Yandy Smith Addresses All The Mandeecees’ Child Molestation Ruckus In A Letter

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I’m not even going to lie. I had been seeing pictures of Mandeecees all in the press lately with headlines of molestation and drug trafficking, but honestly, I didn’t half pay any of it any attention. I’ve been rather unimpressed with Love & Hip Hop New York so I inadvertently tuned out most things pertaining to its cast. When I say that Yandy Smith had written a letter addressing the madness, I found it prudent that I took a minute to get caught up on whats been going on.

So long story short:

A 19 year-old female accuser claims that when she was 15, Mandeecees was like a father figure to her. She attests that she had gone to stay with Harris and his girlfriend because of an ongoing conflict with her mother. The woman stated that Harris “was always there for her, made her feel comfortable and listened to her vent about her problems with her mother.”

The woman claims that Harris bribed her for sexual favors which she gave, but only after Harris supposedly threated her with a secret. She claims that Harris told her “Your mother told me that you were raped when you were 8,” so she gave in to his demands to prevent him from telling anyone and to get “back at her mother”. The woman also says that whenever her brothers would ask him for money he would tell them to “go to your sister, she knows what she needs to do.” ~ Hot 97

See what all Yandy had to say:

yandy smithTo My Supporters,

The past few weeks have been some of the hardest days, hours, and minutes of my life. I found myself torn between a man that I know and love, and an accusation that makes me sick to my stomach. I hoped and prayed that someone I loved so dearly could not be guilty of such a disgusting and shameful act… I hoped, but I did NOT assume.

I chose to stay silent until I was able to hear both sides of the stories and form my own opinion. I went to court every single day; I listened intently to the case from both sides ready to face whatever truth was revealed.

In the end, the truth is Mendeecees Harris may be many things, but he is NOT guilty of the heinous accusations made against him. I won’t get into much detail because at the other side of this is a young woman that regardless of the outcome, remains broken. I pray that she is able to move past this and realize her full potential and I pray that the world is able to accept that in this case justice was served.

As a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and a human being, it breaks my heart when I hear of the violations against children. There is nothing worse than offenses against those whose lives are so precious and who look to us to guide them and help them understand the world. Children that are abused are robbed of their innocence, their childhoods, and their self-esteem. They’re robbed of their optimism and dreams and forced to see the evils of the world before they can see the beauty.

My life has been and will continue to be devoted to empowering women and helping young women to aspire to accomplish and go after their dreams and because of this, I would never knowingly or willingly support or condone any behavior contrary to the very things I stand for. I am so thankful to the people who supported us and stood by our side through what was an extremely overwhelming and challenging time.

There is no time more fitting than now to introduce something that is dear to my heart. I want to build up the spirits of some of those broken young girls. I want to inspire the ones that are strong and I want to further encourage those that seek to be educated and stimulated. The EGL team and I have been diligently working on our Mentoring program The EGL P.U.D Initiative (Partners Uplifting Our Daughters), which is set to launch this spring.

The mission of EGL P.U.D. Initiativeis to help young girls to utilize written expression as a tool for overcoming emotional obstacles and embracing their worth in order to reach their full potential. By using written expression as a tool, young women can become more advanced in their writing abilities; this in turn promotes confidence, which is developed through achievements. Our goal is to reduce emotional despair and improve self-esteem in young girls ages 12-17, by providing instruction, guidance, encouragement, reinforcement and support. This will afford them the confidence necessary to reach their full potentials, as they move on to college.

To those of you who have supported me, prayed for me, and did not pass judgement, I want to say THANK YOU.  Your prayers and support have helped me through a very difficult time.  I have worked very hard to build a reputation based on hard work, loyalty, and perseverance. The faith, values and ethics that got me to this point in my life are stronger now than ever before. My personal life has been a roller-coaster this year, filled with highs and lows, and I’ll be lying if I say I have it all figured out. I don’t. I’m giving it up to god and I’m leaving it up to him to guide me in the right direction as he’s done many times before. In the meantime I’m going to focus on what I do best, business. After all, they don’t call me a “Hustlapreneur” for nothing.

