Whoopi Goldberg & The View Talk Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut (watch)

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Let me tell you one thing. I don’t care what they say about Whoopi Goldberg, she is alright with me. She says what she means, means what she says, and stands firm in her word while she is walking in her talk. By now I am sure all of you have seen or at least heard about this notorious bus driver uppercutting a female passenger situation.

This situation has left many people divided. Should he have hit her, should he have hit her as hard, should he not have hit her at all? My stance, there are no rules to fighting. Once you put your hands on someone, if they release hell’s furry on your ass, then thats just what you get. As adults, you don’t put your hand on people, PERIOD. Many disagree, I know. See what Whoopi and the other ladies from the view had to say. You’ll be surprised.

Shi’dea Lane, 25, says that bus driver, Artis Hughes, 59, instigated the incident that led to the uppercut watched around the world and she still can’t believe that he hit her.

Lane says that when she got off work on September 18, she boarded a Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) bus being driven by Hughes. He allegedly thought she didn’t have the bus fare, while she claims that she just needed to find it. From there, words were exchanged and by all appearances, Lane struck Hughes while he was driving the bus.

This led the older man to stop the bus, tell the belligerent passenger, “You’re going to jail now,” before delivering the vicious blow to Lane’s face, knocking her to the ground. She stood to fight and Hughes grabbed her neck before they were separated by passengers. They exclaimed, “She’s a female!” To which Hughes responded, “I don’t care; she want to be a man, I’m gone treat you like a man!”

Should he have FINISHED HER? lol Take a look you be the judge. What would you have done?


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19 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg & The View Talk Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut (watch)

  1. listen here the driver and the passenger were on BATH SLATS! lol i crack my self up, but the crazy lady got what she was looking for! if she did not have money that is her issue. I bet she will never get on another bus for the rest of her life!! and she may want to lay off the bath salts.

  2. Whoopie said it, women take advantage of the idea men aren’t supposed to hit women, well when the women of this delusional mentality go an hit men they should expect to be clocked. If a 25yo person doesn’t have fare for the bus just walk…. Women in America are ridiculous entitled and agressive.

  3. I just really don’t understand how it even got to that point, this man is busy arguing with her. He didn’t follow protocol at, maybe disrespected her too. We are not even aware of how this situation even began. I have run to many disrespectful nasty ass bus drivers. At the end of the day he had more to lose. This is what happens when 2 ignorant ass people argue over a stupid bus fare, now both of them got what they deserve. Both of those people but the lives of the passengers in danger while everyone watched a show.

  4. Yes Gawt hunty!!! She shouldve been hit.. When you hit someone that in itself is saying “LETS FIGHT”.. I dont condone fighting on any level especially those being adults. But it this case it was well deserved. Bet she wont do it no more.. It baffles me how everyone is just so caught up on him hitting her, but what they didnt see was her spitting and slightly choking this man while driving. As everybody is coming to her defense dont fail to realize that couldve had everybody DEAD to the grave. The bus couldve flipped over, crashed , head on collision anything. I personally dont think that he was going to hit her becuase words were exchanged initally. BUT when she placed other passengers in danger by attacking him behind the wheel & while on the bus he is responsible for the passengers safety. I believe he is justified in his actions … LIKE IT OR NOT LIL MAMA FOUND OUT THAT SHE WASNT AS BAD AS SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS OOKAY!!!

  5. Is it me? Or are Black men in the new now more than ever for hitting women? Seems like a lot is going on this year… but nonetheless… be prepared to back your shyt up regardless, male or female. If it was a woman who jumped up and knocked her chin retarded, people will still have something to say. Chiwawa’s shouldn’t bark at pitbulls.

  6. I dont feel bad for her getting hit like she did. She found out that there is a consequence for her action. I am however disgusted by the passengers on the bus who did not step in when they seen him getting up. he was was clearly a man when he was driving, once he got up hit her and still a man afterwards… they stood their like he was going to morph into another gender! I think all of the violence on tv and in movies has desensitized people and now folks have a “lets watch” mentality. She should’ve watched the movie “Baby Boy” to know that a man might for real hit you, being a gentleman will only go so far.

    I hope he does not lose his job over this incident.

  7. You hit me im hitting you to the person that called this man a coward you must go around hitting mmen and some weak man lets you do it. If you hit e you getting hit. I work in customer service and women especially black women feel the need to prove their dominance over people. (I dont mean all)

  8. “I don’t care; she want to be a man, I’m gone treat you like a man!” I’m a woman and I 100% agree with this statement. If you put your hands on a man to fight him (in a non self defense)manner than you are going to get treated like a man. Tired of woman screaming “I wish you would hit me” while hitting on the man and then shocked when she gets hit back. I see many of Island woman hit on their man, “nuff times I cuff em, box em,or skillet ‘pon the head” then want to cry when he yoke them up ONE TIME. This woman that got hit, hit the driver while driving A BUS FULL OF PEOPLE!! Hit that chic one more time for all the passangers, since she just put everyones life in danger.

    • I think the bus drivers statement “she wanna be a man… I’m gonna treat her like a man”… or words to that effect are so cowardly and shows… he may be old but he doesn’t have wisdom or respect for women…. I am not addressing the issue of she hitting him, or him hitting her… but hearing that statement tells me that HE is not a MAN who respects women and never have. And for that I feel NO sympathy for him and feel that he should get whatever the ‘Law’ decides to do to him…. as a mature wise man…he should have and could have done a number of things differently to this woman. but that cowardly punk-ass statements is used *in Katt Williams voice* by B@tch Ass Ni@@rs to attack and disrespect women and try to get the world to agree…No Thank You!!!

      • Respect is a two way street. If you put your hands and spit on me respect is lost. He was doing his job and she did not pay her fare. Then she disrespected him.

  9. Beyond him punching her(which they both were in the wrong),I am absolutely disgusted by the spectators most of all. There should be a protocol so that it never reached that level. Police should have been radioed. Instead od taping it someone should have called 911 when they noticed she wasnt backing down. If she hits him and the bus flips because of it theres no more taping it then we’re ALL DEAD. Why was everyone sitting there watching it escalate?!? We live in a world full of punks who wanna get rich quick, tape something rather then pull some humanity out of themselves and snap some reality into the situation you’d rather pull out your iPhone and tape this ratchetness?! it’s time to step it up as a whole.

  10. In this day and age when HIV and hep c is so prevalent spitting is unacceptable.If you spit on a law enforcement officer that is a chargeable offense punishable with jail time. Putting your hands on another person is simple assault also punishable with jail time. If this man gets punished for striking back she also needs to be punished for her reprehensible behavior. Maybe she will think twice before she raises her hands to another man!

    • u cannot give anyone hiv by spitting on them…..and hpv again is something you cannot give someone via saliva…it’s disgusting but again not something that you can contract something SEXUALLY TRANSMITTABLE like that to someone.


  12. I would have done the same thing. You don’t hit and spit on someone and expect them to just sit there and take that. She deserve what she got.

    • Spitting is just disgusting. In this day and age, who knows what she could be carrying. Viruses such as meningitis are also easily transferable through spit, autoimmune diseases and bacteria are highly contagious in as well spit. Spit serves as a transit vessel from one host to the next. She could have gave him anything.

  13. For the first time ever, Elizabeth and I are on the same page. You spit on me and all bets are off. That is just gross. Dude dealt with her the way her energy invited him to.

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