Whitney Houston’s Biopic A Made For TV Movie. Whitney’s Family Upset. She Deserves The Big Screen.

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Chile please Whitney Houston’s family! They f&cking kill me. They are a day late and a dollar short caring about ANYTHING that pertains to Whitney Houston, ESPECIALLY Pat Houston. You know what, I was done with Pat Houston’s ass when Whitney died, and Pat tried to exploit BobbI Christina to have a reality show centered around herself. Girl bye! No one is checking for you Pat Houston. We were not checking for you then, and we sure as hell are not checking for you now.

Now that I done got Pat Houston’s ass together, I will say this: I agree, a Whitney movie on Lifetime is the type of homage more fitting for Pearl from 227, not International Diva Whitney Houston. However, it would appear that no one has put together a package to present to the major film studios, so what is one to do. The people can’t help it if someone presented a package to Lifetime, and they greenlit the project. Just so y’all know, Angela Basset is set to make her directorial debut with this film. At this point, I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Ole Angela did know Whitney Houston.

The Houston estate is considering a lawsuit to block production of the film. Word on the curb is that Whitney’s estate is planning a movie for the big screen themselves, something along the liens of Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’. Chile please. I’ll believe it when I see it. Cissy is old and senile, Bobbi Christina is drunk in love, and Pat Houston is a crook and an opportunist. Their is to much division in her family for a project from Whitney’s estate to ever see the light of day. You know what, now that I think about it, I don’t want to hear sh!t else from anyone other than Bobbi Christina. That was Whitney’s daughter, she is now an adult, and Whitney left everything to her.  Bobbi Christina is the only one who should be shot calling when it comes to any remaining affairs surrounding Whitney Houston. If Bobbi Christina ain’t complaining, than no one else should. The might be too damn high to know to complain, but that’s neither here nor there. BYE

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59 thoughts on “Whitney Houston’s Biopic A Made For TV Movie. Whitney’s Family Upset. She Deserves The Big Screen.

  1. But no one was mad about “The Jacksons” being a TV Movie or “The Temptations” being a TV movie and they were both great movies….MINI SERIES as a matter of fact…So why do we care WHAT media presents her story as long as it is presented. The complainers don’t think MJ and his family deserved the big screen, too??? Actually if it is on TV more people will see it. Isn’t that the point? To spread the story of this wonderful woman to the world? People just LOVE to complain. It’s very disheartening sometimes.

  2. I can’t wait to see it i hope they do it right i think it would be good if done professionally and in time it probably would be good just don’t do like crazy sexy cool it jumped from sene to sene too quickly like the movie was rushed take your time with the movie and capture the real and it might be really good i can’t wait also the same for the Aaliyah move as well

  3. I love me some Whitney Houston don´t get me wrong but her family full of BS and specially Pat garland its something about that lady that gives me the creeps she´s not right at all the Houston family can´t say nothing about lifetime when they did a reality show 2 months after she passed away if Whitney was alive today none of this stuff would be happening those people in her family are nothing but greedy leeches

  4. If her family is ever behind a movie about her life then you can bet it´s gonna be some watered down tomfoolery. There´s no way that they´re going to be honest about what REALLY happened! That would expose them for what they really are!

  5. If they have movie for the big screen, the momentum will be gone after the first week… And it will be hard to maintain funds from it and will bomb… Yes “Ray” did huge number but let´s be real how many after the first week was talking about it??? I think a made for television movie is perfect it will have a longer life, it will bring huge ratings cause more people will watch a TV movie before spend almost 20 at the theaters… And they will always collect money from it as long as it plays on TV you will always have a check coming

  6. Im tired of Whitney´s people. All they want is money. They the reason Whitney is not with us now. They spent her money and look the other way when she was on them drugs. They aint worried about her legacy unless it has a $ on it

  7. why are people mad at whitney family? They don´t want just any watered down story told about one of the greatest singers in the world. No one know their real motive. big screen equals big money. if anything people should be mad at what her daughter is going through.

  8. They need to give it some time…i am waiting for a book authorized or un-authorized by someone in her inner circle that KNEW the real Whitney and all the tea. As for a movie…i heard there was a documentary made back in the late 90′s before her voice was shot to hell….i wanna see that. should be interesting.

  9. True! Whitney deserves the big screen but I think it’s best to give the people a souped up Lifetime movie about her. Her family has only added to the negative aspects of her personal life so I don’t think people should put more into a film other than a nice summarized Lifetime movie.

    Pat Houston!!! Have several seats! It’s bad enough you exploited Bobbi Kristina right after her mama died hell leave well enough alone. I don’t agree with it, but I can definitely understand why Bobbi act out the way she do. Hell.

  10. It´s Angela Basset´s directorial debut. She´s no trained director so I mean it´s no different then an E News Speical or the Crazy Sexy Cool movie. Unless they are willing to back Basset up with some more cash and a team of people to help make it larger than a TV movie… have a seat.

  11. I am in no way throwing shade but if they want her on the big screen they should go talk to Mrs. Jackson.. Whitney Houston could do better than a Lifetime movie dam at least HBO.. they need to be talking to the right people or wait a few years then do it..

  12. If they are making a James Brown movie on the big screen they can make a Whitney movie…she deserves bigger…maybe they need to let the idea marinate a little while longer

  13. Whitneys´ family needs to have a whole movie theater full of seats. She smoked away her voice, was rude to anyone who wasn´t in the “industry,” and ended up face down, cracked out in her bathtub. I´ll never forget meeting her and saying “Houston, we STILL have a problem.” Middle of July in Atlanta (can you say 100 degrees outside), and the bitch had on a 12-pound wig, turtleneck, wool blazer, sun visor, shades, blue jeans and knee-high boots. When I attempted to congratulate her with flowers for kicking crack and for her supposed “comeback” she threw her hands up like “Bitch Please” and slammed the door in my face. If anything, she needs to be an after school special titled “Crack is Wack.”

  14. The Houston family need to have several seats and drink a huge bottle of shut the fuck up. They aint mad because they think that Whitney deserve better, they mad about getting tv money instead of big screen money.

  15. There´s notheing wrong with a made for t.v. biopic, but it would´ve been better if it were on VH1 instead of Lifetime. The “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” got 4.5 million views.

  16. The Temptations and The Jackson 5 biopics are two of the biggest biopics of all time and they were made for TV so I don´t see what the big deal is. As long as its done right, who cares.

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