Yolanda Ross Cast As Whitney Houston’s Lesbian Lover Robyn Crawford In Lifetime Biopic

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Y’all can get mad with me all y’all want. Everyone, including Cissy Houston knows that Whitney Houston was in a romantic relationship with Robyn Crawford. Y’all remember the way Cissy Houston answered Oprah’s question “was your daughter gay (paraphrasing)?” Ole Civil Rights Fish got all tight, filibustered for a little bit, then gave “I don’t know” as an answer. Why the hell do y’all think she said “I don’t know”? It was whitney-houston-robyn-crawford-300x237was because she could not concretely say “no”, and “the spirit” and all the “saved juice” she drinks wouldn’t allow her to say yes. I’ve got a feeling that before Robyn leaves this earth she is going to set the record straight.  Since I’m on the subject, I’m of the believe that the pressures that Whitney Houston felt to stay closeted led to much of the unhappiness in her life. We all know what the unhapiness spawned into…

In an Esquire magazine article, Crawford states that she first met Whitney in East Orange, New Jersey when they were only 16 years old and spent years traveling alongside the singer. During the height of Houston’s career, tabloids tried to insinuate a sexual relationship existed between the two, but neither Houston or Crawford would substantiate those rumors. At some point, Crawford also managed a part of Whitney’s career.

Enough about Whitney’s Sexuality. Yolanda Ross is a seasoned actress who received an Indie Spirit Awards nomination this year for her supporting turn in John Sayles’ “Go for Sisters,” will also appear alongside Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis in Charles Stone III‘s indie movie “Lila & Eve.”


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70 thoughts on “Yolanda Ross Cast As Whitney Houston’s Lesbian Lover Robyn Crawford In Lifetime Biopic

  1. Robyn was said to be Whitney´s assistant. Yes there were rumors of her and Robyn having a relationship but there´s never been any proof.

    If she is being cast as anything other than Whitney´s assistant. ..I say that is disgraceful and disrespectful.

  2. Ridiculous rumor Whitney denied until her death. If the lesbian rumors were true then Whitney would have slipped up at least once in all those years because drug addicts are not know for their discretion. Some little skeezer would have come forward by now with a story to sell. Robyn was never her manager. Gene Harvey was her first manager briefly, her father managed her from the 80′s to the late 90′s and then Pat Houston.

  3. I think that this is tacky. If she herself did not come out about this relationship (and Whitney was vocal about a lot of things), why out her in a lifetime biopic? Who can substantiate this claim? Shouldn’t either her or the woman that she was alleged to be in relationship with be telling this information? I think that it’s wrong for them to do that to Whitney. If she wanted to come out she would’ve came out. It’s not like we weren’t accepting at all of homosexuality before Whitney died. Ellen was one of the celebrities that was out. Obviously, if this is true, it was her wish for this to stay under wraps and people should respect her choice even in death.

  4. Wow I seriously didn´t know this until today,and like someone else said of course she wouldn´t come out because of a) how her family is and b) some of the world wouldn´t have accepted her the way she is it´s just sad.

  5. WHAAAA forreal lord have mercy she always talking bout she love the lord this must´ve been after fact this bad thing happened it didn´t work out for her so she cried to the lord for him to hear her cry not judging but I smell a hypocrite

  6. If Whitney was a lesbian and one of the biggest singers in the world, can you imagine what she went through. I mean thats so deep its making me emotional. I think she was a lesbian just sucks she could never truly come out because of who she was. Man.

  7. They were close friends since their teenage years & it has always been speculation about their relationship. HER family, record label & Bobby were against the “friendship” because it was too intense.

    • Saying”those things” as if it was something shameful, smh. If Whitney was into women and decided to stay in the closet it was because the world was cruel (just as it is now). Bringing the truth to light wouldn’t be disrespectful it would allow her to get some justice because a closeted life is sad af. Being freed from that even if it’s after death is a relief.

      • What I meant was about why she would have denied a relationship: it’s not just that she must have been trying to be private about her life. I don’t think you understand how hard it is not being able to show affection to the one you love in public (i don’t even mean any PDA or whatever, just, say, caressing their hand), or just speaking freely about your love. Having to stay closeted is something that is forced on queer people by the world, because they have to fear for their personal safety (and no I’m not exaggerating. Job safety counts here too for example, and there’s a shitton of places where you can still be fired if you acidentally let slip that you like the same gender). This last example was probably not relevant for Whitney but all of its aspects create a system where it’s at the very least, isolating to be out.

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