What Chad Johnson and Amiyah Scott Can Teach Us About Respecting Transgender Women

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amiyah scott

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I look forward to the day when a straight man taking a picture with a trans woman is not an issue. If social media is any indication, we have a while to go before that vision becomes a reality. Over the weekend, a picture surfaced of former NFL player and reality star, Chad Johnson, posing with Amiyah Scott, a trans woman. Judging by the number of ignorant comments leveled at both Johnson and Scott, you would have thought that the two had committed a serious crime, and in a sense, they had. In our transphobic world, a straight man taking a picture with a trans woman is seen as a “crime”. What is the crime, you ask? The crime is respecting a transgender woman.

As I watched the hoopla over Chad Johnson and Amiyah Scott, taking a picture together, unfold, I was glad to see that Johnson did not distance himself from Scott simply because she is a trans woman. I have my issues with Johnson, his violent response to former wife Evelyn Lozada being one of them, but I was proud to see a straight man affirming and respecting a trans woman. All too often, straight men throw trans women under the bus when they are shamed and ridiculed for taking a picture with a trans woman, befriending a trans woman, or being romantic with a trans woman. Johnson responded to those attacking him by stating, “I rock with everybody, no matter what.” In the midst of so much ignorance, Chad Johnson showed that trans women are people too. Janet-Mock

Most of us are no stranger to transgender women. We know them as friends, family members, and coworkers. We have grown up with depictions of them in the media that have all to often relegated them to the realm of jokes or monsters. We are inundated with shows like Jerry Spring that depict trans women as predators who “trick” straight men into sleeping with them. The trans woman is brought out and her “secret” revealed as the straight man she “tricked” reacts wildly while the audience claps and screams in glee. Or we are shown depictions of trans women on shows like The Parkers where there existence is solely for comic relief. One episode, in particular, revolves around “T” being attracted to a trans woman as the other cast members tease and taunt him over the fact that he does not know that she is transgender. The episode ends with “T” screaming in horror, at the top of his lungs, once he finds out her “secret”.

Media representation has the potential to make us comfortable with people from different walks of life, but it also has the potential to make us see a community in a monolithic way. Trans women have all too often only been seen as predators and/or comic relief. I am here to tell you, however, that the lives of trans woman are diverse and multifaceted. Yes, there are trans women who have not revealed their gender identity, often for good reason, but there are many who live there lives with honesty and openness. Trans women come from all walks of life, and it is long overdue that we start to recognize their diversity within their community. We need to look beyond the stereotypes to see the trans women who are enrolled in college and trade schools, the trans women who are journalists, motivational speakers, doctors, executive directors, hairstylists, actresses, wives, mothers, and almost any other role imaginable.


The importance of respecting respecting trans women is a serious matter. Violence against trans women, particularly Black trans women, remains extremely high. When we disrespect trans women, regarding them as predators and jokes, we are not just “picking on them”, but actively contributing to a culture that makes existence for trans women both a difficult and dangerous thing.

Trans women like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Isis King, Monica Roberts, Amiyah Scott, and many others are standing in truth in light to make sure that there community is respected. However, trans women cannot do it alone. The onus is on each of us to examine our own transphobia. We must constantly examine our consciousness to ensure that we are not being complicit in their dehumanization, whether it is trying to shame someone for taking a picture with a trans woman or calling them slurs like “tranny” and “shemale”.

Let’s use the ignorance shown directed at Chad Johnson and Amiyah Scott as an opportunity to move from disrespecting trans women to respecting them.

24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Anti-Intellect is a DC-based social media activist and essayist.


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128 thoughts on “What Chad Johnson and Amiyah Scott Can Teach Us About Respecting Transgender Women

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  2. I really wish people would stop downplaying the validity of a transgendered woman’s womanhood. There are biological women that can’t give birth but society is not trying to bash them. US trans women are just women by route of another path. Life is about loving and learning. The ignorance our society especially the black community forgets to acknowledge is that bashing someone on how they exist in this world blocks the blessings that person or community can teach each other. Don’t project your insecurities and corrupt beliefs on nobody else. We have our own. If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say nothing at all.

