Woman Kicked Off Plane For Non-Stop Singing Of Whitney Houston Songs (video)

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Chile, after 9-11, you can’t even blow your nose on an airplane without a notarized letter from your congressman, yet alone sing out loud. One woman thought she would pay a lil homage to Whitney Houston by singing her songs non stop. Clearly the woman has to be crazy. The flight crew, determined not to end up dead to the bed plane, made an emergency landing short of their destination and had the woman removed. Catch these T’s

“The woman was being disruptive and was removed from the plane for interfering with the flight crew,” said Kansas City International Airport spokesman Joe McBride. “There was a federal air marshal on the aircraft, who subdued the woman and put her in cuffs and removed her from the plane.”

Stealth footage captured by another passenger shows the unidentified woman being escorted off the plane while singing Houston’s iconic cover of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.”

After being released from custody, the woman was reportedly refused service by American Airlines and had to make alternative travel arrangement to reach her final destination.

According to the spokesman, the passenger blamed her behavior on diabetes. ~ Gawker


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68 thoughts on “Woman Kicked Off Plane For Non-Stop Singing Of Whitney Houston Songs (video)

  1. Bish (the lady singing), Imma´ need you NOT to be blaming your foolery on diabetes! I GOT diabetes and us diabetics don´t appreciate you (the lady singing) acting out on them people plane and then throwing up the medical bracelet!

    I´m too cross with her! lmbo

  2. Well if she was trying to hit them high notes like Whitney tried after she smoked out her t hroat and wasnt quite getting it, then that is a disturbance. Lmao. Seriously, she could have been singing His Eyes Were on the Sparrow, and it shes disturbing people and wouldnt shut up, then she should have been kicked off.

  3. Yet they can sit a person who is allergic to cats (me) on a plane for 12 hours on a flight to Germany across from a lady who had a cat under her seat and have the flight attendant keep lying about it when you ask!! Or sit you in between two 500 lb people who smell like garlic! Or let that little bad ass child keep kicking your seat… of all the unpleasant experiences I´ve had on flights this would have been a welcome annoyance!

  4. Lmao! She said “Hold up…And IIIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII will always love youuuu-ououououuuuu… Will always love u” LMAO AHAHHAHAHAH

  5. Dang. Y’all may not realize it, but we are slowly, but surely losing all of our freedoms. A woman can’t even sing without getting arrested? I understand the singing is annoying, but she wasn’t endangering anyone’s life.

    • Seriously! Like was it that serious tht she couldnt fly with them anymore?? Sheesh, she already spent her money on her ticket! To make her have to find another way, when she already found her way is just wrong.

  6. Her gait tells me she is mentally ill. I’ve worked with mentally ill people in the past.

  7. The atmosphere at that airport tho is always skittish. Security staring at me so hard……I felt the need to frisk myself. As many times as I have seen them filiming travel and other shows I find it interesting about the cameras. I wonder what will happen to Anthony Bourdain soon. SMH

  8. Cut the woman a break. It’s WHITNEY FRIGGIN HOUSTON! She’s still mourning.

  9. No wonder she was thrown off the plane! Is it me? Or was her voice cracking?

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