Wiz Khalifah Turns A Ho Into A Housewife. Officially Marries Amber Rose

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You know, I don’t really understand this Wiz Khalifa character, and I couldn’t half tell you what he sings, but I think he is a pretty cool guy. Wiz has made an honest woman out of Amber Rose.  Wiz & Amber officially got married today. Wiz took to twitter to let eh world know. Catch these T’s


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107 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifah Turns A Ho Into A Housewife. Officially Marries Amber Rose

  1. All these IDIOTS on here talking about “why she gotta be a Hoe”, please shut up! This is what Dineva does, pokes fun at people. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS BEING DISPLAYED please listen carefully. At the top of screen, there’s a x in a little blue block (colors may vary)click immediately to CLOSE PAGE.

  2. Everybody got a past. She found love in Wiz and Wiz found love in her, so I am happy for them. I am also happy they are MARRIED. I swear I been to tons of baby showers but can count the number of weddings I have attended on one hand, and only one was a black couple. Ya’ll can call her a hoe if you like but these same people calling her a hoe be sleeping with random dudes for a new hair weave, busting it open on instagram, and be at the club with no panties on. She has one baby by her husband, how many people her dissing her can say that, chile cheese. Half the ladies I hear downing her has multiple kids by multiple men, and never had no one put a ring on it. Even if she was a stripper, she still got off her ass and worked everyday. Too many able bodied young ladies act like they can get a job because they got that “million dollar p&$$y”. I got no problems with Amber or Wiz.

    • Yasss hunty! Read these hate’in a$$ bishes! lmao! That sounds personal for you!

      Honestly, I agree 100% with you. She has a baby by her husband. If her status was previously jumpoff, chicken head, side piece, hoe or whore, etc. it has officially been upgraded! Idk what kind of dude he his but that’s not for me to worry about. Congrats to them both! No shade here. I’m definitely looking to get “wife’d up” soon! OKAY!

      • Congrats on getting wifed up. The subject is not personal for me. I just find it so irksome how people critize people getting married. Marriage is telling that other person you love them and want to make that ultimate commitment to that person. If they found someone who is willing to do that, then why not celebrate it instead of calling her a hoe and him a pot head.

        I love some Dineva, but on some subjects I just agree to disagree, then wait for the next video.

  3. Well Amber Rose, now you have arrived (<_< sideeye). You went from poor half-white trash to bi-sexual stripper to high profile girlfriend to avante garde fashionista to tattoed baby mama to to hip-hop housewife. Now you can retire & just let yourself go…. oh wait, too late. AND IN THAT ORDER. Wizber is a match made in weirdo-pot head-famous for no damn reason-Heaven. #happy4them #DontWantWhatTheyGot #ImaGiveThem5yrsTops

  4. Not a bad come up for a ex stripper/clit licker!! Amber let Kanye screw every hole on her body and beat the shit outta her. Then he turn around and leave her for a nasty bottom feeder Kardashian.

    Ain’t go lie tho, cause I know damn well I hoe’d it too before I got married. Most woman do ho it up, most just hide behind religion and there laptops and play innocent. Shhiiddd I had a lotta fun and gained a lotta experience ho-ing it up, which helps me keep my hubby happy now!! Men taught me how to #uck & suck, and its paying off today because my hubby can’t get enough!! Real talk!!! Thank god my hubby ain’t into ass #uckng cause that’s one thing I don’t do. Hell Naw!!!!

    • @Brenda, u are right again. Ertime I give my homies/homegirls relationship advice I always tell em “in order for a man/woman to truly be faithful & take those vows, they got to have already experienced their ‘HO-PHASE.’ For some it’s only 3, for others it’s over 300. But one must sew their royal oats before a real commitment can be made.” Test da waters. How do you know that you only perfer chocolate if u never had vanilla, strawberry, peach, bubblegum, rocky road, or rainbow sherbert? #AssortedFlavors

      Also, you need at least one previous “serious” relationship in order to commit to just one person “til death do us part.” You gotta learn how to balance quality intimate moments w/ time apart.( i.e. i cant miss u if we never apart.) learn that absence makes the heart grow fonder. & how not to cheat on me jus b/c ur missing me. #LamestExcuseEver #TrynaFillAVoidMyAss. LOL & take the time out to learn how to really please your partner (i.e. learn how to communicate, talk dirty, the diff btwn making love & straight fucking, what strokes work, extending your pull-out time, and for God’s Sake FINDING MY G-SPOT!!!)

      I’ve learned in life that although experience is great, a man that has had at least 2 long-term relationships or very few women is a far Far FAR better sex partner than some one who changes women out like socks. Someone like Chad Johnson or Lil Wayne or Ray-Jay or someone super famous or super rich prolly sucks in bed. They used to having women do all da work for them tryna blow their minds & soon as they’re bored, they’re #On2DaNextOne. So they prolly never had to put in work b4.