  3. These comments are too funny. But it is what it is. Although Amiyah is beautiful and feels like a woman, I don’t think most people will ever view her as a woman. My Mom’s best friend died when I was a young girl. He was transgendered. He got sick and had to stop taking his hormones and he grew a full beard and everything. I didn’t even recognize him as a man. The hurting part about the entire situation is that his parents were intolerant and his last wish to my Mom was to not be buried as a man, but his parents buried him as a man anyway. Even though I don’t agree with gay and transgender lifestyle, I respect it. I’ve seen first hand the hurt intolerance can bring. And I see nothing wrong with Amiyah, at least she is upfront. If you want to complain about someone, complain about these fools in the closet.

    • Your right because a woman is not surgically put together so what you traded your peons for a vagina where’s your female organs where’s that monthly blood flow if you have neither you are not a woman.. Your just looking like one a man can never emotionally and physically feel what a woman feels experience mother hood and the harmonal aspects of being a woman being a woman is gods gift and of you weren’t blessed with ot you will never experience it.. Your fooling no one but yourself….

  4. ” I have my issues with Johnson, his violent response to former wife Evelyn Lozada being one of them, but I was proud to see a straight man affirming and respecting a trans woman.”

    This is the hypocritical b.s. that irks me about the black gay community.
    You didn’t like Chad until you saw this picture THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN you “see him in a different light.”
    Complete bullsh*t.
    Go to bed.

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    • THANK YOU!!!! Chad is in deep ish right now! His image has been destroyed by the media. The gay scene, excuse me if that was a poor choice of words, is popping right now. If it wasn’t A. Scott, it would have been some other gay person. He’s trying to gain favor by using a popular political issue and show that he’s for it. This came from out of nowhere! Try’in to goop the children!

      Anti Intellect….. please stop trying to force LGBT down everyone’s throat. Unfortunately, due to some peoples’up bringing, there are many people who will not be able to accept this change the world is embarking on. That DOES NOT MEAN that they ARE HOMOPHOBIC or LGBT – PHOBIC. I feel you use these choice of words too loosely. As always, good essay.

  7. Fuck her gender identity, Amiyah Scott is shallow & an asshole. If people are going to taunt her, they should taunt her about that.

  8. Chad def showed a different side to him. Glad he didn’t run and hide when the cameras came out however I’ve been on IG and Twitter and people are alread making fun if him. I support being who you are and being happy in the skin you’re in. I’m a hairstylist and I do transgender women hair all the time. Follow me on IG @origplatinumbarbie you won’t be able to tell who’s who.

  9. I CANNOT WAIT to see who’s right & who’s wrong when WE ALL reach the Pearly Gates & have to be judged. LOL
    What I am going to say is Black Trans face A LOT of discrimination in and OUT the Black community. All I’m saying is be who you are whether F2M or M2F and PRAY you’re accepted. That’s all you can do. I think b/c Amiyah falls in the passable/attractive category ppl are more accepting of Her then someone who is not as passible. The cries of jealousy are TIRED b/c at the end of the day…… a genetically born woman is able to bring LIFE into this world. Yes, infertility might hit a few of us, but we still bring LIFE. The petty argument over who looks better then who is a distraction to take away from the wanting to be fully ACCEPTED as a trans person. Focus on that & not fuckery arguments & maybe Trans ppl will have more allies then enemies.

    • Tuh! While you can give birth, you alone, can not bring life! It takes the seed of a man. Otherwise, you would be lifeless(with regards to giving birth) just like many others..

      • OK Callie I give you that one, but my POINT was why would a woman be jealous of a transgender woman when we can bring LIFE into the world, albeit w/the help of a MAN & God’s grace.

        • But why are you even talking about jealousy? The point is to treat others how you want to be treated. How did you jump to jealousy?

        • Trans and have 2 kids…surprise, trans people can “bring life” too. Worlds overpopulated anyway, though, so someone bringing another person into the world is really only special to that person. Not impressed by your ability to squeeze out a few more mouths to feed, but whatever makes you feel better about yourself. I’m glad something can make you feel less jealous of a much maligned, often trampled minority with a staggering rate of suicide, poverty, homelessness, murders, rapes, and even torture and for whom equality is still denied in most of the 50 states.

  10. truth be told, If we keep having these messy fem queens coming out exposing DL people or making up lies to ruin people careers There never be respect for transgender women.

