YouTube Talent: Kim Crus Sings ‘Trust and Believe”

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What better way to pay homage to YouTube and all the talent that is hidden within its walls, then to feature unknown YouTube talent on my site? ~Funky Dineva

Meet Kim Crus. She is the second piece of YouTube talent I would like to feature. Have you ever just felt” the spirit” when someone sang? When I heard Kim open her mouth, I could tell her throat was touched by GAWD. There is something about her voice that allows her to effective convey emotion to the listeners. Check out her version of Trust and Believe and let me know what you think.

So what did you think?


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17 thoughts on “YouTube Talent: Kim Crus Sings ‘Trust and Believe”

  1. Kandi Burruss do you hear this gurl what you waitin on, get her signed, now she can sing, unlike so many out there right now.

  2. Yes Yes! it’s something else when someone sings the song better then the original singer, BUT this isnt the first time this has happen to Keyshia lol

  3. Keyshia Cole!!! Keyshia Cole!!!..this young isn’t even a professional singer and slayed you. Instead of critizing people, get your voice lessons up and quit hating. She sang that song the best I have heard it to date..Kim Crus do your thang mama!!

  4. Awesome… she is great and it’s wonderful for you to give a chance for great singers to be heard on a broader spectrum… great job

  5. VERY TALENTED ….. THIS is the type of talent that SHOULD be on American Idol….Let’s all pray she gets a gimmick b/c that seem to be MOST important in today’s music industry….not REAL talent. Go Kim!

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