      The same can be said for women like the Beyonce, Halle Berry, & Vanessa Williams types. These men will put in overtime tryna give them da bizness, so they aint gotta do nothing but just lay there til its over, then take his card & go shopping. That’s da real reason some of the most beautiful bitches get cheated on. Caus they’re lazy as phuck in bed (i.e. dont ride, dont suck, dont swallow, & got a long list of “don’t do’s”). So all da next chick gotta do is pick one thing off da list that you “dont do” (like anal) & she will steal your man right from btwn yo legs LOL.

      So in conclusion kids, 1. get all da ho-ing out yo system SAFELY, however many dat takes for u (3 or 300). 2. take da quality time to really learn how to please your partner & what is just plain annoying. 3. if you love em, dont be lazy, or you’ll lose em. #FreakNDaSheets #ThisIsRealLife #UniversalAdvice #TryAll32Flavors

      • Baybay!You should be right a book! This section reads comments, not submit your short essay. LMAO

        However, your advice is good, graphic and a bit tawdry, but sound and good.

        Whoever you are Brenda, baybay, you’re an all around Dr.DIVA honey, Love seen’in your comments!

  5. if anybody is a ho its that kardashian gyal…Amber was with kanye first he loved her if you ask me…shiiit the world loves her (amber) kardashian didnt like it and intervened the only reason amber “dated” reggie bush is because she found out kanye was cheating on her with kim and she was with bush talk about TRIFE!! im happy for amber thats every womans dream…now lets wait and see if kanye “wifes” kim up…..

  6. Speaking of marriages we NEED The Doll to make a
    new video about LHHATL and this latest ratchet mess with Kirk! I got my popcorn ready because I know your recap is going to slay me in the aisles!

  7. If y’all don’t like Funky Dineva stay off his page or block it problem solved! You utilizing offensive comments don’t make you any better or “real” no tea no shade!!!!!!

  8. These responses are so over the top. It doesn’t matter what she’s called, she is now Mrs. Wiz Khalifa, and I ain’t mad at her or him. They’ve done plenty of interviews together, and even the ones they’ve done by individually have showed them speaking nothing but love and support for one another. I think it’s beautiful!

  9. What makes her a “Ho”, is it because she’s in the public eye and have dated three famous men-Kanye West, Wiz Khalifah, and Reggie? If so then nearly every female is a ho…excluding the dating of famous men part.

    I digress, love Amber and I’m happy for her and Wiz Khalifah.

  10. #Whore AKA as Ho – 1. A woman who prostitutes her body for hire; 2. To corrupt by lewd intercourse; fornicator; 3. any woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse -( Definitions taken from Webster’s New World College Dictionary ). ACCORDING TO WEBSTER, She(Amber Rose), who has been living her life and affairs in the public IS a Ho. Which also defines ho as an 1. alteration of whore; 2. slang for a prostitute. VERSUS #Faggot – 1. An offensive term for a homosexual man; 2. A term of contempt. To those of you who took offense at Dineva’s term “ho” and expressed it by calling him a “faggot”, you’re just as bad, or worse. I can understand you all taking offense, but to be just as offensive, defeats the purpose of you all being offended in the first place.

  11. Chile before she was w/only TWO famous, well 3 if you count Reggie Bush, men she was with WOMEN. Sooooooooooooooo sounds like her sexual count is a WHOLE lot lower then most ppl. She just had more PUBLIC relationships. Anywhore, congrats to her & Wiz. Last I checked they seemed happy & proved it by marrying each other. He took a WIFE & she accepted him as a HUSBAND. Now what are you going to call Kim Kardashian b/c SHE carries herself like a Hoe!

  12. Dang y’all Hoes getting y’all boy shorts in a bunch! The Doll just Turned a Phrase. You know, Can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife…? Stupid petty bitches. And lets not turn this into a Gay bashing, find another way to insult the Doll w/o insulting a whole community. — I am a happy STRAIGHT Woman who doesn’t believe in Gay bashing. Let my Dolls and my Gays get Along!

  13. This is so disrespectful. A nigga who makes a fool of himself in wigs and bad lipstick on national tv got the nerve to call this woman a ho.

    • LOL this is what he does for entertainment as well as his main source of income, he doesn’t sleep with anyone to support himself so this doesn’t classify him as a whore. Most people act a damn fool for FREE. The greatest part of it all is you have the option to search other options then Funkydineva.com #Loyal Fan

  14. She is married!!! How many of yalls baby daddy’s married you? i think what we need to focus on is are any of you married? if you arent…why not? Yall are projecting on here…so sad. Im happy for them and hope it works out.

  15. and fyi just because we only know of two people doesnt mean she wasnt fucking othera. She isnt. All innocent she just keep her business to herself

  16. Ok i dont get why haters are fans of people they dont like. Calling dineva a fag is no better than he calling rose a ho. If u dont like his opinion u can unlike and. BLock the page. cussi g thia grown man out is just giving him more fame. Dont call people fags . They know they gay who cares. Get your life. At least this man doing something good with his. He is no different than any other blogger. Instead of wasting ur time being mad. It takes a less time to ignore a page.