  11. i personally dont think chad was showin respect to transgender woman by saying ” i rock with everybody”!! he’s a public figure..what else was he supposed to say? lol had he openly disrespected amiyah gladd and every other gay rights movement would have been all over him..AS THEY SHOULD..i doubt he even knew she was transgendered so i dont think he was taking some stand against intolerance and i doubt she walked up to him and said ” hi my name is amiyah and i used to be a man”…this pic made news because i guess she is a somewhat “passable” trans woman who seemed to “get over” on an unsuspecting straight man..had she walked up looking like a “clockable” tranny or a flambouyant gay man stopped him for a pic would he have felt the same way ?? i doubt it but i guess i have to take his word for it that he “rocks with everybody” *rolls eyes*

    • Or maybe, just maybe, he actually doesn’t care. Amiyahs also relatively well known, and has never denied her identity as a transwoman, so he very well may have known of her before.

  12. @Nohood Love: I agree.. he is still a man, but he looks cute dressed as a female. And people should be entitled to their own opinion without being disrespected. Everyone does not and wil not accept the LGBT community..it doesn’t make them haters nor ignorant, it’s called having a different perspective, opinion.

    • Spoken from a truly ignorant hag, so you think misgendering and downplaying the identity of a trans individual is “cute”, lmao, if only I could think of a nicer way of telling you to go f yourself. Ignorance goes hand in hand with prejudice and if that’s your reason for reducing or disliking a person more so one who does not affect you or anyone else negatively in anyway, you are considered to be a hater. Or as I would say, a very pathetic piece of work.

  13. The intolerance of other people uniqueness is the main reason youth kids are killing themselves smh because they fear social acceptance so oh your comments are very distasteful

  14. I doubt very seriously you are truly a black man writing such offensive comments about black women when the women you were birthed from is black. If you are truly black and not a troll, then you are a self hating racist ignorant prick, and I am sure you have had your heart stomped to be such an awful person. Secondly all you have to do is look in a black magazine or the world for that matter see how beautiful black women are. Maybe in the bum fuck town you are from women are gross. Secondly I am a size two on my big days. But you are a superficial prick. At this point in your life you should have realized that substance and character are more appealing than outward appearance. S

    • I just looked at your Facebook picture, and I can see why you hate black women. You must hate your mother for producing a fat, ugly prick. I added my Facebook page, which I normally don’t do, so your fat ugly black ass can see what a beautiful educated black woman looks like. See how I am thin, AND an Attorney?

  15. Tony some transgender individuals are shady, just as some women are shady. You can’t blame them all for a few bad ones. But Amiyah(who is in the photo) is not a shady one. She is very open about who she is now and the fact that she was a man. On IG several of her male followers didn’t even know until she showed her before and after photos. Handsome as a guy and gorgeous as a woman. She also stated when she meets a person who doesn’t know she tells them to google her first right there on their phone if they have access. Typical transgender or gay individuals who seek to “out”people or exploit them in the way some have are just fame thirsty. Just like some females are just game thirsty.

  16. most of women look worse than the shemales lol/. mos tof the black women are obese. not feminine at all,. (BLACK MAN HERE TALKING) and dont even wear dresses any more. i bet $400 no female talking shit on this comments. could even fit into that transsexual womans dress.

  17. Wow a lot of u women sound very upset.Instead of hating u all should be taking a few pointers from this young lady.Cus half of y’all look dead to da grave Okaaay(in my funky Dineva voice).

  18. Man its not that people are Homophobic ITS THAT ALOT OF THIS TRANNYS. take pictures with celebrity men. and then g oon the blogs and radio and say they are fucking, Chingy for example.he took a couple of pics with a tranny and she said they were dating. And people started calling Chingy gay. and his career was over. ITS NOT THE PEOPLE ITS THE TRANNYS. TRYING TO PLAY GAMES. THEY DID THE SAME THING to JOJO Simmons they said he was trying to fuck on twitter. and we come to find out jojo didnt know it wasnt a woman. this trannys are shady as fuck.

  19. Man its not that people are Homophobic ITS THAT ALOT OF THIS TRANNYS. take pictures with celebrity men. and then g oon the blogs and radio and say they are fucking, Chingy for example.he took a couple of pics with a tranny and she said they were dating. And people started calling Chingy gay. and his career was over. ITS NOT THE PEOPLE ITS THE TRANNYS. TRYING TO PLAY GAMES. THEY DID THE SAME THING to JOJO Simmons they said he was trying to fuck on twitter. and we come to find out jojo didnt know it wasnt a woman. this trannys are shady as fuck.

