaaa!!!! You a hot mess, ROLFLMAO! That video had me crying laughing. You hit the nail dead on the head about the Part 1 Reunion show.

    I’ll admit that I was checking your site all night hoping you would post your video right after the show, but hunty you gave me my laugh for the day and until next weeks reunion episode. Yes GAWD!

  35. Ooo Gawd!!! Ms.Kenya is no match for that damn Phadrea hunny!!!!!! I loved it! Pregnant and all Phadrea throws the shade. I really think Kenya has very low self-esteem and her playing a villain on this show was to give her a boost. Smh can’t wait for part .

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