With Love

Yandy Smith


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105 thoughts on “Yandy Smith Addresses All The Mandeecees’ Child Molestation Ruckus In A Letter

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  4. first of all stop hating please this woman stood by her man (something yall probably don’t have and when she makes a conclusion based on both sides yall have an issue…. yall are non factors so plz butt out of this woman’s personal life… and she was not trying to promote her project she wants to help our young women become stronger… plz get yall life…

  5. Everybody on here saying he guilty to worry about they home dont nobody know what went on but her him and GOD damn let that girl live

  6. I cannot say he did or did not do it. As a victim of sexual assault, whose attacker walked, I know that the law is not perfect and justice is not always served. A lot of times now, it’s about who has the better lawyer. All I hope is that she never has to eat those words, because I don’t believe those types of predators can ever truly reform themselves.

    • Very true….Mandeeces was found not guilty on those molestation charges but he was indeed found guilty for the drug trafficking but that’s about it. These stupid people are so quick to judge!!!We love you Yandy and we support you 100%…God bless you hun

  7. Only 2 humans and God knows the truth. So all the people saying I know he did it, get your life. He’s innocent until proven guilty, and if he wasn’t proven guilty then it is what it is. I don’t know if he did it or not I wasn’t there, but I’m team Yandy.

  8. Who da fuck cares……. Diz happenz on da regular becuz of da lack of Parenting & it will continue until alot of Mothers stop b n da daugthers friendz & partyin like Kidz… Sho em betta & dey will do bette & b BETTA….

  9. I don’t believe he did it. I have taught my daughter that if something like this happens to her, to tell me right away….Not wait 4 YEARS later. This world is full of hustlers trying anything for that all mighty dollar.

  10. Sounds like a promo for her campaign if you ask me… As a person that’s all about “empowering young women” why then stand to be with a man even if just accused of molestation? Great message Yan!!!

  11. translation: yes i know he has issues but he wanted me and i was tired of sleeping with somebody elses man. i got pregnant and im gonan defend my baby daddy till the end. we getting married…*tears* p.s. please send all care packages to ______

  12. Him being found not guilty doesn’t mean he didn’t commit the crime. I believe that he did and what negativity you put out you get back.Her staying with a man who slept with his girlfriends daughter speaks volumes.


  14. Whew!!! I am so very happy for Yandy and Mandecee. There are some mean and treacherous people out there. Some people get jealous and down right angry when they see someone other than themselves happy. Hence the term…haters. But there are also still a few of us that want others to be and stay happy and blessed.

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  18. Mandeecees is only on the show because of Yandy yes, but he may not be a millionaire, but he was established and has a 6 figure salary. Although the girl may not have come forward once the show aired she may have had prior knowledge that he would be on the show and wanted money. With everything the girl said for them to find him innocent I’m sure they had evidence or reason not to believe her. Those are serious charges and I have seen people make up pretty serious things and admit they did it out of spite. If he is for some reason guilty the courts may have found him innocent, but he will definitely answer to God.

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  28. She seems like she wrote this to try and convince herself ,and to try and promote. Her organization ,chile cheese no one gives a hot damn about u or mandecess,seriously !!

  29. I don’t think he did it in a copy of the court records that was online the girl stated she only said something cuz he was on tv I believe she was looking for a check

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  32. Because no one would even know who Mendeecees was if not for his affiliation with Yandy and LHHNY, I see why she felt compelled to write the release. I was surprised at the way she handled it (with class), and she did not belittle the victim or the accusations. I can applaud her for that and I appreciate her for trying to do something for the many victims of sexual abuse. Whether or not anything comes out of her initiative remains to be seen. But Yandy handled it better than I thought she would. I’m not sure I’d be able to stand by someone who kept getting caught up in some mess.

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  36. This girl’s mama needs to help her. They need to repair their relationship. Her mama shouldn’t have told him about her daughter being molested when she was a child and THEN she should have been helping her daughter cope with that. I think the girl is acting out and is angry, she needs her mother. What happened to the first guy that molested her? Why did her mother bring another man into their home? Where was she when this all went down?

  37. She should have said something when it happened that way they could track his DNA. Then she said she did it on purpose the second time to get back at her mom, then she said when she was naked out of the shower she asked him to bring her a towel. NOBODY does that! It’s hard for me to side with either of them because she put him the situation for this to happen and he put himself in it too

  38. Funny how a lot of ppl was asking how she could stay with him. Then she give an answer and ppl got a problem with that.