  20. Why is it any of anyone’s business what gender someone chooses to go by? How is a man becoming a woman hurting any of you? Shit like this is why our civil liberties erode in front of our very eyes, because we’re too busy minding other people’s business.

  21. I don’t gove a damn what you are. If you are happy that’s all that matters. To all the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trisexuals, multisexuals, trandgenders, drag queens and what ever name you go by. Do your thing. I already feel sorry for the treatment you guys have to go through. It’s not fair. I habe lost friends cause I don’t mind a persons sexual preference. What can I say……. I’m a hippie and proud of it. So you guys have. I love and support the gay community 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I love me some queens no matter the form, but I do wonder if he’s interested in dating them just because he can get away or think he can get away with beating a true man dressed as a woman…. Questions….

    • … Them? I’m certain that Amiyah is only attracted to men, and being a woman, that would make her heterosexual. She is not like your “Queens” who are homosexual males, nor is she a “true” man who is “dressing as a woman”. So, why would it matter if she were dating Chad and why does it matter that she isn’t cis? Ignorance.

  23. Alot of individuals on this post sound ignorant, incompetent, and uneducated. If you don’t understand the lifestyle, why comment on it? Keep your nasty comments to yourself. What if your child came to you one day and explained to you that he or she felt “different” or felt they were born in the “wrong body” would you disrespect your child in the same manner that your a disrespecting Amiyah or any other person who is transgender. If people worried about their own lives, and stop wondering what other people are doing with theirs. The world would be a better place. If its not affecting you physically, financially, or mentally, then shut up. #jussayin

    • You ended well, but transsexualism and transgenderism, as well as sexual orientation for many people, are not “lifestyles”.

  24. These women are absolutely stunning. I can’t even imagine them as men. They are beautiful and gorgeous women in my eyes. I will call someone whatever they want to be called as long as it is not a slur.

  25. Na Celeste. If you want to be respected, then you need to show some respect in the first place. Lisa did not do that. Her opinion was nothing more than transphobic ignorance and, while she may have a right to her opinion, people do not have to be tolerant of Lisa’s intolerance. Also, Lisa does not get to decide what is or is not a mental illness. She is not a well-educated and/or experienced psychiatrist. If she were, she would know that the American Psychiatric Association (people actually educated in the matter) do not consider trans people to be suffering from a mental illness.

  26. Unless u meet every Black Women on the planet then u probably dont have a Accurate picture of Black women! Just like I wouldn’t come out my mouth and say All white ppl this, all Gay ppl this or all transgender ppl r that! The same labels others don’t want, neither do I! This off the topic anyway:She is and will always b A Badd Chick!

  27. U know what the funny part of all this is? While all of u are busy tearing each other apart (smh) Chad & the lovely Amiya, transgender & all, are NOT affected u, and are off SOMEWHERE ELSE enjoying life! * and so what if Lisa is fat, juicy, big, xlarge whateva…beauty comes in all forms…*

  28. Lord ya’ll is giving this lady life makin her feel like her opinion matters @Lisa D. Dennis. That Chile is so regular I wouldn’t be offended by anything she says. No Gawd Miss Bitch you tried to goop the kids but it ain’t doing nothing for that self esteem you do got lol. And its not about you agreeing with others its the words and manner u chose approaching a subject like this. But you know what say….Gawd bless the child who has its own lol smh.

  29. No, she’s not “still a man”. The science backs it up. Gender and Sex are not interchangeable terms. They are two separate characteristics of people. She just has the parts on the outside to match everything she is and
    has been on the inside.

  30. …why is it always a straight chick that just HAS to comment and let the world know how miserable and man-less she is?

    • A lot of all women gay bash and it’s a shame. You probably interact with more black women then any other race so you see the hate coming from them but believe you and me go into middle america and the white, hispanic, chinese, and black women will have nothing but hate to spew. Black women are vocal period on all subjects. I think your generalization is off. there are a lot of ALL people male and female who have animosity towards GLBT individuals and it’s sad. But to hint that black women do it more then other races is just an incorrect assumption.

  31. Dam people get a life !! This is what the problem is Haters and Ass Holes !! More important things in life!!

  32. I think everyone should be respected. Playing dress up and getting your dick cut off does not make you a woman.

    • Absolutely correct.
      If God made you a man that is what He intended.
      God don’t make mistakes.
      I don’t have any issue with a man who wants to live as a woman but to say that you believe you were supposed to be a woman that’s some b.s.
      God made you the way He intended or do one better- don’t add Him to your foolishness to validate your mental and emotional instability.