    • NuyaDameBiznus, whhat is wrong with some of these folks on here.u got it right telling them to “get their life” Let me say,FIRST off all who fixed their mouth to call ANYONE a f-g. That is BEYOND rude. Secondly who cares if Wiz married Amber? You think Kanye or Reggie gives a rip? Dineva did a play on words he isn’t necessarily calling her a ho. Have any of us been in this woman’s bedroom? no *in my dineva voice* “ya’ll dont know that laydee, chile cheese” FURTHERMORE I hope it works out because rarely do celeb marriages last so I sincerely hope she’s happy and so is he. From the little i’ve read about this chick, she may have had a few Bi encounters but so what. She’s seen out and about partying, so what. She was in the public eye for a good minute while dating kanye, so I get the scrutiny she receives but if it isn’t affecting my life or anyone elses I say ‘good for them’ and if someone doesn’t like what Dineva has to say then get the Fuc off his site and watch your damn mouth. I almost slapped the tongue out my B/f’s son’s mouth when I caught him calling another lil’ boy that foul ass name, lucky for him he ain’t my kid, but he got a nice hard shove in his room where he remained so he could think about what he did. If I catch a grown ass person using that phrase the consequences would be worse. trust.

  17. Can I get an invite to you & Tony’s wedding? Is his mammy invited? Never mind leave his azz like you did in the new year. It is so not worth it!!!!

  18. Ms. Alayna,I hear you!…There’s others that don’t like or agree with this but they put “lol” at the end of their comment because they don’t have the courage to strongly/seriously disagree. But u sure do my sistah!

  19. Boy somebody is gonna to put they foot in your behind Foolish Dineva…….You would be hot if somebody called you a faggot. Stop calling folk names monkey! #hater!

    • Why don’t you shut the fuck up booldike that’s what he gets paid 2 do you don’t like it don’t read his Post Bitch!!

  20. I don’t know why she has to be a ho. She’s dated two people publicly. So what. Good for them. Good luck.

  21. I’m happy for them. Y’all know it doesn’t take much for us women to be thrown in that “hoe” category. The double standards are crazy.

  22. @Tina im just sayin though. its not cool for gay ppl to come at others all types of ways and then he disrespects this MARRIED woman by calling her a ho. gays always want to get uptight when ppl say shit about them but they feel free to talk shit about others. respect is a two way fucking street. old big head bad wig and weave wearing ass fag………im out!!!!!!!

  23. Leave them alone there happy , if she a she’s his hoe he put a ring o. It cuz he love her. Same for LeBron

  24. u really need to stop the bullshit mr FAGGOT dineva. always throwing shade. what if someone said u turned a man into a flaming hot faggot queen? shut the fuck up and stop hating. its always cool for homos to insult people, but let someone say ONE thing bad about gays and we’re calls all types of homophobes and bigots. amber is not a ho. before kanye west who did u hear of her being with? ill wait. she was with kanye for two yrs and with wiz for about 3 so how the fuck is she a ho? cause she was a stripper? strippers are not all hoes. shut up fag…

  25. u really need to stop the bullshit mr FAGGOT dineva. always throwing shade. what if someone said u turned a man into a flaming hot faggot queen? shut the fuck up and stop hating. its always cool for homos to insult people, but let someone say ONE thing bad about gays and we’re calls all types of homophobes and bigots. amber is not a ho. before kanye west who did u hear of her being with? ill wait. she was with kanye for two yrs and with wiz for about 3 so how the fuck is she a ho? cause she was a stripper? strippers are not all hoes. shut up fag…

  26. I don’t think she was a ho more like a opportunist but hey she seems happy. Congrats to them

  27. I’m happy for them. Y’all know it doesn’t take much for us women to be thrown in that “hoe” category. The double standards are crazy.

  28. Amber was never a “hoe”. She had a long relationship with girl before Kanye. She was the one being cheated on with Kim K. So I’m confused. Congrats to her & Wiz!!!!

  29. Well Ms. West is rolling, shaking and twerking in her grave for that dumb crap he did….fucking kim without a condom.

  30. Akynos you a ho? U depending that word kinda hard. Not that serious.. o.O

  31. I wouldnt really call her a hoe. Kanye made reference to that once she didn’t want him anymore.

  32. Well she really wasnt a ho. I mean she did fuck some rappers but she had a bit of class with it. She didnt need to expose her business and she kept it professional

  33. Dineva i love u but watch ur fuckin mouf using the word ho in a derogatory manner. shit like that is why ppl think all hoz are grimey creatures. some hoz are worth marrying. others are worthless pieces of shit.

  34. Kim K is so NOT next. Kanye ain’t never making that mistake. Ms.West would roll in her grave!

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