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  40. A lot of child abuse victims take years, even decades to come forward. I’m glad this young girl found the strength to press charges before the statue of limitations ran out, especially when the accusations were against a ‘celebrity’.

  41. Same thing happens to every generation of kids. The only difference is technology. Men and women have been molesting and raping kids and then blaming the damn victim…for years. No need to “address” any damn thing Yandy. For what? His reputation is still tarnished. “Not guilty” verdicts just says that there is a reasonable doubt proving it; doesn’t mean he didn’t molest her. This is the 4th molestation case in the damn news I’ve heard today, and I haven’t even finished eating lunch. Can you niggas keep ya dick in ya pants, please?

  42. He looks like one to me. She only speaking about because she embrassed and thought she had a winner.

  43. Well She Said She Stayed Silent Until She Heard BOTH Sides Of The Story! She Didn’t ACCUSE Her Man Of Being A Molester, And She Didn’t ACCUSE The Young Lady Of Lying! So She Heard Both Sides! What I Don’t Get Is WHY Did The Young Lady Come Forward NOW Instead Of BACK THEN?? I Love Yandy Though!

  44. Maybe she’s starting that “project” to ease her mind of the horrible testimony that she heard. Either way at least she’s making the effort to ” right a wrong” that too many of our little black girls face. It’s sad so very sad.

  45. Women kill me attacking victims of child molestation, rape, and abuse. Not that many years ago we say hundreds of white men get found not guilty of murdering black people, when all parties involved know they were guilty. But it’s shocking that this person got off? Being found “not guilty” does NOT mean you are innocent. And there is no damn time table on reporting rape. Every victim of it KNOWS how she will be treated…

    • There actually IS a time limit on reporting rape because had she done it in time they would have been able to find his DNA inside of her. I don’t excuse rapists and child abusers but it’s hard for me to feel bad for this girl because she waited so long. THEN her story “the second time I did it to get back at my mom.” “I didn’t have a towel so when I got out of the shower I asked him to bring me one.” Like i’m sorry but it all seemed like a set up to me. I’ve sided with rape victims when I felt they were TRULY innocent, but this girl was concious enough to know what she was doing and now that he’s on tv she wants something? I don’t get why she waited so long, if it was rape without consent she should have BEEN reported it.

  46. lawd folks stay trying to ‘address’ something ! smh .. this verdict does not mean that he didn’t commit the crime ! str8 fuckery …..

  47. As a person who has worked with troubled girls for years as Yandy does, believe me when I tell you that you do not take those lives who you impact lightly. What they go through is heartbreaking and I dont see anyone who serve those girls on a regular basis able to deal with a man that has done that to one himself. So if she has gone to court and listen to the evidence and feels that the charges are false (which they can be), she is entitled to move on with her family intact.

  48. Woooow!! I hope that all parties involved get the help & support that they need. 1 thing I’ve learned in life that Men often lie abt if they’ve had sex with a woman, WOMEN do not like abt having sex with a man. I don’t think he forced her to have sex but THEY DEFINITELY had sex. Yandi need to take a step back & take off her rose colored eye wear. #IJS

    • Ummm wrong!!!! Women lie AAAAAALLLLLLLL the time about who they’ve slept with. Women always want to say the DIDN’T sleep with someone while men will claim they slept with ALL SORTS of women when in actuality they might be virgins.

  49. Why is Yandy addressing and speaking for a man in his own issues and charges oops must of been found #guilty even though he giving TODDLER TEASE and MIDDLE SCHOOL MUG in the FACE! lbvs

  50. Not Guilty and innocent are two different things… I hope all the parties invovled with the case can find some closure and peace.

  51. Yandy… Didn’t Mona tell you about writing letters trying to address things… Let that situation be… That’s your man if you happy with him.. Fuck all the other bullshit and nay sayers

  52. Not buying it! I’ve read when the verdict was read in court, some of Yandy’s camp had to be removed from the courtroom because of the cheering! Did any one think of this lost young girl in that very moment? I think not! This is what I call damage control….he is still on trail for trafficking charges!

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