  33. Its a nice picture of two nice looking people. what’s the issue? Just because they’re in a picture together doesn’t mean they’re a couple. Amyiah is beautiful and besides she has a bf.

  34. I’m sorry. I didn’t take Antonio’s comment as a knock against all black women. I just looked at it as him saying that the negative feedback typically comes from black women not so much as a an attack.

  35. It’s always comical to me how Amiyah makes some females so insecure,that they start spewing ignorance. Allowing themselves to look worse than ANYTHING they could ever call her. You females feeling inferior looking at her,is y’all problem. Not hers. Then when I look at their pics……..

  36. Thanks Celeste, cuz the same Bigotry Antonio hating on Lisa for he using against “Black Women”! So unfortunate!

  37. Why the fuck does it matter that he took a pic with a trans? The world don’t stop revolving because of this. It’s a fucking PICTURE for crying out loud. Where in the captions did it say chad was getting his dick sucked by a trans and here is the pic? Stop bitching about shit that doesn’t affect you personally.

    • I agree completely. and as far as other celebs like chingy, there were other factors involved in the demise of his career other than dating a transgender woman.

  38. Star Christian I’m getting their assholes tight lol Ok bye yall.. Have a blessed day..

  39. It is still a shock for our generation.. But over time more and more people will learn to respect others decisions.. I don’t see how ppl can like this article and be Calling each other names… MakesNoSense

  40. Reggie Davenport seriously.. Like you ain’t eat a pack of bacon this morning.. Bitch/Boy bye

  41. lisa d dennis u act like u can create life ALONE you aint SHIT without a MAN(wo-MAN) and ignorance is your mental disease

  42. Prince Dieoniysis I love the gays. I simply gave an opinion and I’m being ridiculed for my thoughts because they don’t agree with you… Hmm #Done

  43. Justin James does your Mirrors talk? Do they see what the world sees? I don’t see a handsome or cute man in you boo.. Keep trying you might be able to get a laugh out of Me

  44. very nice article. it’s a shame transgenders are still being treated as jokes or freaks in the black community. whats with the hostility towards trannys lisa d? did your man leave your ratchet ignorant ass for a transgendered woman?

  45. Justin James calling me names doesn’t bother me, it let’s Everyone know how I hurt you.. Please carry on.. If it wasn’t for Me ‘Woman’ you wouldn’t have LIFE -__-

  46. Antonio A Oliver, I understand someone’s comment may offend u, but please do not categorize all black women as “haten black women” bcuz she says something u don’t agree with…*we all have our own opinions but the important thing is that we RESPECT everyone.

  47. Oh, God. I wish comment sections could be disabled. Someone people… just make the world such a sad place.

  48. Ignorance is poisonous so check your own health before you judge the people in a photo

  49. I wish people would take the time to get to know gays and transgender individuals. They are actually great people. Even if you don’t support their preference, their character is what matters.

  50. This pic is EVERYTHING. Shows how much they care about what others think of them. LOVE IT.

  51. I had to double take. I was like.. Why does Lauryn London look so buff?. Wow, great job and
    Great article!

  52. I AM TRANSGENDERED ACTRESS ON BROADWAY……<3 You Funky Dineva for this article….people need to be educated on the trans-community!

  53. These comments are revealing who just looks at the headline and the picture and who actually reads the post.

  54. Its nice that he respects all of his fans!! Regardless if he is a male who identifies as a female. That isn’t our place to judge. Everyone’s a critic aren’t they!!!

  55. Man or woman she is GORGEOUS !!!! I say BE who u are our bodies are a mere shell ……

  56. @laura no, not at all… Amiyah is a Transgender woman…a fan, taht just took a pic with him

  57. Yes he knew she was a man because she doesn’t hide it & her ass is dropped dead gorgeous!

  58. Chad is disrespectful women beater, he don’t respect them if they balls are cut off or born a woman.

  59. It’s not a woman that’s the first thing.. Let’s deal in Truth.. A man in drag with his genitals cut off is mental illness.

    • Yes…because every man should headbutt every other man he comes across. Smoke more weed…your not high enough yet. She’s not a man. She has a female brain, but a male body. I know this is hard to fathom by somebody with a male body and no brain, but do try.

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